Busy weekend!!

I did crank up the longarm yesterday and quilted a project but I won’t share it yet because it’s a Xmas present. There was also some knitting while we watched the Lightning game … another win! That’s 2 in a row after a bad stretch so I’m hoping we can keep some momentum going.

It’s not the best planning on our part but when Chris asked us to keep Gus for the week we said yes … and then we scheduled our bathroom remodels to start tomorrow. The week will be a bit of a challenge …. Finn is a bit clingy when Gus is here but Gus is a lovable goofball and we’ll manage.

Today was spent clearing out both upstairs bathrooms and moving the things we’ll need for the next couple weeks or so downstairs. We’re very fortunate that we have almost everything we need downstairs …. A living room, a bedroom with a king size bed, a small kitchenette with coffee and a small fridge, and I’m even sharing my sewing space with Keith so he can set up a temporary office.

My plan is during the day when he’s working, I’ll be quilting in the longarm room and after they go to bed (Keith and both dogs), I can get into the sewing room to work on binding and piecing of backs as needed.


  1. Mary, you are always the organizer. No doubt this will go well. My husband has said he feels asea when his routine gets disturbed. I never seem to have a recognizable routine. By the time I get one for my six months at the cottage, I’m moving back home where I need to fit my schedule into whatever Omer has decided for himself. Maybe that contributes to my seeming inability to get a lot accomplished. Of course there are always those squirrels that pop into my brain and have me off in many directions

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