2020 Precut Party

We decided we’d play with precuts again this year. Here’s the list and Stephanie will pull one out of the hat each month. There’s always the option to just choose whatever precut you’d like to work on too.
1) FQs
2) Layer Cakes
3) Jelly Rolls
4) Charm Squares
5) Triangles
6) Panels
7) Kits
8) Bundles
9) Shapes
10) Scraps
11) Skinnies/Strings
12) Blocks/Orphans

January’s precut is bundles and I had leftover fat quarters from the Hunter Star quilt that Mom and I pieced that I wanted to use up so I cut a bunch of tumblers. Add in some fabric from stash and I’m ready to toss them up on the design wall. I could be more random but there are a lot of repeats and I want to make sure I distribute them throughout the quilt.

It’s going to be busy but I love busy scrap quilts.

I sewed a little

I didn’t feel up to much after a difficult night but I did manage to sew a little while. The light/dark HeartStrings blocks are all sewn into rows. Normally I sew these into larger 4 block sections first but it just seemed easier to work on one row at a time tonight.

I also started another hat – Chris wanted me to make him a couple more and since he’s coming back for the children’s Gasparilla parade in a couple weeks I thought I’d get started on the second one.

On my design wall

I kind of dislike assembling quilts back to back – it’s my least favorite part of quilting – but since I finished the Chandelier blocks yesterday, they went up on the design wall as soon as I finished photographing the Hourglass top. I found a turquoise/green fabric in stash that I’m going to use for the setting triangles, a small border, and the binding. I think I bought it at the same time I bought the charm packs although they aren’t from the same fabric line … I just can’t remember for sure since it was a year or so ago. I’m probably going to play a little more with the arrangement of these blocks before I start to assemble them.

Here’s a closer look at the setting triangle fabric.

It’s a start!

I’ve got about half the rectangle blocks made from the leftover Jelly Roll strips from Mom’s Bento Box. I’ll keep working on them a few blocks at a time this week and then get it assembled.

I’ve also got some studying and reading to be done. I reluctantly agreed to serve on the Homeowner’s board last week and have some document review and an online course to complete which I’ll try to get done this week also.

My blocks are done

This is just going to be a small lap size quilt so my Hunter’s Star blocks are done. Mom wanted to try a small runner before committing to anything bigger so the two blocks on the (L) side of mine are hers. The runner will have 3 blocks and a couple small borders and I’ll add one or two borders to mine too. The Accuquilt GO die really does make this one easy.

Moving on …

Mom finished assembling her HST diamond top yesterday and I got it loaded on the longarm today. Brief instructions for this one is on my website.

If it looks familiar, it’s because it’s just like mine … The same size, using the same fabrics. I’d already gotten it about half quilted before it was time to walk Finn and give him his afternoon break!

Before I got it loaded, I cut strips for Mom to make a log cabin runner and she started piecing while I was quilting. She going to appliqué some bears and trees on this one.

She also finished binding that turtle quilt last night – I’ll get a photo of the whole quilt when Keith gets home and can hold it up outside for me but I’ll share a photo of Mom binding it … you’re going to see a lot of Mom binding this trip because my goal is to quilt 7 tops for her!


It’s the weekend and we’re kind of boring! Because Keith travels so much, our weekends are usually spent here around the house with a little exercise thrown in. I haven’t been walking in the heat but I do try to get my bike rides in on the weekends. We’re lucky to have such a pretty place to ride. I need to try to get out some during the week too but hopefully it will cool down soon and I’ll be able to walk too. I told Keith today that I miss being able to walk to dinner.

I’m in that terrible cycle where I’m not sleeping at night so I’m pretty useless in the mornings but I am getting a little piecing (and crochet) done at night after Keith goes to bed. The HST diamonds are made and ready to be assembled. It will get a simple framing border with the blue fabric hanging on the right side of the design wall.