We lost 😞

We’re not having a great season but we’re still rooting for our Bolts! This is our 2nd Tampa vacay after moving … I get my annual check up at Moffitt Cancer Center AND we enjoy some Lightning Hockey and visit some of our favorite places. We attended the home game Saturday and it just so happened that the hotel we stay at had a watch party for tonight’s away game … unfortunately another loss BUT they made it SO much fun anyway!! My first IN PERSON interaction with the ThunderBUG!!!

I won one of their raffles but it was for tickets to a local event so I told them to pull another name … and they gave me a mini stick signed by Killer!! One of my favorite players … he’s no longer with the Bolts but he helped them win BOTH Stanley Cups in 2020 and 2021!! What a great “consolation prize!!”


  1. The ThunderBug make you both look miniscule. Glad you had a grand time. And the mini-stick. How cute.

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