# 1 of 10 is quilted. Top was pieced by Sue and sent to me to be quilted and donated. Pantograph is Mach 1 – one of the new ones I purchased before leaving for Georgia and I got this one and 6 other new ones installed this morning. I tend to get in a rut with pantographs especially when I find ones that work on lots of different quilts but I’m going to try to use some of the new ones too … not just my old favorites. It’s already trimmed and ready for binding.

I also pieced a batting for this one. My batting bin is overflowing so I’ll try to work it down by piecing battings for some of the smaller tops.

Keith’s niece received the quilt I sent and texted me a photo of the baby along with her thanks. You can’t go wrong with a Quick Strippie!


#10 of 10 is quilted! I love setting and accomplishing a goal. This is one of Mom’s tops. On one of her trips to Tampa last year we went to a quilt show and both found 5 yard fabric packs and were able to pick a free pattern. I made Caleb’s dinosaur quilt from my pack and this is the one Mom made. The patterns we picked both featured a framed novelty print but the alternate blocks were a little different. Pantograph is Billowy.


I love this RWB HST quilt! It’s a UFO that was based on a vintage quilt and it’s just scrappy half square triangles but I loved the diagonal lines of the red triangles in the vintage quilt so I recreated it. It’s quilt #8 of 10 in my quilting marathon and the pantograph is Ebb and Flow. It’s one of my favorites for patriotic quilts but this is just the 2nd time I’ve quilted the digital pattern … the first time was smaller than I liked, this time I used the size in the pattern but my perfect size will be somewhere right in between at 7 or 7.5 inches wide. Resizing patterns is one of the things I love best about Pantovision but it can take a little trial and error.

You can find brief instructions on the website for this quilt.


I quilted my RWB Hourglass top today – it’s #6 of 10. Pantograph is Ebb and Flow which is an old favorite of mine so I bought the digital version to use with my Pantovision on the new machine. I think next time I’ll upsize it just a little.

I also decided on a HST pattern and started cutting triangles. It will be a modified version of this quilt of mine from 2013. The HSTs will be 4 inches finished and there will be one 4 inch framing border.

Finn has grooming tomorrow and since my mobile groomer moved away I’m having to take him to a new groomer. I’m not sure how long it will take but hopefully I can get some piecing done … I need to make some more of the Rainbow HeartStrings blocks and yellow is next on my list.

I’m still binding too and #3 should be finished tonight after Keith goes to bed. I need to get some photos of the finished ones!


The Boxed Squares top is quilted. This never happens … I pieced 5 small quilts while I was in GA and all 5 are quilted (this one is #5 of 10 for my quilting marathon). I think it’s probably thanks to Rae that these got done because I spent one day working with her on her schoolwork and pulling and piecing backs in between helping her. Since they were all out and all had backs, they were easy to load and quilt.

Quilting on this is a variation of Line Dancing. I haven’t done any in years and it shows but surprisingly, I’m not unhappy with this. I love how easy pantographs are to do and how great they look on quilts but I do like doing easy freehand quilting too … I just haven’t done as much the last couple years so I think that makes me more hesitant to do it. I used to be braver!

Binding is progressing too, I should finish hand stitching #2 tonight after Keith goes to bed, #3 and #4 are ready for hand stitching, #5 is trimmed, and #6 and #7 haven’t been touched yet.

I wasted a fair amount of time yesterday and today, I’m still waffling about pattern and fabric choices for my triangle quilt. I think the problem is I want to use my scraps but I want something quick so I can finish the top by the end of May. I could pull a set of fat quarters and whip something up quickly but I think I’ve decided I’ll use the scraps even though it will take me longer to get it done. I also want to get some more of the Rainbow HeartStrings blocks done … time is running out on me thanks to all the back and forth to GA and all the time and effort it has taken to buy, repair, and make functional the new house. So the plan is to make some Yellow HeartStrings blocks and start cutting HST from scraps. I won’t worry about starting to piece them right away.


The kids left today but I shouldn’t miss them too much, we’ll see them in a few weeks and I have lots of quilting, binding, and packing to do.

After they left, I went back to bed and slept another 2 hours but still managed to bind a Strippie and quilt the Modern Puzzle top. Pantograph is Happy Times and this is #4 of 10 I plan to quilt before we return to Big Canoe.

I joke about needing a binding marathon after my quilting one but I’ll bind some each day. I’ve still got 5 waiting for binding and more to quilt and I don’t want to get too far behind!


#2 of 10 tops to be quilted is done. I’ve even got this little Strippie trimmed and the binding on and ready for hand stitching.

I’m going to need a binding marathon too – I’ve got 2 waiting for hand stitching and 2 trimmed and waiting for binding and that pile is just going to grow.

My quilting marathon begins

So I’ve been doing prep work the last couple days but I did manage to load and quilt a Strippie today in between working with Rae on her schoolwork. This is #1 of 10 to be quilted before I head back to GA. I hadn’t planned on having Rae this week when I set the goal but I’m still going to aim for 10! I have some packing to do too so it will be a busy few weeks.

Maybe I can load the other Strippie tomorrow?! We’ll see what Chris has in store for us … he did today’s bird themed lessons and he’s in charge of writing the lesson plan for tomorrow too.


I didn’t sleep last night so of course I slept late this morning … and by this morning I mean Tuesday… and now I’ll probably be up all night again. I did go up to quilt after Keith and Finn went to bed and got this UFO from 2017 quilted. Pantograph is Blowing Leaves and it’s made from the Boxed Squares pattern found on my website.

I don’t usually do borders on these but I used a kit I’d bought on sale and rather making the pattern in the kit, I made the boxed squares and since there was border fabric, I used it. It will probably be given to a family member or I’ll donate it. I’m not sure right now where it will end up.

And speaking of family members … Mom had emailed me tonight about trying to make some of the facemasks using the pattern from Joann.com but was having some problems. I sent her a link to a video that one of my HeartStrings members had shared for one that looked really easy and quick. And since I thought she might have questions, I decided to make one tonight after I finished quilting the boxed squares so I could help her if needed.

The guy is Czech and the instructions are not in English although if you look through the comments you can find some information. He said the square is 20cm but that’s too small so I looked up another pattern and they used a 9 x 12 rectangle so I started with that. He said to cut the ties about 90cm which is about 35.4 inches and I cut mine 1.5 inches wide. (Someone commented on my HeartStrings group that the 20cm must be the size of the square folded rather than 20cm cut which sounds about right.)

If you are going to make these with ties, I suggest you click on the link above and watch his video because he makes it look pretty easy. I’ve seen other more complicated instructions….and sometimes you just have to make one or two to figure it out!

I have mixed feelings about quilters making these since I think a lot of people are going to misunderstand that these masks are not going to protect you from the corona virus. I’ve read in some circumstances healthcare providers can wear them over an approved mask that they are having to reuse to keep it clean or in some cases when no mask is available but again, it will not protect against the virus. Mom commented that a physician in their area had suggested on TV that susceptible people wear a homemade mask if they went out but the only guidelines I’ve read for wearing a mask is if you are sick and then you should not be going out unless you need medical care and a mask could be worn by the ill person until they are able to be isolated to help decrease the chance that they’d infect someone else. I’m certainly not going to discourage anyone from making masks if they choose to, I just hope it doesn’t give people a false sense of security.


My Light and Dark HeartStrings top is quilted and YES, I used the brown thread in the light areas. It works on this quilt … it didn’t work on the moose one! I knew better and used it anyway. You’d think I’d be afraid to make back to back mistakes but I was sure it would be fine on this one. This is a panto that came with the machine and I’m not sure what it’s called but I’ve used it several times already and really like it.

A full view of the quilt …

We biked again today … 10 miles. Still a lot of people walking along Bayshore … and I don’t think they’re meeting 6 foot distance criteria so I’ve asked Keith to stick to bike riding using the bike lanes for exercise right now.

It feels good to get outside even if we have to settle for carrying water with us instead of stopping for a beer and lunch like we usually do!