A quiet day

I had a quiet day spent reading and crocheting. While I was working on my blanket I was thinking about my Mom and her sisters.

I taught myself to crochet (and to knit and to quilt) but all 3 of them crocheted too. Mom had stopped a long time before I started but she used to crochet much more intricate blankets than I do. My Aunts’ did easier blankets like I do and I particularly remember ripple afghans being a favorite of theirs to make. I think of them all when I’m sitting quietly and working on a Ripple!

When I was searching for the photo of the 3 of them I came across these two pictures.

I made Mom this log cabin quilt one year for Christmas.

She later adapted the pattern to make me this Autumn Log Cabin quilt.

Both quilts are still in use and much loved!!


  1. I always think of my mom when i see the Ripple afghans, as that was her favorite pattern to crochet. Her mother taught me to knit and crochet.  I haven’t done either in at least a decade. And I was really bad at knitting. 

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