My Chandelier top is assembled! It’s another top that I went back and forth on whether or not to add borders. I’d even cut one for this quilt but my quilts tell me when they need a border and this one said it did NOT and I think the setting triangles stand out better without adding a border.

Take my advice, if you haven’t done something in a while stop and think it through and do a little research if you need to. I have NOT done an on point set in a long time but it’s simple right? You just assemble the rows diagonally – it’s not difficult! But for some reason, I kept messing up my pressing direction – I could not think sideways and I can’t tell you how many seams I re-pressed!

I used Charm squares for my quilt and didn’t use a pattern but do a search on google or Pinterest for Chandelier quilt and you’ll see lots of examples. It’s an easy one to make and I think it looks great. You’ll see most of the examples used white/background setting triangles but I don’t like quilts with too much “white” space and I think choosing a coordinating fabric for the setting triangles finishes it off nicely!

Someone also pointed out to me that there’s a free pattern from Jordan fabrics call Beads although I think that one uses fat quarters and not Charms so the block dimensions might be different.


This top pieced from the leftover Jelly Roll strips from Mom’s Bento box counts for my October’s precut … just a little late but I did help Mom with hers and quilted it so it’s kind of like doing 2 for the month!

I think both of these little ones turned out really cute! The Jelly Roll was on sale at BluPrint when I bought it – add a background fabric and you get two small quilts – not a bad deal!

I’m also making progress on the ripple afghan. These are so easy to do but look so nice in the Caron Big Cake yarn!

I’m going to run over to Michaels later and look for some “guy” hat yarn and I might just check to see if they have any of the Big Cakes on sale … not that I need more yarn but I’m OK with buying on sale as long as it’s being used!

Another Quick Strippie

I got the second Strippie cut and pieced this afternoon thanks to the storms passing us by. I pinned it up on the design wall after piecing the smaller strips – while it’s not a directional fabric, depending on where the cuts occur some sections do seem to have an up side!

I now have 3 of these to practice on when the new longarm arrives.

I won’t sew over the weekend since Keith heads out again on Monday – his travel schedule has been very hectic – but I’ll work on the shell afghan after he goes to bed and next week, I’ve got some binding to do.


The other day I mentioned I was going to piece a couple more Quick Strippies so I could use them for practice when the new longarm gets here and I pulled a couple “kits”. While I have a bin that I toss my novelty prints in, every now and then I go ahead and pull the coordinating fabrics from stash and put them all together so I can grab one and go. I decided I’d make these two.

I started with the animal print – it’s not directional but with such a large motif I wanted to decide ahead of time which way was up so I lined it all up on my design wall after I got the smaller strips sewn together.

And just like that, the top is done!

Instructions for the Quick Strippie can be found on my website at this link.

I also got the last Maine Happy Block top loaded on the longarm. If I feel energetic enough tonight I’ll get that started, if not I’ll work on it tomorrow.


The little bow tie top is assembled but not with out help from my seam ripper! I almost walked away but didn’t and I picked out 3 seams so I could flip a section around. In spite of some problems with the assembly, I really liked making these blocks and I’m looking forward to using these dies again!

The lighting for the photo is terrible but that’s as good as it gets at midnight in my sewing room!

No borders on this one either … you might have noticed, I make a lot of quilts without borders both because I’m recreating vintage quilts that don’t have them a lot of times but also just because I like quilts without borders!