The L Block Charm top is quilted. I went looking for a star pantograph last night and didn’t see one that wasn’t complicated. Many digitized patterns are intended to be quilted by a computerized machine and they can be very detailed. I use a digital pattern but quilt it myself so they need to be more simple. This morning I found one that came with my machine called VermStar and it was basically a meander with stars mixed in so I decided to give it a try. This is #12 quilted for December.

I actually was up early and got this one loaded and quilted by 12:30 pm. I was waiting for the exterminator who didn’t call or show up. I’ve spoken with Terminix and they’ll be out tomorrow. I’d say I got up early for nothing but that’s not the case. I was piecing a backing for this one when my Elna started to screech. I know she’s way overdue for servicing and she’s 19 years old so as I headed out the door to take her in for servicing, I told Keith not to be surprised if I came home with a new machine. He was still surprise when I walked in with a new machine. I’m still hoping the Elna can be repaired and be a backup machine but it looks like this will be my main piecing machine here in Tampa now. Mom will be shocked because I always said I didn’t like her Bernina’s but the shop didn’t have a Babylock and said they were having trouble getting them so I gave it a try and decided to go with it. Now I just have to get used to a new machine again. I’m just now starting to feel comfortable with the Innova longarm after a year and a half so I hope it doesn’t take that long.

Normally I would never piece a quilt on two different machines but who knows when the Elna will be ready (if ever) so I’ve been piecing windmill blocks this afternoon. I’m hoping I don’t have to do too much easing when it comes time to sew everything together.


My Chisel Stars is quilted – #11 for December. Pantograph is Bountiful Feathers. Pulling this one out of the closet reminds me that I want to use this pattern again. It used the Chisel and 3 inch finished HST dies and it was an easy one to piece.

I’m tired and I’ve decided I’m not going to work tonight. No coming up to the sewing room to work when Keith goes to bed, no sitting up to 2 AM binding! I’m going to relax and read, listen to music, sit on the porch with my Christmas lights and just take it easy. I’ve worked hard the last couple weeks and with 2 weeks left in the month I can slow down a little. Just 4 more to quilt, 6 to bind, the Windmill blocks to finish and the top to assemble on my list of goals to do before the end of the year.


#10 for December is quilted. I quilted my 5 yard Map quilt freehand – a less swirly version of Dwirling than I usually do. I wanted to give the quilt a topographical feel and Dwirling is perfect for that. It’s another one of the 5 yard quilts – I got my pattern free with a fabric pack but I found a version of it online on Pinterest if you’re interested in the pattern.

I had to take a break and turn the machine off for a bit – we had a thunderstorm with a tornado warning – usually not a problem I have to deal with in December!

I used the time to trim another quilt and get a binding cut. I was kind of shocked to see I hadn’t cut a binding for the brown Sharon inspired HeartStrings quilt. That’s very unusual for me but luckily it was one I pieced here and I was able to find fabric used in the quilt and cut it. Now I’m going to get it machine stitched on and ready for hand stitching tonight.


My brown Sharon Inspired Heartstrings top is quilted. I thought the texture of the quilting design would show up better but it didn’t. This is #9 quilted for December and binding #7 was finished last night. I’ve got two more bindings ready to hand stitch down.

However it does show up on the back! Pantograph is Square Spiral.

Terminix was back out today. He closed up some small potential entry points and said he did see evidence of rodents in the attic. Traps are set and he’ll be back on Friday. No further mouse activity in the kitchen so hopefully the two we caught are all that there were down there. Such a hassle!


My Boxed Squares top is quilted. It’s #8 quilted in December and it’s just simple freehand – continuous curve/line dancing.

I also kitted up 5 projects for Mom. Four Quick Strippies and while I was quilting my Boxed Squares I thought why not send her a Jelly Roll to make one too. I even found some matching yardage to cut her a binding.

More binding tonight!

A busy day!

I had the Terminix people coming so I actually had to clean up a bit this morning. Then he took up about an hour of my time. Bottom line is yes, there’s at least one mouse in the kitchen and he set a couple traps. The attic looks good, no rodent activity at all, he’s not sure what the musty odor is from in the bedroom but he says it’s not rodent related. Keith and I were kind of thinking maybe something died in the wall when we were gone but he says no. They’ll come back next week and do some more work on the outside where he identified possible entry points and double check the traps.

I also got the cards and small packages for the kids packed up and ready to ship and since I also have to send a small package to my sister, I pulled some fabrics to cut some Strippie quilts for Mom. We FaceTimed last night so she could choose 4 novelty prints and then today, I pulled coordinating fabrics and FaceTimed her again to make sure she liked the combinations I’d chosen. I’ve got one cut and plan to cut the other 3 in time to ship everything out on Monday.

With all this, I still managed to load and quilt my Green 5 Star top. It’s #7 quilted for December. I ended up changing thread for this one, I was going to use the same tan thread I used for the last one but I found a sage green that worked even better. It’s a monochromatic quilt and maybe a little dull but I like the Blowing Leaf quilting – it’s a pantograph – so maybe I’ll like it more once it’s trimmed and bound. You’ll see a full photo of the quilt when I’m finished with it.

I also finished binding #2 and started binding #3 last night. There will be more binding tonight!


My Ohio Star Map top is quilted. This is #6 for December and I used the pantograph Happy Times.

I have some brief instructions on my website for this one. It’s great for those fun focus fabrics and this is the second one I’ve made.

Tonight after Keith goes to bed I need to get my Christmas photo ornaments assembled, write some Christmas cards and then I’ll start binding #2. I finished the first binding last night!


The 2nd Rainbow HeartStrings top is quilted. This makes #5 for December and luckily the sore finger wasn’t an issue. Pantograph is one that came with the machine and doesn’t have a name on the file but I’ve used it before and it’s one I really like.

You guys are going to get tired of my whining … but bad luck really does come in threes! I had an issue with one of my bobbins and ended up having to pick out most of a row of stitching but I got it out and finished quilting the top. The 3rd issue … we have a little critter in the kitchen … yuck! I found a bag of flour last night in my cabinet that had been chewed through – Keith set traps and Terminix is scheduled to come out Thursday to find out how it got in.


Can anyone tell me when I became such a klutz? In January I cut my finger with the rotary cutter and then in February put the longarm needle through the side of my finger. I hadn’t ever done either before. Today, I put the longarm needle though my left index finger … in through the nail and out the back. OUCH! Good news is no blood on the quilt and I’m still able to knit. I’ve got to finish up the hat I’m working on and get started on binding.

The first Rainbow HeartStrings top is quilted. This is #4 for December so I am making progress. Pantograph is Apex.


The puppy Strippie from yesterday was made from leftovers from this 5 yard quilt. Both turned out really cute! Pantograph is Leafy Love.

I also pulled backings for 5 or 6 more tops, some will need piecing and some won’t but I’m not going to work any more this afternoon. I’ve got a bad sinus headache so I’m going to sit back and knit a while.