Wind and Rain

We’re keeping our eye on Hurricane Lee and it looks like we’ll have a rainy, windy day tomorrow but probably nothing too bad. We’re under a tropical storm warning but we’ve lived through lots of tropical storms and hurricanes during our many years in Florida and we aren’t too worried about this one. We’ll stay tucked up inside and I’ll get some crochet and knitting done. I’m just hoping we don’t lose power for any significant amount of time.


  1. It’s nice to have indoor things to do when it’s nasty outside. We had no power for more than a day last week. We have a generator so it’s manageable but we missed our Wi-Fi and cable tv. Strangely, even the cell phone network went down.
    I live in NY in the Catskills Mountains and when storms are in the ocean going north, the winds and rain swirl north and west- right to us! I find the storms are not anywhere as damaging as the weather people would forecast. I think it’s great to have warnings but find most of them very exaggerated!
    Hope you keep your power and enjoy your weekend!

  2. As a native Floridian I wish you winds not strong enough to damage your home or steal your power, rain that doesn’t flood your home, and enough books and crafts to fill the time the storm keeps you at home.

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