RWB Framed 16 patches

I’m not sure I’m loving this right now but I often have doubts at this point in a project. It’s busier than I’d like but I’m going ahead with it. I’m using a couple Jelly Rolls for it from BluPrint.

A while back, I’d bought a Jelly Roll kit and made a smaller quilt that used just one Jelly Roll and I always intended to make a larger RWB quilt using a Framed 16 patch block. I made a few notes at the time.

I haven’t gotten very far yet … and the blocks that are up on the wall will be moved around as I get more up there.

Guy quilts

I’m sewing along with HeartStrings today. The WI/MN group is meeting to share progress and exchange projects in different stages and the theme for this meeting is guy quilts so I grabbed a “kit” I’d put together a while back and started cutting and making blocks. You’ve seen me make this one before – it’s the Five Yard quilt that I made for Caleb and I also used it with some other stash fabric. For those two quilts I made extra blocks and didn’t put borders on but I’m thinking I’ll do the borders this time.

Isn’t this a cute little puppy print? I’ve got enough of these fabrics left to make a Quick Strippie too. And since this is a project I’d kitted up a while back, I’m counting it toward my July precut challenge!

The pattern came free with my dinosaur bundle that I used for Caleb’s quilt but I searched online and did find the pattern posted.

Moving on

Stephanie pulled kits for our July Precut Challenge. It can be a kit you bought or one you put together yourself …. we all have those don’t we? That group of fabric that you pulled intending to make a particular quilt. Maybe you even cut it out already.

After a lot of waffling, I decided to do a Craftsy kit called Stop and Go. Blocks are big so it’s going to go quickly. And since I don’t like using solid black because it picks up and shows so much lint, I substituted another black fabric from my stash.

I’ve been searching for my mail and packages for a couple weeks … I’ve forwarded my mail from Tampa but it had been misplaced by the post office here. I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to get it resolved and was able to pick it all up at the post office today. A small package from Sarah was in the batch that got forwarded, along with a nice note thinking me for my participation in the Hands2Help project this year.

T-shirt quilt

I’ve been promising Adam a T-shirt quilt for years and had finally made a start on the design and layout about a year and a half ago when he brought me 5 additional shirts that he wanted in the quilt … back to the drawing board I went but the project kept being pushed down the to do list. I decided I HAD to get it made this year.

I laid the shirts out on the floor – some of them have been shifted around since I took the photo. There are 21 shirts and some have larger motifs than others so I need a setting that allows different size shirts.

I used my TouchDraw App to help calculate the width and length to cut the shirts. I’m building one row at a time and you can see the “sashing” doesn’t line up. That’s intentional.

The mess on the floor is slowing becoming a neat stack of different size blocks backed with a fusible, non-woven, lightweight interfacing.

I’ll be working on this one for a while!


Since I couldn’t find the one panel I know I have somewhere in the sewing room when I was packing for GA … I’m going with “large” print for June’s precut. Stephanie always allows us lots of options for the precut challenge and you can even chose to skip a month or substitute another precut but in this case … I had two fabrics set aside to make a pillowcase for Rae and Bree. I had to review the instructions on my website since it’s been so long since I’ve made any pillowcases but both are finished!

If you’re playing along – here is Stephanie’s exact wording for June:

Our June Precut Target is Panels. 

If you don’t have any panels (or leftover part panels), here are few other options –

Perhaps you have some big prints that have been hard to use, maybe that rogue FQ out of a bundle. 

Pillow panels? Cheater prints? Wide border stripe prints? Obvious directional prints?

Or, you could sub in any orphan blocks you have and treat those like a printed pillow panel.

I think since the pillowcases took so little time, I’m going to pull one of my Quick Strippie kits and piece one of those too!

Ready to play

I made all but a few of the blocks today. I can’t remember how many extra I threw in so I’ve set some aside until I get them on the design wall. The seams will be pressed up or down depending on where they are placed in the quilt so I’m ready to put them on the design wall tomorrow.


I do most of the cooking around here but if we have brunch, Keith fixes it and it was yummy this morning.

After eating, I went down to the sewing room to work. First up, I assembled the design wall, then I finished the blocks for the Jelly Roll Rail Fence quilt.

They’ll wait a bit for assembly since I’m making more masks for Chris and his co-workers. And since it seems we’ll be wearing them for a while, I’ll make a few more for us too. I finished 8 before calling it a day. It’s been a bit rainy but we think there’s a window to head out for a walk.

Temporary design wall

I used to lay all my blocks out on the floor before I got a design wall but that was about 12 or 13 years ago so while I had laid out a few blocks the other day, I decided I’d use the bed for now (I do have a design wall ordered)! My Jelly Roll blocks are done and I’ll wait until Rae goes home to start assembling them.

Rae commented that her newest doll didn’t have her own quilt like the other two and since I had a pile of 2.5 inch squares cut from the ends of the jelly roll strips, I decided I’d piece her a doll quilt too. I don’t have backing and batting here so I told her I won’t have it finished until the summer.

April’s Precut

After getting my sewing space set up today I actually started my April Jelly Roll quilt. I debated several projects and knew I needed something simple as I’m still distracted with other tasks related to the new house. I’ve seen several quilts using this block online and I know I have a pattern in one of my books at home but when I was searching, I found a free version online at ChristaQuilts. Here’s my first block.

I’ve pulled other strips from the Jelly Roll to get started. My quilt will be set 6 x 8 blocks and finish at 48 x 64 inches so I can pick and choose which strips I want to use. The light fabric in the blocks will all be the same print.

Are you making a Jelly Roll quilt this month? What block/pattern are you using?