I didn’t plan this but since I needed to piece a back for the Tumbler top it didn’t get loaded and quilted until today – appropriate to quilt a green quilt on St Patrick’s Day! Pantograph is Blowing Leaves and this is also a donation quilt.

And after dinner, we “attended” an online concert. My cousin Seamus Eagan is a well known Irish musician. I was able to use a screencast app to project the concert from the iPad to the TV and to connect the iPad to a speaker so the sound was great too.


I loaded and quilted Strips and Strings Log Cabin #2 today. It’s #6 for March and the pantograph is called Mermaid Fingers … it’s kind of an elongated meander and it was quick and easy.


I got another top quilted today – my scrappy hourglass top – it’s #5 so I’m making some progress with my March quilting marathon although it might continue past March as our April plans are up in the air right now. I was able to get an appointment for the first COVID vaccine at the end of the month but we’re still waiting to see when Keith will be eligible.

This is a pantograph that came with my machine so I don’t know the name, it just has a number.

I’ve also made a start on twisting the pinwheel blocks. I got really tired this afternoon and took a nap which is really unusual for me so I will work on some more of these after Keith goes to bed tonight.


I checked two items off my list today – first up, the Hopeful Hearts top is quilted. I used the same pantograph I used yesterday on Mom’s – Leafy Love – but I downsized it a little. That’s one of the things I love about the Pantovision on my Innova, the ability to resize my pantographs. It’s #4 quilted since I’ve been home and I’ve been hesitant to set a goal before now but I think I should be able to quilt 10 this month. Not an overly lofty goal but one that should keep me from getting too far behind.

I also got the binding on Mom’s Hunter Star quilt. This is another one we made together and Mom says it’s her last bed size quilt but we’ll see! Because it is so big, I had her send me the binding. I think it’s amazing that she’s quilting as much as she does at her age (89!) but I was afraid it would be a challenge for her to handle the bulk and weight of this one. She will hand sew the binding down.


Thank you all for your concern about Keith. It’s been a challenging day for him but he’s taken it easy and rested. Hopefully his antiviral meds will kick in soon. Poor thing, his birthday is tomorrow. What a terrible way to celebrate.

Before my dentist appointment I did manage to quilt my first Strips and Strings log cabin top and even got it trimmed and ready for binding. I also made a few blocks for the 3rd strips and strings log cabin quilt and there are just 8 blocks left to make for that one.

I quilted a leafy meander – freehand.

Some leaves are funky and some look like hearts but I’m OK with that.

After my dentist appointment, I went to the grocery store, carted all the groceries in and put them away, cooked dinner, cleaned up, and took the garbage out. Keith is a very good patient and not difficult to care for at all but MAN do I realize how much he helps around here when he’s out of commission. He usually grocery shops and cleans up after dinner.


What made me decide to quilt two large tops in one week?! Chris wanted a bedspread from camouflage fabric for his camper. Size is 80 x 99. Quilting is freehand, dwirling. They did not have a wide fabric so I bought 6 yards and cut the binding and pieced the top in 3 pieces. One width of fabric in the center and half of the other width on either side.

The quilting shows up better on the flannel backing.

Glad to have this one quilted too! In January, I had a goal to quilt everything but my projects … so the donation tops from Sue were finished, Mom’s Hunter Star was quilted and Chris’ camo quilt. Now all I have here is my stuff … of course both Mom’s and Chris’ quilts need to be bound but everything that isn’t mine is quilted!

All set up

I moved things around yesterday and got set up for ongoing string piecing here in Tampa. I’m going to use the Babylock Grace machine that I’ve been piercing backings, bindings, and battings on. Not everyone understood from my previous post that I’ve had two machines set up here since before I brought the longarm from Big Canoe in January 2018. I could really use 3 but don’t have the space so I’m giving this a try. I moved a little table beside the machine, the bins can slide under the folding table I leave up with the GO and I’ve got that bench to set string bins on too. I gave it a try today as I started another set of strips and strings log cabin blocks and I think it’s going to work.

My sewing space here in Tampa is the master bedroom and it’s a very large room with 4 closets. There are two of these nooks and I have a machine set up in each one. This is my “main” piecing nook and I have the Bernina there now. It’s got everything I need, my cutting table, the big board for pressing, and my design wall. It looks a bit neater without the string bins in the middle of the floor!

And in the middle of the room – the longarm.

My desk is also in the room and as you can see, it needs some attention too. All those papers on top of the file cabinet need sorting and filing or shredding.

I only managed a couple hours in there this afternoon so I came back up after Keith went to bed and pieced a backing, pieced a batting, and loaded and quilted the last top I have of Sue’s. I’ve just two of hers left to bind and then I can mark all of those off my list. Pantograph is Raindrops.


This is another one of Sue’s tops. Pantograph is Happy Times. I found some PolyQuilter thread from Superior in my bins and it was a perfect shade for this top. I haven’t experimented with threads on this machine mostly using Permacore but it ran wonderfully without any problems.

I’ve finished two bindings and tomorrow I’ll get the next two ready for hand stitching. They’re already trimmed so I won’t have to crawl around on the floor. This one will wait for binding until next week when I quilt Sue’s last top and then I’ll get them trimmed and bound at the same time.


A little cleaning and organizing this afternoon and then I loaded and quilted this top of Sue’s. Pantograph is Flower Power.

I’ve now got 4 waiting for binding so tomorrow I’ll trim at least a couple of them and get the binding started. Tonight after Keith heads to bed, I’ll make some more log cabin blocks. I won’t work all that long, just an hour or two and then I’ll head to my chair and crochet. I’m not sleeping at all at night but I sleep all morning. I’m not going to worry about it as long as I make progress on my goals. Mornings are not my friend at the best of times so it’s a good thing that for now, I have no morning appointments or travel scheduled in January so no need to get up early. That’s the tough part, not sleeping at night and having to be up in the morning.