I didn’t actually quilt yesterday on Veteran’s day but I’ve been working on this Patriotic Rail Fence quilt since Friday. The quilting is finished – pantograph is Ebb and Flow – and once I get it bound, it will go to comfort the mother of a veteran who just lost her son.


I’m thankful for all who serve now and in the past including both my father and Keith’s dad as well as Keith’s brother who died recently and I try each year to make at least a couple quilts for veterans. If you are interested in showing your appreciation through making and donating a quilt to a veteran, there are a number of different patriotic quilts with brief instructions on my website. 

Back to work

I took Keith to the airport this morning and came back and got to work. I set up my table outside so I could trim these quilts – the Cuddle fabric has a lot of fuzz when cut!


I trimmed 8 quilts and then Finn and I took a walk …


I set up my machine on the dining room table and started making and attaching bindings. I’ve got two ready for hand stitching and it’s time to sit and stitch them down while I’ll relax! The table is round so I can’t use my knee lift but I’m having to adapt in all kind of ways since I’m not working in my usual space.


Mom and Kevin arrive Friday for a visit so I need to get as much done before then as I can and clean up my mess.

Working hard

I wanted to get as many quilts tied as I could before tomorrow because I know binding them is going to take longer … so by the end of the day today, I had 9 tied. Including one HeartStrings quilt – not sure how this little one made it in the batch along with all the Happy Block tops but it’s tied and ready to be trimmed and bound.


And of course there were several walks on the beach. Keith said the sunrise was gorgeous but I didn’t see it — I’m more of a sunset kind of girl! We did manage a walk together this evening before going out to dinner. We had a great date night!


More of the same

You might find my blogging a bit boring … my days will be somewhat repetitive but I’m content … walking on the beach or by the water with Finn.


Walking to the bakery for breakfast or lunch …


And tying Happy Block quilts for HeartStrings. I’ve got 6 tied so far but as I said yesterday, binding them is going to take more time than tying. Aren’t these pigs cute? My stash must not be as extensive as I thought because I’m seeing lots of cute fabric that I don’t have.



Back to work

I met Bev today to pick up Happy Block tops that I’ll tie while I’m here this month. After passing off a bag of finished quilts to her that I brought from home to donate, we loaded the bundles in my car and then went off to lunch. Can you believe I waited two whole days before finding a lobster roll??


After walking with Finn on the beach, I set up my table and started tying. I quickly discovered things aren’t going to work like I’d planned – usually I tie a quilt and then bind it but I need to trim these outside because the Cuddle fabric is very messy when you cut it so after trying to trim one on a patio table, I decided that I’ll just keep tying tops the next few days and then have Keith move my table downstairs before his next trip. I’ve got two tied and a 3rd one all set up and I think that binding them is going to take longer than tying.


After working a while, Finn and I headed back to walk on the beach!




Continuing with my virtual sew-in, I quilted my last Rainbow HeartStrings top today.


Pantograph is Steam and I used a lime green thread – I find it’s the most blendy when I’m quilting tops with bright fabrics.


Normally I cut the binding fabric when I finish a top but in this case, I didn’t have any of the sashing fabric left so I decided to just wait to figure out what to bind it with. It turns out I had just barely enough of a solid black in the stash. That sliver was all that was left!


The binding is already on and ready to hand stitch down.


In spite of the storms we’re having every afternoon, I managed to quilt this week’s top, catch up by quilting a second top (I was one week behind on my goal of 1 top for each week I don’t travel this year), and to also quilt two doll quilts using the extra backing on the machine.

I don’t usually have backings large enough for more than one quilt but for the Happy Block Quilts, I am using Cuddle from Shannon Fabrics. They’ve donated bolts of fabric for our HeartStrings quilts we finish at the Maine sew-in for a few years now and I carried one bolt home (to use on donation quilts).

Both Happy Block tops were quilted with a pantograph called Steam. Since the Cuddle fabric is 60 inches wide, I loaded these lengthwise and the “steam” rises!


Because I loaded them lengthwise, I had just enough backing left to quilt two of the doll quilts. Which puts me 2 quilts ahead on my goal (I know it seems like the doll size tops shouldn’t count but they do!)


There won’t be any quilting for the next couple weeks – Keith and I are going to enjoy our long holiday weekend together before all my appointments and treatment next week and then I’ll be in “isolation” into the middle of the following week but I will have some time for binding and piecing before the isolation period begins.

Since I needed a haircut, I decided to go short to make things easy the next few weeks. I haven’t had my hair this short in a long time but I shouldn’t need another haircut until we get back from Maine the beginning of November!