I’m kind of all over the place this week. I’ve got several appointments and they’re distracting me so I can’t seem to focus on much right now.

One of the biggest distractions is that we’ve finally decided to go ahead with updating the two main floor bathrooms. I can’t tell you how much I hate doing this but we knew we’d have to do some updates when we bought the house 3+ years ago. Other updates have taken place and now it’s time to bite the bullet and get these bathrooms done. We met with a contractor Monday and while I hate picking out tile and fixtures, I’ve started looking online and Keith and I are going out later this week to view some options.

There’s been some knitting, some crochet, and finally this afternoon I just decided the next quilt with be a scrappy hourglass. I have a bunch of squares that Mom cut for me years ago. We were both supposed to piece a flying geese quilt. She did the cutting and I was supposed to quilt them. Hers got done and mine didn’t and I found that bag of squares at the bottom of a bin not too long ago and it’s time to use them. It’s a good project for right now because it’s pretty mindless and I was was able to get to the sewing right away.

And since I have no photos of my work in progress how about some of the kids?! Happy Halloween!!


  1. Rae makes a pretty convincing Wednesday. Let’s hope that sullen look was to enhance the affect and not a sign of impending attitude!!

  2. Looks like the kids all had fun with great costumes. I hate remodeling in the house too. Our kitchen counters are probably next and I’m really dreading that mess. Thought I had a choice made in August – until I got the price estimate. Yikes! Back to planning now with something a little more reasonably priced.

  3. We need a new kitchen sink, garbage disposal and possibly a dishwasher in our Texas home. I’m delaying it as long as I can, I just dread the mess. Your grandchildren look fantastic in their Halloween costumes!

  4. Rae pulls off Wednesday perfectly-only time she doesn’t wear a smile? And Mo and the boys are adorable!!!!

    Happy Wednesday. I feel for ya on those bathrooms. We just did new tile in ours. Ugh!

  5. Adorable kids! Good luck with the appointments and the reno….you will be pleased once it is done. My 10 and 12 year old bathrooms still look good so it is one of those that I really consider worth it!

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