Football season

My Vikings have lost their first two games … not good. Today we planned to watch Keith’s team play at the sports bar we always go to here… apparently they shut down. We had a backup … but they weren’t serving food … in the end, Keith chose dinner over football!

When we left the pub, he declared he couldn’t eat another bite … and then we passed a gelato place …

Somehow he found some room in his stomach!

Mom sent me photos of 2 more quilts she’s making for me to donate with the bears … one has the same farm novelty fabric … and no I don’t know the name of the fabric unfortunately.

And the second one is the top I shared a few days ago … it’s now finished. She’s just using what she has on hand for these … did you notice the binding?? She used both the green and the purple and it turned out cute! They’re ALL cute and I can’t wait to pair them up with bears and donate them in a few months.


  1. My husband tells the grandkids that there is a separate compartment for dessert, so even if they can’t finish their dinner he lets them have dessert!

  2. Always room for ice cream in my hubby’s world. He just got back from a trip to Alaska where he found that the group he enjoyed the trip with also thought ice cream every time you headed back at the end of the day was perfect.

  3. My husband feels the same way about ice cream too. Our SDSU Jackrabbit football team played Drake University on Saturday – at Target Field in MPLS. It was quite interesting to see how the field was transformed from baseball to football. Jacks won 70-7 but since Drake is a Division 2 college it wasn’t too surprising.

  4. Washington has a new player this year named KJ Henry. He was an outstanding player at Clemson. I believe his father also played for Washington, (either that, or he has always been a big Washington fan and was thrilled when KJ was selected by them. ) KJ is an outstanding person as well as hard working player. I, too, have a separate compartment for dessert.

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