Do you remember me saying that for every quilt I start before the end of the year, I need to finish one? I’m trying to get that 2020 UFO number to 25 (or lower)! Since I started the Chandelier Quilt, I quilted the Bow Ties tonight.

Pantograph is Happy Times and one of these days I’m going to remember to save my file once I have everything set up in Pantovision … tonight I had two rows quilted and while I was rolling and getting ready for the next row, the tablet decided it needed to update windows!! While I was waiting I got more of the Chandelier top assembled but once it was updated, I had to rebuild my file before I could finish quilting.

Isn’t this the perfect backing for this quilt? It’s a flannel fabric I had in stash and it looks like I bought it just to go with this quilt.


Not without issues … this should have been quick and easy but I had a lot of thread breakage – I was quilting faster than I have on this machine but not THAT fast. I’m still adjusting to the new longarm and I have to say some days I just wish I had my Gammill … but then on other days I’m happy with the features and stitch quality on the Innova. I really did expect that the transition period would be short and easy but after so many years, I was comfortable with my machine and I am having to make some adjustments.

Nothing fancy, this top is so busy that I felt some simple dwirling would give it texture which is all it needed.


I loaded and quilted my oldest UFO today – my Hexagon Flowers and 9 patch top. I don’t have the exact year but I think it was started sometime around 2003 or 2004. It got tucked away and even “lost” through several moves and I “found” the hexagon flowers last year when we moved all my sewing stuff from Big Canoe to Tampa. I decided to appliqué the flowers and alternate them with 9 patch blocks and was really happy with the result. I’ll get it bound and finished before the end of the year.

The pantograph is one that came with my new Pantovision and is called JSPanto 155. I’m sure these are published pantographs somewhere but I don’t have anything to go on other than the file name. I wanted something open that didn’t detract from the flowers on this but I’m not sure that the size is exactly where I want it – it was 11 inches tall and I didn’t change that. Maybe next time I use this one, I’ll try it at 10 inches tall. Being able to quilt my pantographs at different sizes is one of the reasons I wanted the new longarm with Pantovision but I’m learning that it takes a little trial and error to get just the right size!


This NEVER happens … a top going directly from the design wall to the longarm but I had the right color thread on the machine and wanted to warm up after not quilting for a couple weeks before I quilt my Hexagon Flowers and 9 Patch top – not that I’m going to do anything fancy but the machine is still new enough that it’s not unusual for me to run into some challenges!

I don’t know the name of the pantograph, it came with the machine but I think it’s one of my new favorites. Easy to quilt and it looks interesting. I quilted this on one of Mom’s tops last month but I think it works better on this quilt.

Today’s progress

I quilted Mom’s Bento Box top she pieced last week. Pantograph is Happy Times. This is the 8th top quilted for Mom during her visit.

And here she is working on the 7th top quilted – she started stitching it down last night and is working on it again tonight…it’s a big one so she might be working on it tomorrow night too!

We also pieced some more Hunter’s Star blocks – just 3 left to piece and Mom will start on those tomorrow while I cut the many borders the quilt will have!


I’ve probably had this top of Mom’s for a little over 2 years. There were several reasons it didn’t get done before now including the fact that I can more easily quilt larger tops on this new machine and she had others that took priority. I bought the kit from Connecting Threads but I’m sure it’s no longer available.

Pantograph is Happy Times.

While I was quilting, Mom finished up the little Bento Box top – I’m going to toss that on the longarm next week and quilt it for her … it’s a bonus one as this queen size star quilt was #7 and the last one I planned to quilt while she was here. We’ve been making good progress on her list and you can see I got a few more blocks made on my Hunter’s Star Quilt too.

Back to work!

Mom got all her runners layered and pin basted and I loaded and quilted her hearts … #5 of 7 is now done!

This is a new pantograph – it’s one that came with the machine and it just has a number not a name. I love the look of it on the back of this quilt.

I don’t love it as much on the front but it’s OK and it’s done. I will definitely use the panto again, but hopefully on a quilt that it suits better.