Not bad for leftovers

It’s not Monday … but after my rest this afternoon I decided I’d come down and sew when Keith went to bed. I finished assembling the Blue/Green Squares – It’s a simple quilt but not bad for leftovers.

I have so much fun with our HeartStrings monthly challenges … I was in Maine in April when Stephanie pulled leftovers out of the hat so I’m catching up. I had leftover pieces of fat quarters from this quilt I finished last year.


The Butterfly Happy Block top is done. All of these fabrics have been in the stash for a while … the butterfly one for years … so I’m happy to have finally used them.

You can find more information on how to make Happy Blocks at my website. Scroll down for the 3 fabric version. Happy Blocks for HeartStrings


I didn’t sew over the weekend but after running my errands today I finished assembling the Hourglass top.

There was crochet and knitting, and hiking this weekend. I’m doing really well with getting a walk in daily and am trying to keep it up. Sunday, a 4 mile hike to the lower falls … it happens every year but I’m still amazed at how green it is here. I love all the trees!

Today, a shorter 20 minute walk after my errands before heading to the sewing room to finish up the hourglass top.

It’s bright!

Keith went off to play pickleball and I went downstairs to do the treadmill and work a little. I trimmed the Map Happy Block quilt but rather than get the binding on, I decided to get the borders on the Fishy Pinwheel quilt.

It counts for our March 3 yard quilt challenge although in my case it’s more like a 3 fabric quilt because I use more than 3 yards. Here’s a closer view of the fish fabric. I have a little less than a yard left but it will be enough to do another small quilt – maybe a Happy Block one?


First, I quilted this Strips and Strings log cabin top. It’s #5 of 10 I want to get quilted before the end of March. Pantograph is Apollo.

And then I pieced another top for our 3 yard challenge. A Quick Strippie.

It’s a dreary, rainy day here but luckily I’ve got the treadmill now so I still got my walk in … or should I say walks?! I like doing shorter walks on the treadmill otherwise it gets kind of boring so I did 16 minutes after quilting the log cabin top and 17 minutes after piecing the Strippie and closed my exercise ring for the day.


The 9 patch top is assembled and the borders are on! Our challenge this month is 3 yard quilts but I always use extra yardage for mine because I like to make them larger, make more blocks, or change the borders. Fabric Cafe has a 3 yard 9 patch quilt but I did not use a pattern for this one – I just pulled 3 fabrics, made some 9 patches, and added a couple borders. I’ve written some brief notes and put them on the website at this link because I’m sure I’ll remake this one again at some point


The Red and Black Squares top is assembled. This one used the leftover fat quarter pieces from the Woven Bricks top pieced last week and I’m glad I went ahead and made this now rather than putting the leftovers in a baggie and stuffing them in a bin for later.

It’s an easy block but I put brief instructions on the website – click here


The Map Happy Block top is done. In the past, most of my Happy Blocks quilts have been “I Spy” type quilts with a variety of novelty prints but since I haven’t found the bin with novelty scraps I decided to use just 3 fabrics for these … they are so quick to cut and assemble that I got 3 done this month. Can’t wait to see what Stephanie pulls out of the hat for February.

The Owl and Cat Happy Blocks were 9 inch finished blocks but I went with 10 inch finished blocks on this one. One reason was to give me a larger center block for the maps and the other was that this is more likely a quilt for an older child or adult and it finishes larger at 50 x 70 inches. One nice thing about these blocks is that you can cut your centers and framing strips a variety of different sizes and they all work!

Here’s an example of one of my other scrappier Happy Block quilts.

Instructions can be found on my website at this link

Here’s a version made using Charm Squares for the centers.

Instructions can be found on my website at this link.

And here’s a twisted version. One of these days I’ll do another one of these.

Instructions can be found on my website at this link

Whatever version you choose to make, these are fun quilts to make.