Vikings win!

Wow, that was a nail biter but the Viking got the win. I’m still not feeling great so I didn’t sew but I finished crocheting the blanket last night after the Lightning game – I just have to weave the ends in and that one is done. Today, I worked on a hat during the Viking game. I’m always so thankful to have my knitting and crochet projects when I’m feeling poorly. It helps distract me and it doesn’t take much energy to sit and work on them.

And of course, Finn is always happy to keep me company wherever I am!


  1. Sorry you aren’t up to par, but glad you enjoyed the game and had your knitting to do. That was some game and with a new QB. Lots of praises on the local broadcast wrap-up. Take care and be well.

  2. Good morning Mary. It’s difficult when we are not able to carry out our plans, but having that back up activity sure does help, and Finn’s company is priceless. On those days when my joints don’t let me do too much, I’m so grateful for a warm home, and quiet activities that give pleasure and can be of use somewhere in this world. Hope you will be feeling better quite soon

  3. I hope you are feeling better. I look forward to your emails each day. I love seeing the family pictures and all the time together. Bless you.

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