This was another of the HeartStrings group tops sent to me by AnnG to finish up. I stitched the binding down last night. This afternoon, I trimmed my green centered HeartStrings top and got the binding machine stitched on and it’s ready for me to hand stitch tonight.


This is HeartStrings group quilt #2 of 7 sent to me by AnnG to quilt and donate. I finished the binding up tonight. Most of the time I use a single fabric for the center of my HeartStrings blocks but I love how this one uses various greens. It’s been a while since I’ve done that.

And AnnG sent the cutest back with this one too.


I finished the binding on this HeartStrings quilt – the top was sent to me by AnnG in MN to quilt and donate. I’m not sure who pieced the blocks but it’s one of our group efforts! Pantograph is Seaweed and it’s one of 7 tops she sent for me to finish. I’ve got quilt #2 ready to hand stitch the binding down tonight.


The Fishy Garden Path quilt is done. It’s #10 of 10 to be quilted and bound in July. It’s another of the 3 yard quilts I’m doing with HeartStrings and the pattern is from Fabric Cafe.

Quilted with freehand wavy lines edge to edge which gives it great texture but keeps the quilt soft and cuddly. I tried to take a photo over the railing but all you could see was the texture! It was another quick and easy one to piece and quilt and after my quilting marathon, my donation piles are too high! I need to get some washed and donated but I have to be in Tampa next week for a couple appointments so it will have to wait until I’m back home. It needs to be one of my goals for August so it actually gets done!


The Blue/Green Walk and Stop quilt is finished. It’s #9 of 10 quilted and bound in July. Pantograph is Steam.

I might be in the minority here but I use Joann’s flannel on the backs of some of my quilts. I’ve used it for years on both my personal and donation quilts without issues. The personal quilts have been well used and washed many times. Unlike most people, since I don’t prewash my quilting cotton, I do not prewash the flannel. Everything crinkles up nicely together and I’ve never had an issue with the back shrinking more than the front. And all of that information was just so I could show you how cute the flannel back is on this quilt. This is one that will be donated and I just know it’s going to be loved by someone!


The Rectangle quilt is finished. Freehand quilt with wavy lines. It’s #7 of 10 bound and quilted for July. I’ve done several of these quick quilts using Jelly Rolls and you can find brief instructions on my website.

And in a very rare occurrence, the doll quilt made from the leftover ends of the strip sets was finished right after it. . It’s #8 of 10 for July.

I’ve got #9 trimmed and the binding has been sewn on and is ready for me to hand stitch tonight while I watch the Olympics and I’ve also got the whales about halfway assembled.


Brick Street Flowers is bound. It’s another one of the 3 yard quilts I’m working on with HeartStrings. The Brick Street pattern is from Fabric Cafe. This is #6 quilted and bound for July. I’ve got to get 4 more quilted to meet my goal of 10 for the month and I’m tied up at least 5 days with family stuff so we’ll see how it goes. For now, I’m going to work on the whales while I wait for Adam and the kids to arrive.

We’ve got another contract on the house but it won’t close until September after all the work is completed. Hopefully nothing else will go wrong but I’m not counting any chickens until then!


I hand stitched the binding down on the RWB Framed 16 patch quilt last night. I thought it was too busy when I finished the top but now I don’t think it’s bad. I would have added in some tone on tone fabrics if I’d had access to the stash when I was making it but it must look OK because Chris tried to claim it last weekend before it was even bound – it’s not for him! It will be donated to a veteran.

I first made a framed 16 patch from a Craftsy kit several years ago and have always intended to use the idea again. I can’t remember how many strips I used for this version – I had 2 Jelly Rolls and used all of one and part of the second one. I will definitely be using this block again and it can be made with Jelly Roll strips or 2.5 inch strips cut from stash.

This is the smaller one I made from the Craftsy kit and it just used one Jelly Roll. I think these calmer fabrics work a little better overall but I’m not unhappy with the RWB one now that is quilted.


Yep, another one is finished. I haven’t had progress like this in MONTHS! Brick Street Cats is bound. It’s one of the 3 yards quilts we’re doing as a HeartStrings project. Pantograph is Apollo – a new one for me but I really like it so I’ll be using it again.

I’m thinking I’ll probably use this railing to photograph larger quilts and use the swing for the smaller ones … and maybe occasionally get Keith to hold a few up! This deck is just off my sewing room – the two lower windows on the right of the stairs are the ones in my sewing room and I have two doors that lead out to that deck. One in the sewing room and one in the downstairs family room. You can really see the quilting with the way the light shines in this spot. I just have to watch my step … the ground slopes down there and I wouldn’t want another broken ankle!

I’ve already got the binding on the next one and ready to hand sew down tonight and now I think I’ll try to get the Log Cabin Hearts blocks assembled into a top.

More finishes

This little blanket has been waiting just to have the ends woven in so since I had to stop quilting because of the storm, I finally finished it off. This yarn and pattern are one of my favorite combinations.

  • Pattern – Blanket Stitch – found free on Ravelry
  • Yarn – Lion Brand Ice Cream Big Scoop – colorway Blueberry
  • Hook size – H
  • I used about 1.5 skeins and the blanket measures about 41 x 52

I also finished the binding on the Turtle Strippie last night.

It feels really good to be finishing some things up!