Today, I rested

Yesterday, I spent some time in the sewing room and knit. Progress has been made on my scarf, the Ohio Star binding is ready to be hand stitched, and more 16 patch blocks were made but today … after a doctor’s appointment and some errands, I rested. Nothing interesting to show so I’ll share recent photos of all my little ones. We had a big family vacation planned for June and I’m not going to be able to attend so I’m thinking of my little ones and sad that I’m going to miss seeing them. Keith and Chris will have to take lots of photos for me.

Luckily, I just spent Mother’s Day week with Rae and Mo and we had a wonderful time with them. Rae is getting so big and Mo is such a sweet baby!

Caleb turned 8 on the 11th of May and is such a bright little boy  he reminds me so much of Adam. I love seeing Adam share his love of cooking with Bree – how fun is that?!


March 2018 photos

We traveled to Marietta for Mo’s baptism, and I visited Mom in VA. We’re working on t-shirt quilts from my SIL’s shirts for her 3 grandchildren. March also included Adam’s birthday, a visit from Chris and his family, St Patrick’s Day, taxes, and some beach time. Clicking on a photo will bring up a slideshow.