Not a good day

It was not a good day for Viking fans …


… but the Redskin fans were happy.


After football, we swam and then worked on National Park and State quarter books for Rae. Gram and Pop had LOTS of quarters to look through.



I’m so lucky – my DIL Becky always takes time to send me photos of the girls. Rae is enjoying soccer …


And Mo seems to enjoy being out at the soccer field too.


It’s only been two months but I miss seeing all my little ones and talked Keith into renting a house at Lake Oconee for a long weekend before Thanksgiving so I could spend time with them. Can’t wait!

Do you rent houses for vacations? Keith is really good about finding great places for us whether we’re going to Maine for a month or planning a trip with family. The site he uses most often is VRBO (part of Home Away now). This is the cottage we’re staying in next month in Maine.


Someone asked if Finn is coming with us to Maine … yep, I couldn’t leave him for a month and Chesty loved going with us so I’m sure Finn will too.  He’ll also come with us on the November trip – finding rentals that take pets is a little more difficult and you do have to pay a pet deposit but we’re lucky that Finn is small because more places do allow small dogs than large ones.

And Finn is still trying to convince Keith to take him to see his Mommy!


Time flies

I love that google photos shares memories from the past with me. From 6 years ago … my sister Ann and her daughter and granddaughter walking with me on the Nolan Trail.


Time for a nap!

Just two hours of sleep last night before I was up with Finn this morning and I stayed up to enjoy my last few hours with the kids before they headed back to GA. The activity for the morning …. rock painting!


Now it’s time for a nap!

No regrets

It was the right time for us to sell Big Canoe and the closing went through today without any complications. I have NO regrets about the sale BUT I have 12 years of wonderful memories.


Wonderful hikes, canoeing, and kayaking.


Time with the boys and our little ones …


Memories of Chesty …


Trips with Finn …


Trips with my Mom, with Keith’s Mom …. with my sisters, his brother …my brother … too many memories to share in this one post but we will always remember the time we spent together and with our loved ones there.

Family time

There won’t be any sewing the next few days as Adam is here visiting with his family. How lucky am I to have Chris here one week and Adam the next?!!

Adam and Lindsey took the kids to the aquarium this morning and this afternoon, we all played in the pool. I don’t always spend a lot of time out by the pool but it’s great when we have the kids here. It’s right out back and we have all of the benefits and none of the maintenance!


Adam also cooked dinner … and is cooking again tomorrow. So nice to have a chef in the family!

More help

I had more help from Chris and Becky today … first up they laid out my focus wall they’d originally created for me at Big Canoe.


And then Chris hung it all …


Becky helped arrange some things for me in the library and cooked dinner for us. I felt very spoiled!! I can depend on the two of them for anything ! They’re the best kids and I’m very fortunate to have them.

Summer in FL

Let me tell you it’s HOT so having a pool and local parks with water areas for the kids is great! I’ve not been up to being out and about but Becky took the girls to a small local park about a mile and a half away from the house … I always love passing by these lions when I’m walking to the village and Rae enjoyed playing among them!


She also liked wheeling her sister around! As a only child used to a lot of adult attention, I wondered how she would do when Mo was born but she’s been great. She loves her little sister and it shows!


I haven’t gotten back in the sewing room but I’ve done a little knitting after everyone goes to bed. Still adjusting to the medication and some days are just really difficult. Hoping tomorrow will be better.

Happy 4th

We’ve got company to help us celebrate the holiday!


After everyone went to bed, I did sew for just a little while. I wanted to actually work on my RWB half square triangles on the 4th. Just 7 blocks left to make.


Both Chris and I were up in the sewing room earlier … he assembled my chair, set up the printer, and assembled my new stacking bins for me. Usually I’m good about doing all of those but I’ve been too tired to start pulling stuff out of boxes so I’m thrilled that he helped me out.

Cast on

Since there’s nothing to show in the sewing room — I continue to piece triangles and I’ve loaded and started one of the t-shirt quilts that I’m helping Mom with but haven’t finished it – I’ll show my knitting again.

I shouldn’t bother saying what I’m going to work on next because it seems to change more often than not. I decided I wanted a project with shorter rows to work on after my surgery (Thursday) so it would be easier to pick up and put down.

Easy Multi Rib scarf – free pattern on Ravelry

Yarn is Miss Babs Yowza but I’ve lost the tag so I don’t know the colorway.


I’ve finished the Catherine the Great audiobook and have moved on to The Oregon Trail by Rinker Buck.

We’ve got a contract on Big Canoe but until we get past the inspection on Monday I’m not counting my chickens … we’ve done a lot of work and the appliances and HVAC systems are all new but it’s still an older building so we’ll see. It’s a cash buy and they wanted to close on July 16 at first but last night the realtor said they would like to close sooner as in June 29th … timing sucks because I really needed to make another trip to clear the last of the personal stuff out but Chris and Becky are going to help so assuming the inspection goes OK, we should have it sold in 2-4 weeks. I was afraid that I’d be sad but we’re ready to let go of the challenges of managing a vacation home in a different state especially since we don’t get there often enough to make it truly worth the money we spend on it

Best of all, Keith comes home tomorrow!