For those of you who prescribed more lobster due to my mishap, I thought I’d share the yummy Lobster Bisque I had for lunch at Gritty’s.

Keith took his lunch hour to run a few errands with me and we grabbed lunch while we were out.

One of the errands was a quick haircut – I’d noticed that the gray hair had gone a bit wild in the photos from the sew-in. This is better!

Now I’m going to sit and knit and listen to my audiobook.


  1. What beautiful soup! I had to Google to see if Lobster Bisque is available in my coastal NC town. Found a restaurant, but it’s a long drive for me. 🙂 And probably not as good as in Maine.

  2. I love lobster bisque too! I hope it makes your ankle feel better. I think it would help me if I had an injury.

  3. Yum. I say I like lobster bisque the best of all lobster dishes, but is it possible I just like cream? Meanwhile your trip has inspired me to start searching in earnest for next year’s Maine rental – we missed going this year and it has been making me sad; next year for sure – I even have a line on a perfect cottage!



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