I almost hate to hope just in case anything else goes wrong but I spent a good part of the day finishing up paperwork and making phone calls about the closing on the Tampa townhouse and by 4pm tomorrow it should be done. It’s been an ordeal and I will be so glad to have it sold!

Tonight after Keith went to bed, I came downstairs pieced a back, pieced a batting from leftovers, loaded the top on the longarm and the Dinosaur Town Square 3 yard top is now quilted. Pantograph is Stegosaurus. I bought this one a couple years ago when I made Caleb’s Dino quilt so it was nice to use it again.

This is the last one I’ll quilt during our Sew along with Maine week. I’ve got housecleaning to do tomorrow to get ready for company on Saturday. My goal for the week was to piece 3 and quilt 3 and I’ve pieced 3 and quilted 4. I’m going to look at patterns for my next crochet blanket now. If I’m not too tired from cleaning and laundry tomorrow I might just piece a Quick Strippie after Keith goes to bed … if I’m too tired, I’ll just crochet!


The Doggie Town Square 3 yard top is quilted. Pantograph is Dear Heart. this makes 3 pieced and 3 quilted during our Sew along with Maine week. I’ve got company coming this weekend so I’ve got some house chores the next couple days but I expect to have some sewing time. I should be able to get another one quilted and I have a Quick Strippie cut out that I might just get pieced. I count those as part of our 3 yard project too.

I’m going to start the border on the linen stitch blanket and might even finish that up tonight.


Another one of my 3+ yard tops is quilted. This pattern is City Lights from Fabric Cafe. Pantograph is Belly Bop. Kind of silly to use a pantograph for simple loops right?… but my freehand loops are small and tight. This panto is nice and open, perfect for a cuddly donation quilt.

I had to text Chris a photo and thank him again for hanging my blinds in this room. I’ve been quilting at night and I very much appreciate not having the whole world looking in on me!

I’m not worrying about trying to get these bound this week. I’ll bind and stitch them down when Mom is here. After piecing and quilting … anytime left in the night hours is being spent crocheting. I’m making good progress and I’m on my 4th and final skein on the linen stitch blanket.

Sewing along with Maine

I’m missing the Maine sew-in this week. We decided flying up there just wasn’t something we were comfortable doing right now with the surge in COVID cases but I’m sewing along from home. The theme this year is the 3 yard quilts we’ve been working on and I got started Monday afternoon piecing this Unicorn Stepping Stones top. Pattern is from Fabric Cafe. That pink is not nearly as overwhelmingly bright in person!

Here’s a close-up of the unicorn fabric.

Even though I wasn’t in Maine with the others I had LOTS of company – there was a steady stream of deer walking by and peering in my windows!

After Keith went to bed, I came back down and loaded and quilted my Turtles – another one of my 3 yard quilts. It just so happens to be the Stepping Stones pattern too. Pantograph is Beaded Curtain and I think this is the first time I’ve quilted this one. I’m going to try it smaller next time but I like the curvy quilting on this top.


My 2nd Log Cabin Hearts top is quilted. Pantograph is Leafy Love.

I’ve got two waiting for binding now and I’ll get started on that tomorrow. Today after quilting the heart top, I finished the Strips and Strips Rail Fence blocks. This is the 7th top pieced out of these two string bins this year. I don’t see much difference in the amount of fabric in them yet … of course, leftover bits from other quilt have been added in too which doesn’t help. It also brings my string block count up to 310 for our 365 block challenge on HeartStrings. This will be the first time I’ve actually hit 365 in a single year – I’ve done the challenge a couple other times and it’s taken me about a year and a half to 2 years but I’m on a mission to tame my strips and strings and scrap bins so I’ve been focusing on them.

Of course, I need to make another 55 blocks before the end of the year to hit the goal but that should be easy enough. Before I start another set of blocks I’ll have to tackle the big bin. I’ve pulled most of the usable strips and strings from it and the rest of this is mostly wider strips or trimmings from backings that need to be cut down into useable sizes. I tend to use strips or strings that range from about 1.5 to 2.5 inches.


This was the last Strips and Strings Log Cabin top waiting for quilting and now it’s done. Pantograph is one that came with the longarm (no name is available, just a number) and I’m not a fan although it didn’t turn out as bad as I expected after seeing it off the machine. I did not adjust the size of the pattern for this one and I doubt I’ll use it again although I might give it one more try at a smaller scale.

I heard Finn going crazy upstairs and wondered what he was seeing out the window … a few minutes later, Keith sent me a photo … turkeys!


Today was a productive day and I’ll even get some crochet in tonight after Keith goes to bed. First up I finished the 16 patch blocks. I’ll get the top assembled in the next day or two.

While I was working in the sewing room I had visitors … I love glancing up from my machine and seeing the deer right outside my window. I almost didn’t see the 2nd one.

A couple hours later, I saw SEVEN walking through the yard. I only caught 5 of them in this photos.

After finishing the 16 patch blocks, I loaded and quilted one of the group HeartStrings tops that AnnG sent me to finish. Pantograph is Blowing Leaves.

Split shift

I’m back on a stay up all night, sleep all morning schedule so I end up working a split shift – a few hours in the afternoon and then coming back downstairs to work after Keith goes to bed. It works for me when I don’t have any morning appointments but I’ll have to reset myself before my trip to Mom’s next week. Today I finished up the Friendship Stars and I’m ready to start the alternate 9 patch blocks – maybe that will happen tomorrow. Someone asked were the stars going to all be green. Nope – they’re all different colors and the 9 patch squares will be too.

Our power went out between 6 and 8:30 pm so I wasn’t able to cook dinner – we both grabbed something that didn’t need cooking and I’ll fix the pork tomorrow. While we were waiting for the power to come back on I played with another Friendship Star variation. I really got in the zone making these stars and maybe one day I’ll make a quilt just with them. I like alternating light and dark versions of the same block in quilts so I don’t end up with so much background fabric. I’ll save this idea for later.

After coming down and finishing the last few stars, I loaded and quilted another one of the HeartStrings group tops sent to me by AnnG. Pantograph is Seaweed – another favorite of mine for HeartStrings quilts. Lots of great texture. This leaves me with 2 to get bound and I’ll try to get them done before my trip.

Now it’s time to knit!


I got a very slow start to my day but tonight I loaded and quilted the first of the HeartStrings group tops sent to me by AnnG. Dwirling (a freehand design from the Pajama Quilter DVD) is perfect for these busy string quilts and provides lots of texture.

I thought about starting to piece the friendship stars but decided I’m going to sit and listen to my audiobook while I knit and I’ll start piecing stars tomorrow.


Another one of Mom’s tops is quilted. Pantograph is Billowy.

I’m going to go up to VA for a short visit with Mom and I’ll take both quilts back to her then. We’re both vaccinated but with the COVID surge I’m being very careful and am going to keep pretty close to home for the next 10 days before I go, I won’t visit with the kids, I’ll stick to outdoor activities, avoid people where possible and wear a mask if I can’t. We did see the girls one last time before my VA visit last night. Pizza party while Chris and Becky got out for a bit.

Staying close to home is no hardship for me … I’ve got plenty of quilting to keep me occupied!