My layer cake Hourglass top is quilted. Pantograph is Ebb and Flow.

This top was made as part of our Precut Party and it taught me that I’m not a fan of layer cakes – no real reason other than I found it a challenge to come up with a pattern that would suit the fabrics included. I feel I have more options for adding in stash fabrics if I need to with a Jelly Roll or Fat Quarter bundle.

I was thinking as I was quilting that I should be working on UFOs but then realized that quilting tops pieced this year WILL impact my UFO number for next year by not ending up on the list.

I did run and look for my Quick Trips book but didn’t find it. I did however find a stack of 13 books that I either wanted to review or that I’d forgotten I even had!

The stack includes Tradition with a Twist which also has Trip Around the World Quilts.

I know there are patterns available online but I really want to find my book!


The last of the Maine Happy Block tops is quilted! This one had a note on it that it was pieced by Suzy. Pantograph is Happy Times. I’ll get these last two bound and washed in the next couple weeks. I have 4 or 5 of the 8 to take back to Maine. A few were already donated.

When I went up to quilt tonight, a storm had just passed and while I thought it was done, I heard a little distant rumble of thunder so I straightened up my blues while I was waiting for the all clear.

I do not like the shelves I have and they were always meant to be temporary – it’s just too much wasted space and it’s hard to see what I have but at least the blues aren’t falling all over the place now.

What I’d really like is to get another set of cubbies like I had in Minneapolis. I wasn’t able to take them with me when I had to move the longarm to our GA condo in 2014 and my stash lived in bins for the 3 and a half years the longarm was there. Maybe once I get the new longarm settled in and after Mom’s extended visit this fall, I’ll do something about finding new cubbies.

This is a partial shot of the wall of cubbies I had along with my quilt model Chesty! I had two of these units that took up the whole wall in my sewing room. The bins were great for holding my scraps which were also separated by color.

How do you store your stash?! I know some people don’t like to expose it to light but I’ve never had a problem with mine being on open shelves.


Happy Block #7 of 8 is quilted! Just one more of these to quilt which is good because I want to have these last ones finished so I can take them back to Maine in September to donate.

Pantograph is Happy Times

It feels like I’ve been making more progress but my closet is filling up with tops and looking at my spreadsheet, 14 of the tops I’ve quilted have been for family or group quilts … not that I mind doing them but I think I need to up my goal for quilting or I will not be happy with that UFO number next year!

I thought I’d also be able to get the Bow Tie top finished this afternoon but the storms rolled in just as I was finishing the quilting on this one. Maybe I can get back to the sewing room later tonight.

Funny how easy it is to forget the weather patterns from year to year. This is typical weather for us but somehow I’m surprised at how many storms we’re having…. and even worse, the tropics have been really quiet so far but I just read that they upped their estimates for named storms this season so I expect it could get even wetter around here the next couple months. I’m just hoping we don’t have to evacuate this year!


After looking at the forecast, I decided to get in the sewing room this afternoon to quilt the 16 patch top and I finished just as the thunder started up. I had planned to quilt swirls on this one but after it was loaded on the longarm I thought that might be too busy looking so I was going to do some dwirling – which is basically just wavy lines with some swirls thrown in but after I quilted the first wavy line I decided that wavy lines without the swirls would suit this nautical quilt and it was quick and easy to quilt.


This was the top that I’d planned to get done yesterday before the storms rolled in but getting it quilted today gets me started on meeting August’s goals. Today I got in the sewing room earlier and finished just 15 minutes before the thunder started!

My Strips and Strings Log Cabin top quilted with Freehand Baptist Fans.

Instructions for piecing the top can be found on my website and if you’re curious how I quilt the freehand Baptist Fans, I’ve posted information about them here.


This is one of my Aunt’s quilts – kind of a floral crazy quilt and very busy!

Pantograph is Jilly and this is the last thing on my to do list for June!

I appreciate the feedback on the half Log Cabin quilt but I’d already worked out my plan for it yesterday after posting. While the contrast was better in person in the darker blocks and while I’m sure the quilt would have been fine, I decided to eliminate some blocks and go for a smaller lap size quilt. Hopefully, I’ll get the top assembled before my company arrives on the 1st.


Another one of the Maine Happy Block tops is quilted – pantograph is Steam. I’ve checked everything off my June list except quilting a top for my Aunt and I have all of next week to do it!