After I finished organizing everything downstairs, I decided I’d sew a little. These little 3 yard quilts are so fast to cut and piece that before I knew it, the top was done! This one is called Brick Street and it’s from the Fast and Fun 3 Yard Quilt book. I left the last 1 inch finished border off and will bind it in a black fabric from stash. Since the design wall has the log cabin blocks on it, I just draped it across the ironing board.

These black and yellow prints are SO pretty!


My part of the packing is done and Keith just has to get it to fit in the car. The pile never seems to get smaller – quilt projects, bins, yarn, finished quilts for donation … there’s a full load every trip to Big Canoe. I did get out for a bike ride to Ballast Point park and along Bayshore. The temperature has dropped from earlier in the week and it’s a lovely 70 degrees.

I also managed to get the Dino Strippie assembled. That’s another “3 yard” top made for our HeartStrings project.

I was sharing my goals for 2021 with my HeartStrings group the other day … they’re responsible for several items on the list with the newest one being make a quilt from my website each month. I’d been looking at some of the quilts and wanting to remake them anyway so why not add it to the list?! I’m thinking keeping the UFOs to 20 or under going into 2022 is going to be the hard one!

  • Precut Challenge – piece or quilt a top made from the precut of the month or both!
  • UFO goal – finish 12 UFOs (one per month, getting behind and catching up is OK)
  • Make more scrap/string quilts – try for 1/2 of all tops made in 2021
  • 3 and 5 yard quilt challenge – thru June
  • 365 Block Challenge
  • challenge – one quilt from the website each month
  • Keep UFOs to 20 or lower going into 2022

Another 3 Yard Quilt

I mentioned last week that HeartStrings is doing a 3 yard quilt challenge and I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to make some kid quilts for donation. This is the 2nd Town Square quilt from Fabric Cafe that I cut and pieced this morning. Next up will be two Strippies from the leftover fabric from both quilts.

This afternoon I drove to New Port Richey to meet Sandy, a friend of Kathy’s, who is heading back to WI soon and she’s taking 6 finished donation quilts to Kathy for me, saving me the cost of shipping them. I miss attending the sew-ins in WI and I like to send Kathy quilts once or twice a year so I can still be part of the group effort even though I’m participating remotely!

3 Yard Quilts

I had a dentist appointment this afternoon and rather than finishing up the challenging quilt on the longarm, I decided to make the rest of the blocks and assemble this little top. My HeartStrings group is doing a 3 and/or 5 yard quilt project and I was anxious to join in the fun. This one is called Town Square and it’s from the Easy Peasy 3 yard quilt book from Fabric Cafe. The pattern had two skinny borders but I like it better without and at 44 x 58 it’s plenty big. I’ll bind it in the green.

I love the little dog print and I’ve got enough left over for a Quick Strippie too.


You know that happy feeling you get when finishing a quilt top … and then that sinking feeling you get when you look at the photo and realize you have a block rotated the wrong way? The Twisted Pinwheel top is assembled and I’m probably going to fix it …

EDIT: I couldn’t face going in there tomorrow to fix it so I did it this afternoon.


After taking Finn for grooming and getting in another 4 mile hike, I finished up this Easy Flock of Geese top. It’s my second finished project for our Precut challenge for February (triangles) and I’ve got one more project in process – my twisted pinwheels – but so far only the pinwheel blocks have been made, they’ll go back to Tampa for twisting.

You’d think that bin of fabric I brought with me would be a little less full after making two quilts from it but nope … not much noticeable difference. There will be others from this bin. This is the 5th top assembled this month – 3 were from blocks made in Tampa, 2 were pieced here, and a set of Pinwheel blocks were pieced and will go back to Tampa to be finished up. The sewing room is shut down for this visit. Tomorrow I’ll clean, do laundry, and pack and if time and the weather allow, sneak in another hike.


Remember these scraps? I’d pulled them and packed them up to play with here in GA.

I’ve made the first top from them and I’m thrilled with how they all played together so well. I love scrap quilts. This is a simple 6 inch finished hourglass block from quarter square triangles. There will be no border and the quilt measures 54 x 72 which is my favorite size for donation.

I cut enough squares for a second HST quilt but I won’t get started on that one just yet. I not sure how many quilts I thought I could get from that group of fabric but the two I’ve cut haven’t made much of a difference so there will be more to come.

Log Cabin #2

Today was pretty much like yesterday … first a hike – 4.3 miles today. I love this little historic cabin in the middle of the woods.

Then I came back and assembled the other Strips and Strings Log Cabin top. So I brought 3 sets of blocks to assemble and they’re all finished tops and it’s just week one of our visit. Luckily, I’ve got plenty here to keep me busy.


I brought 3 sets of strips and strings blocks here to assemble this month and Hopeful Hearts is now a finished top. I’ve had such fun with this one and I’m going to be making a few more. I’ve even roped Mom into helping with some of the appliqué hearts! I have some brief notes on the website sharing how I made this one.

I’m going to work on sewing some HSTs next for the Twisted Pinwheel quilt which is my project for our Precut Challenge this month – did I tell you that half square triangles are February’s challenge? And after working on the HSTs for a while, I think I’ll start to sew down the binding on the Camouflage bedspread for Chris.


These tumblers make for a quick quilt even when cutting them from scraps. The green tumbler top is assembled. I used my Accuquilt GO 6 inch die and set the tumblers 13 across and 13 rows down.