A challenge

Another fun day in Maine! Brenda organized a challenge for the group so after we worked today we headed off at 2 PM to Marden’s. After shopping we went out for a group dinner.

Brenda provided a choice of 3 focus fabrics and the challenge was to shop at Marden’s for 2 coordinating fabrics and make a 3 yard quilt. I won’t be able to sew mine for a few weeks but I did buy my fabrics today.

Fabric #1 is the focus fabric … #2 and #3 are the coordinating fabrics I bought … and just so I had some other choices … I might have bought a few other possibilities plus I saw a great leaf print too… oh, and there were some $20 Jelly Rolls and Layer Cakes which might have jumped in my basket. Good thing I only come to Maine once a year 🙂

Before I went on my shopping spree, I tied two more quilts. That brings my total up to 9 quilts tied. Keith and I have an outing tomorrow so I won’t be sewing with the group but I’ll be back at work on Friday.


  1. Fall colors are right up my alley. Your choices are lovely. Those 3 yd quilts are fun to make. They don’t take as much time. And are such a nice size for wall hangings and cuddling.


  2. Some gorgeous fabrics! I have 2 sets of fabrics set aside for a couple of 3 yard quilts this winter. They are so quick.

  3. I love your fabric choices and can’t wait to see you do your magic with the fabric you bought. It sounds like you are having a great time. Eat another lobster roll for me.

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