Another one of the Maine Happy Block tops is quilted. This is #5 of 8 and I plan to load and quilt another one this week so I’m making progress on these!

Since a single fishy fabric was used for the centers of these blocks I did a freehand, edge to edge watery meander on this one.

It’s already trimmed and waiting for binding but first up for binding is the Sashed Tumbler I quilted before my trip. I hope to have that one finished today!

I have instructions for several versions of these Happy Block quilts on my website – go MaryQuilts.com and look on the sidebar for Happy Blocks!


This Sashed Tumbler is a UFO from 2013! I’m glad to be on my way to finishing it finally. I almost quilted freehand swirls on it but it’s for donation and I wanted it nice and cuddly so I wanted something a little less dense … I used the Steam pantograph – again! I like how it follows the lines of the quilt.

One thing I love about my quilt photos through the years is that I can tell where they were made from the photos. I’m feeling a little nostalgic for Big Canoe this summer – you can see from the photo of the finished top, this one was pieced there.

The binding on the Churn Dash was finished last night, this one quilted today, so all that’s left on my list to do before my trip Sunday is to start assembling the HourGlass blocks!


Loaded and quilted today, Happy Block top #4 of 8! I’m making progress….pantograph is Leapfrog. Here’s another example of one with a single fabric used for the center – so not having a variety of novelty fabrics isn’t an excuse for not making one of these cute quilts! The guidelines for our Happy blocks for Maine can be found at this link but really any size center works. I’ve used ones cut 4.5 inches, Charm Squares, and these cut 6 inches before and they all turn out very cute.


I loaded and quilted Happy Block #3 of 8 that I brought back from Maine in October. Pantograph is Leap Frog.

I never did write up a list of things I wanted to accomplish in May but I’ve had a list in my head and have been working my way through it … just one more top I want to get quilted next week and maybe some binding! And more crochet of course … you can see the blocks forming now on the little squares afghan.

Keith just got home from being gone most of the week … looking forward to spending some time together over the holiday weekend so I don’t plan on accomplishing much over the next few days.


A while back my sister Maureen saw a Churn Dash quilt I’d made and decided she wanted one too only brighter. This is mine … the blocks are 12 inches finished.

This is the one I designed for her. These blocks are 9 inches finished and I used an Accuquilt GO die to cut them for her.

She started making a few blocks but set it aside and hadn’t worked on it for a while. When Mom was here in January we decided (with Maureen’s agreement) that Mom would finish piecing it and I would quilt it for her.

Since we were putting Minkee fabric on the back, I used a lightweight Thermore batting. Pantograph is Steam and while I set up the machine to use a variegated thread, it kept breaking on me (even when I had good stitch quality, had loosened the tension, and the quilt was loose on the frame) so I change to black and am happy with how it turn out! Luckily, I didn’t have but a few inches of the variegated thread to pick out of the quilt.

The back is a gray Minkee.


Quilted today, one of my HeartStrings quilts, a UFO from last year. I can’t remember the last time I’ve quilted my Freehand Baptist Fans … it’s been several years I bet. Not sure why because I love the look of them and they’re not that time consuming to quilt either.


We had a gorgeous day here in FL – hard to believe that Keith just ran from the snow in Minneapolis a couple days ago! We took a 13 mile bike ride and ended up downtown along the river and then we came home and went for a swim – and the water was perfect! This is usually a little early for me to be swimming but we’ve had a warm week.

Since I didn’t sew during the day, I sewed this evening. I loaded and quilted another one of the Maine Happy Block Quilts – same green thread, same pantograph as last night – Steam. Isn’t this one cute … the centers are from the same fabric.

Typically I trim and get the binding on a quilt right away but I’ve got three waiting for binding now. Maybe I can get one done before my trip next week.