I finished binding the last two quilts of Sue’s this week too. I’m glad to have them all done and ready to donate.

So it was a busier than usual week for me but I managed to hit my goals for the week.

  • Quilt 1
  • Bind 2
  • Piece a tumbler top
  • Make string log cabin blocks (16 blocks made)
  • Sort and organize

More finishes

These 3 were tops sent to me by Sue from my HeartStrings group to finish and donate. They are all quilted and bound. I don’t have pattern information to share with you but several people wanted a full view of this first one so I didn’t drape it over the railing like I usually do. You should be able to view larger photos by clicking on an image and scrolling through them.


I finished this Rainbow HeartStrings of mine on the 5th but am just now getting around to taking photos. It’s my first UFO finish for the year. My goal is to finish 12 which will be a little harder than usual since I only have 16 UFOs this year and I won’t have as much choice about which ones to finish. The quilt will be donated.


I finished binding this Sharon inspired HeartStrings quilt Christmas Eve. You can find brief instructions on my website.

And this Granny Squares quilt was bound last night. This makes my count for December 14 quilted and 15 bound. I have one more to quilt and bind to meet my goal for December.

  • Quilt notes
    • Quilt size is 50 x 68
    • Blocks are 6 inches finished (6.5 with seam allowances)
    • Borders are cut 4.5 inches

The idea for this quilt came from a Craftsy class and as usual, I modified size and setting to suit my needs. You can see more information AT THIS POST. (I didn’t watch the class but liked the quilt!)

More finishes

I’ve been busy binding still and these are the last 4 done. Keith is acting as my quilt holder since I can’t hang them on the porch railing because we have the Christmas lights up.

My 5 Yard Map quilt is first. I got the free pattern with a fabric bundle a couple years and this is the third one I’ve made from it. It’s great for a focus or novelty fabric. I found a similar version here on Pinterest.

I’ve still got more of this fabric and you will be seeing it again in a quilt.

This one is one of our Sharon Inspired HeartStrings quilts. I made these blocks in memory of Marianne, one of our HeartStrings members who died earlier this year. She always participated in our 365 block project and this year we finished it up for her since she was not able to. We ended up with over 800 blocks – all going into quilts that will be donated! Instructions are on my website.

This L Block Charm quilt was part of our Precut Challenge. The border is what makes this one and I’ve had it for a while waiting for the perfect quilt to use it on. The charm squares are from the same fabric line from Connecting Threads but it’s no longer available. Instructions are on my website.

And last but not least, my Chisel Stars. It’s also one of my Precut Challenge projects from this year and you can find brief instructions on my website for this one too.

More finishes

It’s funny but I get more comments and emails about my hand stitching binding than you’d expect. I’ve been quilting for 20 years and I hand stitch all of my bindings down with the exception of the occasional tied HeartStrings quilts where I’m doing the binding and those I pull the backing to the front and machine stitch with a zigzag or decorative stitch. It may surprise some of you but I LIKE hand stitching them and yes it does take more time but I’m always awake late and it’s just hand work for me to end my day with just like my crochet and knitting. I listen to music or an audiobook or occasionally watch a program or football on TV. My bindings are as sturdy and hold up as well as machine stitched ones and I just think they look neater too.

And now, here are the last four I’ve finished. I’ve finished 9 in December so far. All of these will be donated.

Rainbow HeartStrings – brief instructions are on my website.
5 Star – brief instructions are available on my website.
Ohio Star – brief instructions are available on my website
Boxed Squares – brief instructions are available on my website.

2 more finished

I finished the bindings on both of these last night. The Puppy 5 Yard quilt is made from a pattern I got free with a kit a couple years ago and I have used it 3 times now. It makes a cute quilt when you have a fun focus fabric. I found the same instructions posted on Pinterest. I put a soft Minkee backing on it and it will be a gift.

I also finished the binding on the first Rainbow HeartStrings quilt and I hope to get the second one bound tonight. Brief instructions for this one is on my website.

That’s 8 quilted and 5 bound so far for December so progress is being made. I pieced a couple backs earlier today and I’m going to try and get a binding machine stitched on and ready for hand stitching tonight before it’s time to cook dinner. We did get out for a 10 mile bike ride this afternoon and it was a beautiful day!

I love handwork

I don’t usually do a lot of hand sewing other than stitching bindings down but I really enjoy handwork. I guess it’s why I like to knit and crochet too but I haven’t devoted much time to hand quilting over the years. I’ve finished a few with traditional hand quilting years ago and a few with the big stitch technique in the last few years. I’ve enjoyed picking it back up in the last few weeks and I’ve finished another doll quilt. The quilting is simple – a diamond shaped crosshatching. I finished the binding after snapping this shot but I still need wash the diagonal line marks out.

While I’ve been stitching on this I’ve been listening to an audio book by Craig Johnson, the Longmire series was based on these books and I enjoyed viewing it a while back on Netflix. The book I’m reading now is taking place near Devil’s Tower and in Rapid City and it’s fun to listen to a story that takes place somewhere I’ve visited. Our trip to South Dakota (with a quick visit to Devil’s Tower) in 2009 was one of our favorite family vacations.

EDIT: here’s the photo of the finished doll quilt now that it’s bound and washed to remove the marks for my stitching lines.