Another hat

My numbering system might be a little confusing to some … this is hat #16 knit this year … but only hat #6 knit since we’ve been in Maine. One blanket is finished too, and of course I tied 13 quilts last week at the sew-in so I’m pretty happy with my progress although I have to laugh at the amount of yarn I brought for hats … no way I’ll even come close to using it all.

Finn kept me company up in the loft while I was knitting this one.

And now it’s done. Pattern is Hurricane Hat and it’s found free on Ravelry at this link.

Keith had PTO this afternoon so we went into Freeport. I needed a different sneaker with a thicker heel to wear with this boot so my gait isn’t so awkward and there was another lobster roll consumed too!


  1. Cute hat. I’m not a knitter. But, your knitted projects are so nice. Glad you’re getting out even with your boot.


  2. “Only hat #6” …..definitely made me smile. You truly knit faster than any one I know. I love that hurricane pattern and the yarn is a pretty color.

  3. I’ve enjoyed reading your emails from the past 2 weeks and good to see Finn is keeping you company whilst you recuperate on the settee. I’ve knitted that hat a few times after you mentioned it last year but I changed the way the pattern goes. I found it easier to remember the purl stitch after the row before (if you know what I mean) so mine go towards the left. Not made any hats recently but keeping busy knitting fidget muffs and some sewing. Wishing you a speedy recovery 🙂

  4. The Hurricane Hat pattern is cute. Just a thought about your sneaker. mY daughter had to wear a boot for q few months. She had a serious ankle injury. She went to a local medical device company, and they added an extra sole to the non injured sneaker. Once she was healed, and walking normally, the same company removed the extra sole. Perhaps you can find something similar. Heal well and strong.

  5. I have a couple of friends in boots right now and they have a shoe sandal type thing that they wear on the un-booted foot to raise the foot/shoe and make walking more even and not lop sided.

  6. Mary, would you link to a previous post, or compose a new one about book borrowing services/apps, like Libby; which ones you use, how they work (for people who missed your earlier post)…
    Because of your earlier recommendation, I signed up with Libby. It kept us stocked with free audiobooks for most of our five month rv trip. It’s time for me to add a competing lending system to try to borrow series books in order more quickly.

  7. There is an item called EVENup Shoe Balancer/Leveler that you slip on your unbroken foot sneaker to bring it up to the level of your boot. It is available from Amazon. Bonnie Hunter, from, blogged about it when she broke her foot.

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