Keith invited me to lunch today – eating outside at the snack bar by the lake makes a nice break. Chris came to pick up his camper (he keeps it in our garage) and joined us for lunch.

I ran to the store after lunch and when I got home, I loaded and quilted my Strips and Strings Rail Fence top. It’s #12 of 21 to be quilted by the end of November. The plan this week is to quilt 3 of mine, bind some, knit some, and if I have time at the end of the week I’ll get the Lantern blocks on the design wall and start assembling that top.

The quilting on this one is freehand. I was thinking about doing some dwirling but I’ve gotten in a rut and have been telling myself I need to branch out a bit. I grabbed one of my books and took a quick look through it.

I decided to do something similar to the swirl quilting below. I like quilting edge to edge so I quilted a wavy line and echoed it …then a row of swirls, and another wavy line and echoed it again and so on, all the way down the quilt. There are some good ideas in this book.


I seem to be doing all my quilting at night this week. My 9 Patch and Friendship Star top is quilted. Pantograph is one that came with the machine and just has a number, not a name. It’s #10 of 21 to be quilted by the end of November.

I managed to squeeze one of the doll quilts on the same backing and quilted that one too. It’s #11 of 21 and just like that I’m more than halfway to my goal.

I haven’t been out much since being sick last week. I’m still tired and dealing with some lingering sinus issues but Keith took me out to dinner on the veranda at the clubhouse tonight and it was good to be outside for a little bit. We like to have a drink overlooking the lake before dinner so we go a little early.


Another group HeartStrings top was quilted tonight. Also one from the batch of tops that Sue sent me to quilt and donate and it’s #9 of 21 tops to be quilted before the end of November. Pantograph is Apollo.

I had a bit of a challenge when the tablet blanked out on me when was in the middle of a row. When I turned it back on and pulled up my quilt (luckily I’d remember to save the file), my “dot” wouldn’t move. I could reposition it but it would not move as I moved the machine and you can’t follow the pattern if the dot doesn’t move. Before panicking, I did what you should always do with electronics that start acting funky, I closed the program and turned everything off. I was able to line my pattern back up and resume quilting after turning the tablet back on and opening my Pantovision program.

One thing that wasn’t a challenge was quilting this top. You never know what you’re going to get when someone else pieces a top and String blocks can be very stringy … this one was very well made and someone took the time to press and remove all those threads that seem to get caught in the seams when working with these leftover bits. It was a pleasure to work on a quilt where the quilters (the blocks were probably pieced by one quilter and assembled by another) paid such close attention to their work.

I also managed some knitting while watching the Lightning game before coming down to quilt. They’ve had a rough start to the season but they won tonight.


I had to take breaks but today I managed to load and quilt this group HeartStrings top sent to me by Sue. Pantograph is Mermaid Fingers and it’s #7 of 21 to be quilted by the end of November.

I also started hat #6 so there will be some binding and knitting this weekend.


Mom’s Brick Street Flowers top is quilted. Pantograph is Feather Flip. I’ll trim this one and set it aside to take back to her for binding. It’s #5 of 21 to be quilted by the end of November and I’ve also quilted #6! I realized last night that I had 2 doll quilts that would fit on the leftover batting and backing of the next two tops I was planning to quilt. I got the Tumbler doll top quilted today and I’ll share a photo when it’s bound.


This group Happy Block top was sent to me by AnnG to finish and donate and it’s #4 of 21 to be quilted by the end of November. Pantograph is Steam.

I’ve already got it trimmed, the binding made and machine stitched on and it’s ready for me to hand stitch down tonight.


Don’t ask me how late I slept today – I was up until 7:30 am! I did get down to the longarm room and loaded and quilted my Bright Tumbler top. Quilted freehand with wonky flowers from the Pajama Quilter. Dawn calls the pattern Stylized Stipple – Floral but mine are pretty wonky so that’s what I call them. It’s one of those things that you see every wobble, every error when you’re quilting them but when you take it off the machine, you go … wow, that’s not too bad! This is #3 of 21 to be quilted by the end of November.

Unfortunately, Dawn’s DVDs are no longer available but you can look at a couple short videos on her Pajama Quilter website. Click on the link below each DVD to see the links to view the videos. I keep hoping Dawn will release these videos again – she has such a great approach to quilting. Very relaxed and low stress and the designs she shares come out looking really good. I also hope that one day she’ll make NEW videos but in the meantime, I need to look through my workbooks and choose some more to try. I tend to do the same few.


Another one of the group HeartStrings tops sent by AnnG is quilted. This one looks busy in the photo but I love this quilt in person. It looks great. Pantograph is Happy Times and its #2 of 21 to be quilted by the end of November.

Last night I started a hat and worked on it a little while this afternoon too. I’m tempted to start another blanket but I know most of my nights will be spent binding for the next several weeks so hats are good projects to pick up and put down and I usually work on hats around this time of year anyway.

  • Pattern is Cobblestones – found free on Ravelry
  • Yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash
  • Needle size is 7
  • Cast on 88 and knit 1.5 inches for the brim.
That’s my favorite knitting app on the iPad – Knit Companion.

I also trimmed and got the bindings on the first two quilts – they’re ready to hand stitch – and I pieced a backing and #3 is ready to load on the longarm tomorrow. I’ll work on binding after Keith goes to bed tonight.

A New set of Goals

I had some errands to run, got my Flu shot, and didn’t get down to the sewing room until Keith went to bed. I was all set for a quilting marathon in November but decided I’d get an early start and combine my goals for the rest of October with November’s.

  • Quilt 21 tops
  • Assemble Plus and Lantern blocks into tops (Oct Precut)
  • Make a project for November’s precut
  • Make my family exchange project
  • Keep up with binding – I don’t expect to get all 21 quilts bound but want to get as many done as possible
  • Knit some hats
  • Start a set of String blocks for 365 challenge

I made a start by loading and quilting #1 of 21 tonight. A group HeartStrings top sent to me by Sue. Pantograph is Belly Bop.

I also got the Plus blocks I pieced while Mom was here up on the design wall and ready to assemble. This is one of two tops I’ll make for our October Precut Challenge – Jelly Rolls.