I would rather be knitting or starting a new quilt today but I’ve got too much to accomplish to even think about it. I’m such a procrastinator and usually I can drag out the assembly of a top or unpacking from a trip for days and even weeks but my goals help keep me on track and so do timers especially on a day like today when I don’t want to do any of it!!

I’m setting my timer in 30 minute segments and going from unpacking to assembling to laundry to walking Finn. Progress has been made all around but it’s most evident in the HeartStrings quilt – the last blocks were trimmed and I’ve got the top partially assembled. Next I’ll start assembling the big blocks into rows.


And while it doesn’t look like it, a lot of progress has been made unpacking but there’s still so much to be gone through and organized before it’s done.


I’m hoping to get the patriotic rail fence top loaded on the longarm today too. I always underestimate how long it’s going to take me to recover from a trip but I did get through the 5 weeks of mail that had accumulated on Monday, and I did get a massage yesterday too.



I have so much to do before we leave Saturday but I couldn’t stand the idea of not finishing the set of 48 HeartStrings blocks so I managed to squeeze in a couple hours of sewing before packing up the machine for Maine. I still have to trim the last 16 blocks but they’re all pieced!


I ran around like crazy all day and now I just have to pack my suitcase and hope that Keith can fit it all in the car. Finn and his stuff take up a lot of space!!

One of the things I’m loving is my new Apple Watch. It has several significant upgrades from my series 2 watch and I’m loving arranging all my little complications … for some reason, that’s the term used for the icons on the watch face. Date, time, activity, timer, temp, workout, and heart rate all at a glance. I got lots of credit today for all my running around which is good because I’ve been way too sedentary the last couple months.


Playing in my strings

I’m still sewing along with my HeartStrings group and pulled out my string bin today to make a set of HeartStrings blocks.


I’m not doing any sorting or themed blocks … just sewing what I pick up. They may not look like much yet,  but I always love the look of our scrappy HeartStrings quilts.


Off the design wall

I try never to take a quilt off the design wall until the top is done but the green and brown Flock of Geese quilt is at an awkward stage … not far along for me to finish up quickly and I’m going to be sewing along with my HeartStrings group next week so I decided to take it down today.


Monday I found these fabrics while I was digging around in one of my bins and decided I’d make another more coordinated Happy Block quilt.


Maybe I just need to work on quick projects for a while – I’m making good progress on these blocks and it will make a cute donation quilt!


On my design wall

I’ve been busy but managed to get some Flock of Geese blocks up on the design wall. I’ve sewn up all the ones I’ve cut so I need to get the fabric back out and cut some more. It looks kind of dull but I’m hoping it will all turn out OK


I also pieced a back for the hourglass quilt so that ones ready to load on the longarm.


I’m still sorting through the last few bins and I came across this UFO – I haven’t seen it in years and it wasn’t even on my UFO list because I didn’t know where it was.

The flowers are English paper pieced and there’s an EQ drawing with my original plan but I think I might just throw this together with some simple 9 patch blocks. Of course, the flowers have to be appliquéd so it won’t quick!1BBFA974-12C8-4FCD-A4C8-156754798D0D

Some progress

I am such a procrastinator when it comes to assembling blocks into a top but I made a start on the RWB half square triangles. I’m sure I’ll drag it out a few more days but progress is being made.


I’ve also got a small doll quilt pinbasted. Sometimes I wonder if I’m wasting my time with these little doll quilts but I love that they use leftovers … leftover fabric, leftover batting, leftover backing … that little bit of flannel left from the Flock of Geese quilt I’m binding wouldn’t have been used otherwise (I don’t have enough flannel scraps in my stash for them to be used in a quilt) but they’re making nice backs for the doll quilts.


Kathy also reminded me that baby quilts were a quick way to catch up and I have a couple of those waiting that might get done here in the next few weeks but don’t worry, I’m not upset about being behind on my goal to quilt one top each week I’m not traveling this year. I’ll either catch up or not but having goals helps keep me focused on what I want to accomplish.