Along the coast

Keith had the afternoon off and we didn’t wander too far today … just down the coast to Cape Elizabeth to visit the Lobster Shack and Two Lights State Park and on the way home, we made a stop at the Portland Head Light at Fort Williams Park. All of these places hold special memories for us and I love that they’re so close to where we stay.

Finn enjoyed coming with us … he’s just like me and loves to sit and gaze across the water! Click on any photo to scroll through the slide show.

And this was Finn when we told him it was time to go home. He sat down and said no, let’s stay here!


  1. I grew up living very,very near the ocean. We walked or rode our bikes to the beach. It was so mesmerizing and healing- there is something so calming about the motion and noise of the water. I live in the mountains now but I can still imagine the briny smell and the feeling of the salt on my skin.  Enjoy your time there, it’s amazing how many people have not experienced the coasts and ocean. We are very lucky!

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