The last item on this week’s list is done! It’s rare for a top of mine to go straight from the design wall to the longarm but I decided the heart pantograph would look good on this Charm Square top too. Don’t you love the texture quilting brings to a top?! Pantograph is Leafy Love.

And how cute are my little Valentines?! Becky is so good about sending me photos of the girls. I sent all the kids cards for Valentine’s Day and I’m assuming that Caleb and Bree got theirs but Becky doesn’t leave me wondering!

Keith and I chose to stay home rather than go out so I cooked him one of his favorite meals and we had a quiet evening – it was perfect!


My Charm Squares Happy Block top is quilted with another one of my new pantographs called Leafy Love purchased from Urban Elementz and it’s definitely a new favorite. One of the things I love about the new machine is that I can resize pantographs and this one was resized to 6.5 inches high keeping the width proportional. Urban Elementz has paper patterns in addition to the digital ones I use with my Pantovision so if you like ones that I share here on the blog, check them out.

There are brief instructions for this quilt on my website.


The last Maine top is quilted. Pieced by little Mary and quilted with the pantograph Raindrops but not without issues … some thread breakage in the beginning had me worried but some tweaks solved the issue. It’s the first time I’ve used Signature variegated thread in this machine and overall it did OK. I did have some tension issues at one point too but found a lint booger in my bobbin case and that seems to have been the issue.

Worst of all … I punched the needle through the side of my finger when I was basting the top. Yes, another klutzy accident and I now have bandaids on two of my left hand fingers. I guess I’m lucky it wasn’t the index finger that’s still healing from being sliced with the rotary cutter. So what’s the reason I’m so accident prone all the sudden? I think it’s related to my sleep problems. I’m thankful that it caught the fleshy side of my finger and didn’t go through the nail!


I have one more of the Maine tops left to quilt but decided to do this little Strippie first since I could use the same thread that was already on the machine. Just some simple freehand swirls and watery meandering. I love that whale fabric!

I’m sure most of you already know that you can find brief instructions for my Quick Strippie on my website. Just a reminder that the purpose of the website is to give brief instructions/details about the quilts I make for the readers of my blog interested in making their own versions. I received a snippy little email complaining that the instructions for one of the quilts were very vague but she was going to give them a try and she hoped the quilt turned out. As I’ve said before, while I’m willing to answer specific questions, it’s not my intention to write and publish patterns and the instructions are written assuming a quilter has enough knowledge to take the details I provide and make the quilt – if not, then my website isn’t for them and they should look for more detailed published patterns elsewhere.

I have an unexpected trip to make to Fort Lauderdale on Thursday and Friday so I won’t get through everything on the list for the week but I will work some tomorrow…. maybe piecing, maybe quilting… we’ll see what I feel like doing.


This little Strippie I brought back from Maine is quilted … #5 of 6 … just one more to do and then they’ll all need binding. I think it was pieced by Sharon but I’m not sure about that.

I was excited to find a new feature on my Apple Watch today. I didn’t realize that I had a calculator on the watch and it has a “tip” feature. I can put in the amount of the bill, dial in the percentage I want for the tip and the number of people, and it tells me how much tip and how much each person pays … all without having to take out my phone to use its calculator!


This is top #4 of 6 brought back from the Maine sew-in – A Sharon inspired HeartString quilt pieced by Barbara. Unlike our usual scrappy HeartStrings quilts these are more planned and You can see brief instructions for them on the website.

Pantograph is Dollop and it’s similar to Mermaid Fingers that I used earlier this week but more linear. I think I like this one better.

I also got the last row of blocks done on the Map quilt so that one is ready for assembly.


I love it when I get more accomplished than planned in a day. I intended to load this one today and quilt it tomorrow but I got it loaded and quilted this evening. I’m pretty sure this 16 patch was pieced by Jackie – it’s #3 of 6 I brought home from the Maine sew-in to quilt and finish. The goal is to get all 6 quilted this month.

Pantograph is call Mermaid Fingers by Apricot Moon designs. It’s the first time I’ve used this one and it’s kind of an elongated, teardrop shaped meandering.

I also managed to make a lot of progress on the Map quilt last night and I did another row of blocks today. Just two more rows to go.


After working a bit on the Tumblers tonight, I loaded and quilted this Quick Strippie. It’s one I bought home from the Maine sew-in and I think it was pieced by Susan.

My goal is to get the 6 tops I brought home from Maine quilted this month. I want to get the bindings on them and ready for hand stitching before we go to Maine for the month of April … that SHOULD be doable!

I used a new service tonight – our insurance company has an arrangement with one of the online physician services and I developed a sinus infection on top of having the flu. I gave it an additional week since many sinus infections are viral but it’s not improving (and Keith and my Mom were hounding me to go to the doctor) I thought I’d give the online service a try. Other than having to fill in the health history before the visit, it was pretty quick and easy and she sent in a prescription for an antibiotic… and I didn’t even have to leave home!


Thanks for all the comments, I am feeling a little better but still a long way from well. Luckily, I don’t have a lot of demands on my time right now so I’m working when I feel like it and resting when I need to. I’m thankful that I at least feel well enough to work and tonight I quilted this 16 patch top pieced by little Mary in Maine. I give them a hard time because calling her little Mary must make me BIG Mary …

It’s quilted with one of my new pantographs called Kindle by Lorien Quilting. She designs some of my favorites!

I also made a little change to the machine. I dislike the Innova side clamps, they’re small and even worse, heavy.

I didn’t like the original clamps that came with my Gammill either but after a bit of trial and error, I’d found clamps that I really like about 8 years ago. When I traded in my machine, I gave them the original clamps but kept the ones I liked thinking I might use them on the new machine only they connected by a strip of Velcro to the frame and I didn’t think that would work on the new frame. Tonight for the first time, I realized I could probably just tie the bungee cord from the Innova clamp to the ones I like …. and it worked. These hold a larger area and they’re a lot lighter so they don’t weigh down the edges!


I’m glad I was ahead of schedule because this week is flying by and I haven’t accomplished much of what I wanted to. Progress is being made on the crochet blanket, and on the HeartStrings blocks. I’ve got a couple bags of clothes and shoes for Keith to take over to the Salvation Army and a few drawers are a bit neater so the organizing and decluttering is continuing at a slow pace BUT I’m happy to be making any progress with that project!

I did load the Bento box top last night and got it quilted today. I thought I might get two quilted this week but that’s not going to happen. Pantograph is Steam. It’s scaled up a bit as I’m trying to get used to quilting larger curves on the new machine before I tackle a couple new pantographs. I’m still adjusting to the extra weight of the machine and quilting pantographs from the front and the larger curves take more control (requiring more practice!)