I’m sewing!

I came downstairs last night after Keith went to bed and started cutting some squares from scraps … our precut/block for our HeartStrings monthly challenge is triangles and I’d been debating whether I’d use fat quarters (quicker) or dig into the scraps. You know how quickly the scraps pile up and I’ve only worked on one scrap quilt so far this year so I knew I needed to use scraps.

I also knew that after not sewing a month, I wanted something quick and easy … not fussy to cut or sew. I chose hourglass blocks. One of my favorite dies is the 6 inch finished quarter square triangle die I bought from Blue Wren. It’s made in Australia but it works with my GO cutter.

The way it’s laid out on the die makes for a lot less fabric waste than the 6 inch Accuquilt die.

I’ve made some good progress already!

And since I like to cut at least 2 quilts when I’m digging in the scraps, I’ll follow this one with a flying geese variation of my Forest Bricks. I’ve never made geese using dies so hopefully I won’t run into any challenges.


I made good progress today even though I didn’t start sewing until the afternoon. I told Keith I need a reason get out of bed – I’m not getting to sleep until 7ish in the mornings and I’d sleep all day if I don’t push myself to get up. We had a lunch date by the lake and then I went on a hike before getting to work. I love that there are benches placed in spots along the trails here. I don’t often stop and sit but it’s great knowing that I could if I wanted to. It was beautiful here in the low 60’s and a perfect day for a hike.

I love reaching the point in a project when I’ve made enough blocks to throw up on the design wall and see if I’m going to like it. Yep, I am going to like this combination!


A couple hours sewing this afternoon on the blue pinwheels. I love having the tables beside my sewing machine. Let’s me lay everything out within easy reach.

And the pinwheels are done and tomorrow I’ll start the 16 patch blocks.

I guess someone else wanted to sleep with one of Daddy’s old quilts because this showed up in my inbox tonight!

I’m getting close to finishing the shell blanket, another evening or two and it should be done and I finished the green scarf last night but that one will need a light blocking. Tonight, I’m going to start a new scarf … with some beading. I haven’t done any beading for years so we’ll see how it goes.


I did some piecing on the leftover quilt tonight. 8 more blocks to make but I threw it up on the design wall to see how it’s going to look. Now I’m going to sit and knit and watch more of the Olympics – they’re being televised on my schedule!


I’m not sure what I’m calling this one yet but while I was tempted to put these leftovers away for a while … I know that leftover quilts have the best chance of actually being made if I work with them right away. Everything is cut and I started piecing blocks this afternoon.

Piecing in progress

I decided to go with the Forest Bricks pattern from my website with the red/black/white/gray fat quarters. The original quilt was made from my green scraps. I’m going for more of a woven look with this one and I should get the top finished Thursday or Friday.

365 Block Challenge

Another goal accomplished! Today I finished the last 7 blocks I needed to meet my HeartStrings 365 block challenge for the year. I thought I was going to set these blocks aside and make the other ones for this quilt at the start of the new year but once I dragged everything out … I decided to keep it all out and continue on to make a set of 48 Strips and Strings log cabin blocks. I have a bunch of shorter strings all ready to go and a log cabin block is perfect for using them.

I also started another hat to work on while I watch the hockey game tonight. And look at the photo Becky sent today… I love seeing them use the hats I make for them and Becky is so good about sharing photos with me.


I’ve been working on my Strips and Strings Rail Fence blocks – this is the 8th quilt from my string bins this year and I’m kind of at the bottom of the barrel. Not necessarily in terms of the number of strips and strings left but more that they’ve been well picked over. I think I’m going to like it anyway.

And hat #30 has been finished. I substituted a K1P1 rib for the brim and forgot to change to a larger needle when starting the body of the hat. Also, there is an error in the crown decreases in the pattern – a K4, K2tog row was left out and I added that in.

I hope that all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving have a wonderful day. Keith and I will have a quiet one with just the two of us and I won’t be cooking a large meal so I’ll have time for more sewing.

I’ve had much to be thankful for in my life and I’m especially grateful for all my blessings this year.


#14 of 21 to be quilted by the end of November was loaded and quilted today but I can’t show it to you yet. It’s my project for our Family Gift Exchange that’s due on November 14th. I’ll get it bound tonight and be done with more than a week to spare!

I also got my Lantern blocks up on the design wall today – I’ll move them around a bit before starting to assemble them but I hope to have the top finished this week too. This was the 2nd set of blocks I made last month for our Precut Challenge.