We had a gorgeous day here in FL – hard to believe that Keith just ran from the snow in Minneapolis a couple days ago! We took a 13 mile bike ride and ended up downtown along the river and then we came home and went for a swim – and the water was perfect! This is usually a little early for me to be swimming but we’ve had a warm week.

Since I didn’t sew during the day, I sewed this evening. I loaded and quilted another one of the Maine Happy Block Quilts – same green thread, same pantograph as last night – Steam. Isn’t this one cute … the centers are from the same fabric.

Typically I trim and get the binding on a quilt right away but I’ve got three waiting for binding now. Maybe I can get one done before my trip next week.


Kathy from my HeartStrings group is hosting a sew-in tomorrow in Wisconsin and since I couldn’t be there in person, I wanted to sew along with them on HeartStrings projects this weekend. I’m going to be busy tomorrow during the day so I loaded a quilt late this afternoon and quilted it tonight after watching the Lightning lose their second playoff game – NOT off to a good start but I’m hoping they turn things around on Sunday.

So back to the quilting … you may remember I tied 12 Happy Block quilts in October while I was in Maine and there were plenty more tops completed so I told Bev, I’d bring some home to finish. I have 8 here and the plan is to get them quilted – some I’ll donate to Safe Harbor in GA and some I’ll take back to Maine in September for donating there. This is just #1 so I’m have a ways to go but I’m hoping to get another one loaded and quilted this weekend.

Pantograph is Steam by Norma Sharp – I like to keep these kids quilts nice and cozy so I try to choose quilting that isn’t too dense. There are some really cute fabrics in this one!

I also managed to find the Apple Core UFO – I don’t expect to make much progress on this but maybe I can add a section – I’ve been hand piecing it but I might google machine sewing Apple Core blocks and see what I think. I don’t thing sewing the blocks into rows would be difficult but I’m thinking it might be more challenging when it comes time to sew the rows together.

This is a UFO from 2009 – obviously I like the idea of hand piecing but I don’t seem to make much progress on these projects.


I loaded and quilted this snowball top today. I learned to quilt these little freehand flowers years ago from the Pajama quilter DVD and it’s still one of my favorites.

This was the first quilt I used my snowball die to make but I want to do another one with alternating 9 patch blocks.


Again, just under the wire! The small Charm Square diamond top is quilted. I can’t say I love this little one but at some point I ended up with a single Charm square pack and I’d wanted to see how I liked HSTs arranged in this layout so I was happy to get this one made and now quilted. I pieced it as a part of our Precut Party – started in January but not fully assembled until February – it will be a nice little donation quilt. Pantograph is Wave.

This marks everything off my to do list before my trip on Monday which is great because I have a genealogy conference I’m going to tomorrow and Sunday is for biking with Keith!

I’ll have some binding to do when I get home!

PS are you playing along with our HeartStrings Precut Party? I can’t wait to see what Stephanie pulls for April!

  • Jan – Charm Squares
  • Feb – Fat Quarters
  • Mar – Jelly Rolls


I almost didn’t get this little Charm square top loaded on the longarm and quilted today but I did! Pantograph is Leap Frog.

My goals this week weren’t all that challenging but I’m happy I met them all.

  • Finish making the spool blocks
  • Bind the doggie Strippie
  • Finish scanning Keith’s family slides
  • Quilt the Charm Square top


The taxes were mailed to the accountant yesterday afternoon … I had some last minute research and calculations to make because I thought the information was in a report I was sending but luckily I realized it wasn’t before I mailed everything off.

I’m so glad tax week is done for another year and I managed to convince myself to go in and load the little dog Strippie on the longarm and quilt it rather than sit in my chair and read all afternoon!

I rarely do any plain meandering but I didn’t want anything too dense or thready to interfere with the cute doggie print. Wavy lines in the smallest strip and some swirls in the stripe and I was done!

Time flies by so quickly these days that I was very happy to realize that I have 2 weeks here at home before I travel again … for some reason, I was thinking it was just one. Next up, more spool blocks, binding this Strippie, and deciding what gets loaded on the longarm next so I can find/piece a backing for it.


How is it possible that time flies by so quickly?! Mom pieced my Baskets quilt in Feb 2011 … yes, 8 years ago! I had plans through the years for quilting it – first I thought I’d do some custom quilting with something special in the alternate blocks, then I thought I’d hand quilt it using the big stitch method … finally, I decided it was time to quilt and use it! It got a plain old pantograph – Hearts in Bloom – and not only do I like the quilting on it but I’m thrilled to have finally quilted it!!

I won’t get it bound until next week but it will be wonderful to finish up one of my oldest UFOs!

This was probably one of the first kits I purchased from Connecting Threads and Mom agreed to piece the top for me … for years, I’ve quilted for her and she has paid me back by piecing tops or stitching down appliqué blocks for me and we’re still helping each other. She appliquéd the butterflies in the quilt on my design wall and has already finished appliquing all my Heart blocks that she took home with her at the beginning of the month!