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I sat with Finn and crocheted this morning – starting a new Ripple afghan. This one is going to work up pretty!

This afternoon, Keith took me over to the library and when I was looking for some older family photos I came across this one. On our first move to the Tampa area in the mid 90’s Keith went about a month ahead of me and the boys and we were apart on Valentine’s Day so I made this t-shirt and sent it to him.

I texted the photo to him and boys and surprise … he still has that old shirt. I knew he kept it a long time and this photo was taken a number of years after I sent it but I thought for sure it had gotten lost somewhere along the way!

Sitting here in the library and watching a woman shelve books made me think of my first job at 14 years old. I worked after school and on Saturdays for about 4 years in the West Avenue Library in Newport News. I LOVE reading and spending time in libraries!!


  1. I have always loved libraries too! Rode bikes to the library as a child, then in high school and college would spend hours doing research. Way before computers! I have been saddened to see how few books are actually in the libraries now. Our small city has built lots of new libraries. The older ones that were renovated were downsized in the volume of books carried to make way for more computers and tables and chairs. And no one uses library voices anymore. But I still love the library.

  2. I worked in our school library when I was in 8 & 9th grade and loved it. I went to the huge library in our Texas winter home area to check out their quilt books and they had gotten rid of all of them. It broke my heart because I started quilting there and depended on their books. I don’t listen much to audio books and still read the old paper versions.

  3. So sweet. I, too, worked in our town library for two hours a week and received $1 an hour. I loved being around books and still love reading. My town was small – 1,400 people in upstate NY and about two hours south of Buffalo. The library was open Monday and Wednesday nights from 7-9 and Saturdays from 1-4. It was an Andrew Carnegie library which is a great tribute to him. He brought many libraries to small communities. I hope your hard work earned you another lobster roll.

  4. Oh my Mary, is this the Yarmouth Library? This library is right down the street from our son’s home on Main Street. We love going there when we visit. It has the charm of an older library.

  5. I was an early reader and by the time I started first grade I had read all the early readers at the school so the librarian let me put books on the shelves and square up the books on the shelves while it was library time. She also chose a book for me to read each visit. Books were the world I loved.

  6. I spent a lot of time in the library, as well. It was fun to be a library assistant in Middle School and High School. I also spent YEARS as a library volunteer when my boys were going through school. Fun times!

  7. I’m a reader too, and have spent a lot of time in libraries over the years. I don’t spend any time in recent years in the local library. During Covid, the library here was locked down. Our quilt guild moved from the library to a church, and have never moved back.

  8. So many things in common with you all. And I started church libraries in Newport News VA, & Sarpy County NE. I loved the friendly character of the 1910 two bedroom cottage library in Blytheville AR, where I received my first library card as a six year old. And despised the vaulted ceiling, sterile, modern architecture of the newer library built in the 70s.

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