Continuing with my virtual sew-in, I quilted my last Rainbow HeartStrings top today.


Pantograph is Steam and I used a lime green thread – I find it’s the most blendy when I’m quilting tops with bright fabrics.


Normally I cut the binding fabric when I finish a top but in this case, I didn’t have any of the sashing fabric left so I decided to just wait to figure out what to bind it with. It turns out I had just barely enough of a solid black in the stash. That sliver was all that was left!


The binding is already on and ready to hand stitch down.


It’s Friday and once again I waited until the end of the week to get a top quilted. This one started with a Jelly Roll and I added some strips from stash to make it a little larger. It’s another one built with quarter square triangles and it was based on an antique quilt I found on eBay. Pantograph is Feather Frond.

Brief Instructions for my Spools quilt as well as a RWB version are available on my website. 


Since I didn’t have leftover strips for the binding, I’m pulling something from stash … I’m debating between the pink, the turquoise, and the gray. Which would you choose?



I spent all afternoon working in the sewing room and I would have accomplished more if I hadn’t been distracted.

I have a Kite die I haven’t used before and I started pulling some turquoise and greens from the bin but I put them back in the closet … I already have a quilt on the design wall so it will have to wait.


I also had a set of fat quarters sitting out … I looked at a couple possible designs before moving on to some actual work but I think I’ll keep them with these turquoise fabrics until I’m ready to make something with them.


So after playing with fabric for a while, I got down to work and cut and pieced some more blocks for the Flock of Geese quilt and then I quilted the hourglass top. I waited until Friday, but I got my one top quilted for the week and I’m just one behind my goal.

Pantograph is Feather Frond and I like how it looks on this one.




This is the last of the tops I promised Mom I’d get quilted this year. I still have a couple of hers left but they’ll wait a while longer. Truitt’s quilt is the last of 3 t-shirt quilts we made for my SIL’s grandchildren from her shirts. Mom will get it bound and I’ll create some labels for her to sew on them.


Pantograph is Bubbles.



Pantograph is Curly Hearts and I won’t be using it again… so much time spent rolling the quilt and thank goodness it was a small one. There are more butterflies but I don’t have good side lighting in the sewing room so it’s hard to get a full picture of the quilt that shows the quilting. Once it’s bound, I’ll post another photo.

This was my Jelly Roll quilt made after the Maine sew-in a few years ago. They all did the Jelly Roll Race quilts but I don’t like those so I did my own thing intending to appliqué the butterflies after finishing the top — I never got around to it so Mom did the applique for me.


I’m glad to be making progress but I still can’t work for long without taking a break. My heart rate jumps up with just the slightest activity and I get tired and breathless fairly quick. Still, I’m learning to work within the limits and since I’m getting things done, I’m happy.


Just a little one but I enjoy quilting it with my walking foot. Stitch in the ditch is too fussy for me and I like the effect of quilting beside the seam using the edge of my foot for a guide.

I have 3 different Tumbler dies and this is the smallest one – 3 inches.


I also managed a walk after the rain – I thought I might get caught in a lingering shower but it didn’t rain again and we walked to dinner after Keith got home.



The Easy Flock of Geese top is quilted. Pantograph is Happy Times. I’m getting boring but it was on the machine and suited the quilt so that’s what I used! Brief instructions are on my website at the link above .


I’m now 3 weeks behind on my goal to quilt a top each week I’m not traveling but maybe I can get a doll quilt done later this week to catch up a little.