Back to work

Keith had a lot of catching up to do after our vacation so he spent most of the day working which was fine with me, I crocheted this morning and then this afternoon I worked on some strips and strings log cabin blocks. One of my goals for the month is to get this to the finished top stage.

My string bin is looking a bit lame … I haven’t fed it in a long while. I guess I’ll have to sort through the scrap bins and pull out the leftover strips and strings to add to it. Most of the lights are in the plastic bag, it helps to have them separated when I’m working on these blocks.

We took a break from work to attend a neighborhood picnic and then took a quick swim – it was 90 degrees at 5pm so it felt good to cool off when we got back home. We’re lucky that we live right near the small park where the picnic was held so it was easy to walk over and back.

Strips and Strings Log Cabin

Narrow strips and Strings are our “precut” for May which is perfect because I’ve been meaning to make one of my Strips and Strings Log Cabin quilts for a few years now …. time goes by quickly and I think the last one of these I finished was in 2014 not too long after we moved from Minneapolis.

I need 48 blocks and the first 8 are done. Hopefully they’ll go quicker now that I’m back in the groove.

For now I’m taking a break to snuggle with Finn. We got a trip coming up and I want to make sure he gets lots of attention before I leave.

Not just crocheting

I also finished all the blocks for the dinosaur quilt today. In the end I went with no borders and a 6 x 9 block layout that will finish at 48 x 72. I could have stopped at 8 rows but I had just enough fabric for 9 and I’m putting a Minkee backing on this one and want it to get used for years!

I needed to make 18 extra blocks and had just enough fabric from the one yard to be a little fussy about cutting the 9 dinosaur blocks.

From the first batch, I ended up with a couple blocks that just had tails but they look kind of neat so I’m OK with that!

I can see a few that I want to move around from the photo but here are all the blocks together. I’d like to get this assembled into a finished top before I travel again for Mother’s Day.


I bought this fabric bundle at the quilt show in February … it had a free 5 Yard Quilt pattern that came along with it and I’m a little surprised at how cute it’s turning out. I did a google search thinking I could find the link to the pattern to share with you and found it on Pinterest. This is a variation of printed pattern I have but the two blocks are the same even though the borders and layout are different – I’m changing the layout from the pattern anyway since I don’t like square quilts … and may or may not use borders.

Click here to see pattern.

This is working up pretty quickly and is really a cute idea for featuring a focus fabric. I think the hardest part would be choosing the 5 fabrics! I have more of the map fabric from Connecting Threads … maybe even enough to make another one of these.


Kathy from my HeartStrings group is hosting a sew-in tomorrow in Wisconsin and since I couldn’t be there in person, I wanted to sew along with them on HeartStrings projects this weekend. I’m going to be busy tomorrow during the day so I loaded a quilt late this afternoon and quilted it tonight after watching the Lightning lose their second playoff game – NOT off to a good start but I’m hoping they turn things around on Sunday.

So back to the quilting … you may remember I tied 12 Happy Block quilts in October while I was in Maine and there were plenty more tops completed so I told Bev, I’d bring some home to finish. I have 8 here and the plan is to get them quilted – some I’ll donate to Safe Harbor in GA and some I’ll take back to Maine in September for donating there. This is just #1 so I’m have a ways to go but I’m hoping to get another one loaded and quilted this weekend.

Pantograph is Steam by Norma Sharp – I like to keep these kids quilts nice and cozy so I try to choose quilting that isn’t too dense. There are some really cute fabrics in this one!

I also managed to find the Apple Core UFO – I don’t expect to make much progress on this but maybe I can add a section – I’ve been hand piecing it but I might google machine sewing Apple Core blocks and see what I think. I don’t thing sewing the blocks into rows would be difficult but I’m thinking it might be more challenging when it comes time to sew the rows together.

This is a UFO from 2009 – obviously I like the idea of hand piecing but I don’t seem to make much progress on these projects.

Back to work!

I hate being away from my sewing room for so long so I was happy to be back at work today. Shapes is the April “precut” for our HeartStrings Precut Party so I’ve pulled out my oldest UFO and will hopefully get these Hexagon Flowers to the finished top stage this month. I’m not actually sure when this one was started – I just know that the Flowers were made before we moved from Marietta in December 2006. It’s been lost and found several times since then and I found it again back in February 2018 when we moved all my sewing stuff from Big Canoe.

I’ve decided to scrap the original and back up layouts and go with a simple 9 patch in the alternate blocks.

Blocks are done

My goal will be to get these spool blocks assembled into a top next week after I take a couple days to look and see what needs to be moved around.

The design wall is now in a more visible spot in the sewing room so every time I walk in and out I glance over and change blocks around as needed. In Minneapolis, my sewing room was too small for the design wall so I had it outside the room at the top of the stairs – that was great too because I studied the blocks every time I went up and down the stairs. I used to get great photos of Chesty with my quilts in the background because he would run up the stairs and turn around to wait for me!

Tomorrow I’ll have to get the Charm square top loaded and quilted. Luckily it’s a small one and Keith will be home so Finn will stay downstairs. I shouldn’t complain because Finn’s pretty good about letting me work but I’ve got to stop more often to take him out for walks and cuddles so having the afternoon with no interruptions will be nice since Keith has been gone all week.