I love handwork

I don’t usually do a lot of hand sewing other than stitching bindings down but I really enjoy handwork. I guess it’s why I like to knit and crochet too but I haven’t devoted much time to hand quilting over the years. I’ve finished a few with traditional hand quilting years ago and a few with the big stitch technique in the last few years. I’ve enjoyed picking it back up in the last few weeks and I’ve finished another doll quilt. The quilting is simple – a diamond shaped crosshatching. I finished the binding after snapping this shot but I still need wash the diagonal line marks out.

While I’ve been stitching on this I’ve been listening to an audio book by Craig Johnson, the Longmire series was based on these books and I enjoyed viewing it a while back on Netflix. The book I’m reading now is taking place near Devil’s Tower and in Rapid City and it’s fun to listen to a story that takes place somewhere I’ve visited. Our trip to South Dakota (with a quick visit to Devil’s Tower) in 2009 was one of our favorite family vacations.

EDIT: here’s the photo of the finished doll quilt now that it’s bound and washed to remove the marks for my stitching lines.


This little doll quilt is my 12th UFO finish for the year so any others that I complete by the end of the year are bonuses! Hand quilted with the big stitch method. It’s such simple quilting but I’ve really enjoyed finishing the pink and purple one and quilting this one too. I had several questions from people about Big Stitch hand quilting and I suggest you google it. There are lots of resources available and I’ll tell you that I typically use size 10 crochet cotton and a #24 Chenille needle for mine. If you’re one of those people curious to try out the method I highly recommend trying it on a doll quilt. It’s the perfect size and I’ve already pulled another one to layer and hand quilt.

My stitches aren’t particularly even but I’m sure they’d improve some with practice PLUS, this is a more primitive style of quilting so it doesn’t really seem to matter. The quilt has been washed to remove the markings so it’s already got that nice crinkled look that I love.

And since these are the “leftover” quilts, I think it’s fun to see the the original. I had leftover ends on the strips sets from my windmill quilt with just enough to cut 2.5 inch sections. I can’t stand throwing those bits away and I can usually get enough leftovers for a doll quilt.


Usually I underestimate the amount of time it’s going to take to finish a project … in this case I overestimated! I was sure I wouldn’t finish this one before leaving for Tampa (in 3+ weeks) but I was able to finish it in a couple days. This is my 2nd oldest UFO started in December 2014 but I’m not sure when I started quilting it, I know it’s been several years. It’s hand quilted in the big stitch style with simple lines. It’s the 11th UFO finished for the year so I’ll definitely meet my goal to finish 12 UFOs in 2020.

I do have brief instructions on my website – click here.


This Chandelier Bead quilt is done too. A recent UFO from last year but it still counts toward my UFO finishes and makes #10 for the year.

That’s all my quilting and binding for this time at home. Hopefully, I can get some straightening up done in the sewing room before I go so I won’t face the mess when we come back. I’ve still got almost a week before we leave and I’ll pack up more projects to take to Georgia.

Only counting my projects … my new starts this year = 22 and I’ve had 22 finishes. Of course, I’ll get behind again in the next few weeks but I am trying to finish as many quilts as I start this year. I set the goal before we bought the Big Canoe house and didn’t expect to spend half my time up there so I won’t be too upset if I don’t hit it but if feels good to be “caught up” right now!


The Autumn tumbler is finished. I’d mentioned I was unhappy with how I sized the pantograph on this one but now that it’s bound I’m not unhappy with it. I will still downsize that one next time but the quilt looks good.

Another finish

This is #7 to be bound and an UFO that’s about 2 years old. I was not happy with this one after I finished the top but now I’m pleased with it. Again, the quilting texture made all the difference. Pantograph is Chevron. It’s a fairly common block but I based mine on a vintage quilt I found on eBay and used a more modern color scheme for it. I have brief instructions on my website and I’m already thinking about making another version in RWB.

I’m pretty sure that I’m going to miss my goal of keeping my UFO’s to the same number or lower this year. Right now it looks like I’m even and although I’ve got at least 2 more to quilt while I’m home, neither top is mine. I might get one more of mine quilted but one of my “new” starts for the year (my Rainbow HeartStrings blocks) is actually going to end up as 3 quilts AND I tend to get a lot of piecing done in GA so I’m behind and it looks like I’m going to stay behind with us going back and forth. It’s not a huge deal. I don’t really mind UFO’s as long as they are finished tops and I rarely set things aside anymore while they’re still in pieces but at least I should still hit my goal of finishing 12 UFO’s … this one is the 9th UFO finished this year.


My Nine Patch Hearts is finished. It’s binding #5 so I still have one here waiting. Mom and I made this one together … or rather, we made two of these – one for her and one for me. Mine was intended for donation and she thought she’d probably end up gifting hers. I have some brief instructions on my website and while I’m still waffling about keeping it, for now that’s the way I’m leaning.

Quilt #7 of 10 is loaded and in progress. It’s a big one – 70 x 94 so I’m not sure I’ll finish it before I have to head down to fix dinner but if not, I’ll try to come back and quilt tonight. I’m not sleeping well so I’ve been trying to get back into the sewing room after Keith goes to bed. Last night I worked between 12 and 2 am and finished all my HeartStrings blocks. They’ll be ready to assemble after I square the rest of them up.


I finished the binding on my Triangle Scrap quilt a couple nights ago. It’s a variation of a quilt I made several years ago based on a vintage quilt I saw online. I have brief instructions for the first quilt and notes about how this one is different on the website. You’ll have to scroll down to see the notes on this version.

This is the 4th binding finished and I’ve got two more trimmed and waiting – I plan to get one started so I can this hand stitch it this weekend.