I’m still sorting through the last few bins and I came across this UFO – I haven’t seen it in years and it wasn’t even on my UFO list because I didn’t know where it was.

The flowers are English paper pieced and there’s an EQ drawing with my original plan but I think I might just throw this together with some simple 9 patch blocks. Of course, the flowers have to be appliquéd so it won’t quick!1BBFA974-12C8-4FCD-A4C8-156754798D0D

Some progress

I am such a procrastinator when it comes to assembling blocks into a top but I made a start on the RWB half square triangles. I’m sure I’ll drag it out a few more days but progress is being made.


I’ve also got a small doll quilt pinbasted. Sometimes I wonder if I’m wasting my time with these little doll quilts but I love that they use leftovers … leftover fabric, leftover batting, leftover backing … that little bit of flannel left from the Flock of Geese quilt I’m binding wouldn’t have been used otherwise (I don’t have enough flannel scraps in my stash for them to be used in a quilt) but they’re making nice backs for the doll quilts.


Kathy also reminded me that baby quilts were a quick way to catch up and I have a couple of those waiting that might get done here in the next few weeks but don’t worry, I’m not upset about being behind on my goal to quilt one top each week I’m not traveling this year. I’ll either catch up or not but having goals helps keep me focused on what I want to accomplish.

Something new

I have so much waiting on me in the sewing room … the RWB half square triangle blocks to assemble into a top, the t-shirt quilt to trim, a backing to piece and another top to load on the longarm ….so what did I do today?! In the hour I had in the sewing room, I started a new top. The brown/green Easy Flock of Geese. This one won’t have a border.

oops!! I just noticed the first block in the photo is rotated the wrong way but I am not going back in the sewing room tonight to take another photo!


A 9 x 12 block setting would give me a quilt that is 54 x 72 which is my usual donation size but since these are guy colors, I think I’ll add an extra row to the bottom to make it 54 x 76. The block size is 6 inches finished (6.5 inches with seam allowances).


Tomorrow I’ll try to get some of the other projects moving along if only to free up the design wall but I’m looking forward to seeing how this one develops.

Happy 4th

We’ve got company to help us celebrate the holiday!


After everyone went to bed, I did sew for just a little while. I wanted to actually work on my RWB half square triangles on the 4th. Just 7 blocks left to make.


Both Chris and I were up in the sewing room earlier … he assembled my chair, set up the printer, and assembled my new stacking bins for me. Usually I’m good about doing all of those but I’ve been too tired to start pulling stuff out of boxes so I’m thrilled that he helped me out.

I jinxed myself

I spoke too soon on Friday – the weekend was very tough on me and I ended up briefly in the ER mostly to rule out problems … my heart rate had dropped down into the 40’s which had me feeling pretty dizzy and weak. I’ve been taking medication since the day of the surgery but my thyroid hormone level had just dropped too low causing the bradycardia. Today was better and I even felt up to sewing for an hour. I’m making a little progress on the RWB half square triangles.


In the sewing room

I’m working at a slower pace but still happy to be making progress. Today I finished the blocks for the 16 patch quilt and they’re ready to be assembled into a top. I spent some time arranging them but I might switch some around before I start assembling.


I also grabbed some blues from the scrap bin – I’m not doing much sorting by shade for this quilt as my goal is just to use up some of these scraps.


I was a little nervous about how they’d work together but I think it’s going to be fine. I still have to cut reds and a bunch a neutrals.