I fixed it

So my mistake from yesterday was just that I had mixed up two squares as I sewed the blocks together and I did not like how the resulting three blocks were looking in this row. That green block in the 3rd row was supposed to be one block to the left.

And now that I’ve picked out a bunch of partial seams and resewn them, I’m happier with this one.


I started my workday by finishing up masks and these are the last ones I plan to make while we’re here.

I still haven’t decided what I want to piece next – I forgot to bring a couple dies that would have given me several choices so I’m waffling a bit. Since I had sewing time left in my day, I pulled a Quick Strippie that had already been cut out and got that assembled.

And finally, I started another hat. I’ve kind of settled into my routine here – downstairs sewing during the day, with some knitting when I’ve finished my tasks and crocheting upstairs in the evenings. I’m making progress on everything.

L Block Charms

I saw this block variation called an L block so that’s the name I’m going with. This meets my November precut challenge to use charm squares.

About half my fabrics were directional so I had to be a little more thoughtful about block placement BEFORE framing the block and thoughtful about the size of the quilt too because my border fabric is directional and I didn’t want to piece it. Isn’t that a great border fabric? The charms and the border came from Connecting Threads but I’ve had them a while so I don’t expect that they still have them.

I did not use a pattern and am writing up some brief notes which will be available in a day or two on my website if you want to make your own version.

Playing games

I can procrastinate when I’m not in the mood to do something and I really wasn’t in the mood to finish the 2nd PLUS 3 top but first I told myself “just finish the blocks and then take them to Big Canoe to assemble” … after I finished them, I decided to go ahead and assemble the top but that I wouldn’t make the doll quilt from the leftovers right now. Tonight, I finished assembling the top and started assembling the doll quilt. I should have that done before we leave too. Most of the time all I need to do is make a START … if I get started, things get done.

I like the first top with the tone on tone fabrics better but this one is OK too. It’s 45 x 63 and will make a nice little donation quilt.

And the doll quilt in progress …. just using up the leftover squares.


I’ve already been asked about instructions for my PLUS 3 quilt so I wrote up some brief notes and added them to the website. You can find them at this link.

I also finished assembling the leftover squares into a small doll quilt last night. If I don’t do these right after I finish the top, they seem to sit in Baggies for a long time! I think I’ll probably big stitch hand quilt this one in a simple crosshatch. It’s not fancy but I’m enjoying the little bit of hand quilting.


My Fat Quarter top for our October precut party is assembled. The plan is to make another top from the rest of the fat quarters but I doubt I’ll get it assembled before the end of the month. Right now my goal is to make the blocks and take them to GA to assemble in November. I’m calling this one PLUS 3 and you can see it’s a simple 9 patch variation. No sashing … just positive and negative blocks.

I’m not sure the photo does it justice but it’s a sweet looking quilt in person!

Do you like Plus quilts? I must because this is the 4th one I’ve made. This one is still waiting for quilting and is from a Craftsy kit.

This was a sweet child’s quilt I made from part of a jelly roll.

And this was my Plus 2 quilt, based on a vintage quilt I’d seen on eBay. Still waiting for quilting. Some of my favorites wait a long time to be quilted because I’m not sure if I should keep them, gift them, or donate them.


The Rail Fence and Friendship Star top is assembled. I wasn’t happy with this one at first, the blues lean a little too close to turquoise for it to look like a veteran quilt to me but now that I’m done with the top I’m happy with it. It will be donated when finished.

Brief instructions can be found on my website.

I’ve also made good progress on the other 3 projects I’m working on. The crochet linen stitch blanket is done except for weaving the ends in, the hand quilting is done on the doll quilt and the binding is ready to be hand stitched down, and the magic loop hat is about half way done.

Back to work

The modern square in a square top is assembled and will go back to Tampa for quilting. This one is made from a layer cake and as I said, it’s a bit busy for me but I will eventually try this with squares cut from stash. It was an easy and quick one to cut and piece.

I was missing the extra work surface my Big Board at home gave me so I ordered one for here. More room to press and room to pin rows as I’m assembling a top – I love it.


Rainbow HeartStrings #3 is assembled! This is the last one for now although I have some blocks leftover so eventually, I’ll probably make enough to have another top but that’s way down the list for now.

All three of these will go back to Tampa to wait their turn for quilting and just like that I’m behind again! I don’t mind so much because even though I’ve got lots of quilting to do … everything I’ve started so far this year is either finished or at least a finished top. I expect to end up with over 30 new starts this year … that’s a lot for me and due to us buying the Big Canoe house in April and spending lots of time here.

Eventually, Keith will end up back to a more normal work schedule where he is traveling again which will mean we won’t be here in Big Canoe as much. Unfortunately, the airport is 2 hours away and it’s not just feasible for him to have to do that every time he travels or I think we would both be ready to move here full time.

Keith will drive Rae home tonight after he finishes work … we’e enjoyed our time with her and she’ll come back on Sunday to do it all again next week.


Rainbow HeartStrings top #2 is assembled … it pretty much looks like top #1 but the third one will look a bit different since I decided to go with light colored sashing for that one. I made a start on it today and will hopefully finish it up tomorrow. I should be ready to work on something new on Thursday!