I finished the binding last night on Maine quilt #4 pieced by Little Mary. Pantograph is called Raindrops. I’m working on borders and binding today.


UFO #3 is finished. I feel like I’m catching a up bit which is great because we’ve gone through the inspection process with the new house and our closing is set for April 8. We’ll drive back to Georgia on the 5th of April and stay several weeks.

The pantograph I used is one that came with the machine and it’s turning out to be one of my favorites. Easy to quilt and looks good. This is one of our HeartStrings quilts and rather than just piecing random strips on either side of the center, lights were pieced on one side and medium and darks on the other.

I’m going to head into the sewing room now and start to assemble those chisel Star blocks into a top. I’m also going to grab a couple bins and start packing up projects and supplies to take to Georgia.

Two more finishes

I can’t tell you how good it feels to be home and making progress with my quilting again! Both of these were tops I brought home from Maine, quilted and they’re now bound and will go back to Maine in September for donation.

I think this Strippie was pieced by Sharon

And this Sharon inspired HeartStrings quilt was pieced by Barbara.

The rest of the day I’ll work on more binding and I’ll get another top loaded on the longarm. Preliminary reports (from the realtor) of this morning’s inspection of the Big Canoe house sound favorable — we’ll wait to get the written report before we make a decision to go ahead with the purchase but it sounds like we might be heading back to GA in a couple weeks.

Several people have commented and I think they missed a part of my posts that said we are NOT moving to GA right away. We will continue to live in Tampa and visit Big Canoe when we can. Keith travels extensively for his job and that makes Tampa a much more practical primary home right now but with the kids being in GA, I’ll want to visit often!


This Quick Strippie was pieced by Susan and it’s the first of the 6 quilts from Maine waiting for me to bind. Freehand quilted with swirls and loops.

I was much happier with the quilting on this one than on the one finished yesterday but as Dee said, we don’t always like EVERYTHING we do. I would say I’m very happy with about 95% of my quilts so I’ll count the moose wallhanging as a learning experience.

Maine quilt #2 is almost bound and I plan to finish that up today as well as load a top of mine on the longarm AFTER Keith and I go for a bike ride. All restaurants have been closed in Florida by order of the governor so we won’t be able to get lunch out or even stop for a beer but I’m ready to be outside for a while.

Today is National Quilting Day, what are your plans for sewing today?!

3 Finishes

Sometimes it seems like nothing is being accomplished and all the sudden there are several finishes to share.

First up, my Charm Square quilt … just squares and borders but happy and bright and ready for donation.

  • 2 Charm Square packs
  • Borders are cut 2.75 inches
  • I started with 2 yards of the border/binding fabric and have a chunk left

I also finished crocheting 2 blankets. If I get the quilts washed before mid March, I’ll have another stack of blankets and quilts to take to Chris to donate to SafePath. With both of these, I think I’ve found a good yarn/pattern combination so while I do like finding new patterns, I also like to make blankets I’ve enjoyed crocheting in different colorways so I’ll need to remember these combinations.

  • Pattern – Blanket Stitch – found free on Ravelry
  • Yarn – Lion Brand Ice Cream Big Scoop in the Lemon Meringue colorway – about one and a half skeins. It was kind of hard to tell for sure how much was used because the 2nd skein was a mess with chunks of yarn stuffed in the skein. Usually I have good luck with Big Scoop skeins so I hope this was just a one time thing.
  • Hook size – H
  • Chained 150
  • Finished size – 36 x 48
  • Pattern – Marble Baby Throw – found free on Ravelry
  • Yarn – Premier DK Colors – this is a new yarn I’m trying that I bought a while back on sale at, it’s very soft.
  • Hook size – G
  • Finished size – 33 inches square

My unpacking is done, the laundry is in progress and if I work a bit on the tax stuff I should have some time today to make more chisel stars and/or start a new blanket!


This little Whale Strippie was my January UFO finish but I’m already behind because 3 quilts have been started and only 1 finished. Quilted with freehand swirls and a watery meander.


I finished the binding on the Kite quilt in the middle of the night … I’m completely on a “stay up all night, sleep half the day” schedule but as long as I’m making progress I’m trying not to let it bother me too much.

These blocks were cut using the Accuquilt GO Kite die so I didn’t post instructions for making the blocks but if you have the die, I do have some quilt notes on my website at this link – Kite Quilt