The morning was busy with errands and catching up chores … but I did get down into the sewing room this afternoon. Kathy in WI from my HeartStrings group was having a sew-in today and since I couldn’t be there … I sewed along from home. They were working on quilts for kids so I decided I’d piece a Quick Strippie.

Before I started cutting and piecing I had a long call with Mom. I’d asked her on Saturday if she wanted me to kit up a couple Strippies for her to sew and she’d said yes so I pulled some options for her and then FaceTimed her to let her chose.

There was enough of the Jungle Animal fabric for both of us to make one and I got hers cut too. She chose a couple others and I’ll get them cut and kitted up later this week.

While we were talking we collaborated a bit on the doll/bear quilt donation project she’s helping me with and I showed her a few more “items” I’d picked up at the Dollar General when I went out for Finn’s food.

Now don’t worry, I’m still going to be making some bears and I have more of the bears I ordered a while back but these were too good to pass up.

The plush Dino’s are SO soft and were just $5 each. The Cabbage Patch dolls (lamb, puppy, cow) were $10 each. That’s half of what they want for them at Amazon.

It’s so fun to work on the project with Mom and there was even a piece of the jungle fabric leftover after I cut the two Strippies so I cut a square for a doll quilt for Mom to make.


  1. It seems that I’ve seen that fabric recently and I’m wondering if it’s yours. Those little dolls will be appreciated by boys and girls.

  2. You inspired me earlier in the spring to make some kids quilts. I asked our sheriff if they could use them and he said yes wanted to get it okayed with his commander. So I got busy and made 10 plus found stuffed animals to go with them. Well it took me 3 months to find the sheriff but it wasn’t him but his commander. He was thrilled. Two weeks later, he showed back up with an appreciation certificate signed by his boss. Next day he was back, our local tv station wants to do a story as to what prompted me to do them, so when the interview is done, you will be mentioned as my inspiration along with helping kids, the sheriffs and using up my stash.

  3. Love the fabric combination in your strippie quilt. You just can’t go wrong with this fun pattern. Your other purchases will be fun for any kid.

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