The dinosaur top is quilted. You can’t see much of the quilting from the front but that’s OK because the fabrics don’t need the competition but it does show up on the Minkee back.

Pantograph is Stegosaurus

I’ve already got it trimmed and the binding is on … can’t believe I’ve got 4 quilts waiting for the bindings to be finished! I’m going to work on one of them this afternoon.


This is the first full pantograph I’ve done on the new machine and I’m not unhappy with the results. There’s definitely a learning curve changing from quilting them from the back to using the Pantovision but I don’t expect it to take me too long to retrain myself.

This was my July Arrow HST quilt from our Precut Challenge and the pantograph is Apex. While I used the digital version, there is also a paper version.

This is what the machine looks like in running view – again, my machine is not computerized. It is completely hand guided but the pantograph patterns are now digital rather than paper – I still quilt the pattern.

Here’s a view of the front of the quilt.

And the back, I think next time I might nudge the rows just a little closer.

Another one quilted

Hopefully I won’t forget everything I’ve figured out so far when I’m in Maine but I did get another Quick Strippie quilted this afternoon. I wanted something big and open in the novelty print that wouldn’t interfere with my print. My batting can be quilted 10 inches apart but I wanted something in that space so I used it as an opportunity to set up and quilt another pattern from the pantovision. It will take a little practice to smooth out those curves. It’s definitely different quilting these from the front, looking at the screen.

The loops are freehand quilted and the leaves are another Pantovision pattern. I went through and quilted all the narrow and wide strips and then set up another pattern in the pantovision to quilt those middle strips. You can see the leaf quilting better on the back.

I still had a few challenges but I’m definitely glad I made the change to the Innova… I wasn’t so sure yesterday!


Well I’m pretty happy this morning … not without mistakes and with kinks still to be worked out, I quilted my first little Strippie on the Innova this morning.

I’m pretty sure I figured out how to load the backing to the uptake bar from the back of the machine which is what I’m used to and it felt much less awkward than loading the practice muslin from the front yesterday.

Before the machine arrived, I had in my head that I could use the digital pantovision not just as an overall edge to edge but that I could insert quilting easily in specific spaces and I wanted to test that idea out with the first Strippie … plus, I just needed practice using the Pantovision app and getting it to consistently do what I wanted it to do so the repetition was really good. I did the same row over and over in the large shark strips and freehand quilted swirls and wavy lines in the rest of the strips.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to be able to size this pattern to my 6 inch row and to the length of my quilt and place it correctly … While some rows weren’t perfectly done, I learned a little each row I quilted. That’s exactly why I created these little Strippie quilts when I got my first longarm 17 years ago! The repetition really helps me learn!

I had one small place where I had a little shredding of my thread but the rest of the stitches were close to perfect!!


This Flock of Geese top might be the last one quilted on my Gammill … the plan is for the new longarm to be delivered the week of September 8th but depending on when they schedule it, I might not get another top done on this machine. My goals for the next week and a half are to finish up some binding and get the new cubbies assembled and the stash moved.

Pantograph is Fern Gully.

Brief instructions for the quilt can be found on my website.

I’ve started doing some straightening already and I’m finding little things here and there. I didn’t realize I had the perfect border fabric for this set of fat quarters … now I want to make another pink and brown quilt.

And I haven’t pieced a scrappy binding in a while … I’m about to outgrow this bin. I guess I need to play in my Strings – those quilts are always good candidates for scrappy bindings! Do you save binding bits?


I need a plan! I’ve got 3 weeks until the Maine sew-in and with luck the new longarm will be delivered the week before, I’ve got to assemble the cubbies and move the stash, and unfortunately Keith is gone most of this week and his brother and wife are going to be here this weekend so I can’t use the guest room to get stuff out of my way but I think I’ve got things figured out.

First up was to quilt this Chevron Rail Fence – nothing fancy, just freehand swirls.

Brief instructions are on my website

I’d decided that I’d try to get 4 quilts trimmed, the bindings on and ready for hand sewing and one more quilted. Then, the end of the week I’ll start moving things around and getting the cubbies assembled. Keith’s brother will leave Monday morning so Keith can help me finish up what we don’t get done before they come. By then, I hope to have a date for the longarm delivery and set-up.


My layer cake Hourglass top is quilted. Pantograph is Ebb and Flow.

This top was made as part of our Precut Party and it taught me that I’m not a fan of layer cakes – no real reason other than I found it a challenge to come up with a pattern that would suit the fabrics included. I feel I have more options for adding in stash fabrics if I need to with a Jelly Roll or Fat Quarter bundle.

I was thinking as I was quilting that I should be working on UFOs but then realized that quilting tops pieced this year WILL impact my UFO number for next year by not ending up on the list.

I did run and look for my Quick Trips book but didn’t find it. I did however find a stack of 13 books that I either wanted to review or that I’d forgotten I even had!

The stack includes Tradition with a Twist which also has Trip Around the World Quilts.

I know there are patterns available online but I really want to find my book!