About Mary

This site is mainly about my quilting but you’ll find posts about my family, the dog, and my travels.

I’m a self taught quilter and my focus is donation quilting along with blogging, designing, knitting, and organizing the HeartStrings Quilt Project.

Keith and I have moved a lot in our 28 years of marriage and for now we’re settled in Tampa. 

My sons, Chris and Adam, both live in the Atlanta area.

We have 3 grandchildren – Bree, Rae, and Caleb

We lost Chesty, our 14 year old Bichon to kidney disease in 2015 and added Finn to our family in 2017. 

9 thoughts on “About Mary

  1. Clara

    I am so enjoying your blog. I was looking to sign up for your newsletter. Could you add me so I can follow you please? Love your quilts ♥️

  2. Dawn Cross

    Just found you site and love . Yes I’d love to be on your mailing list. dawn

  3. Dianne Cannestra

    Hi Mary, Sorry I lost track of you for awhile. Believe it or not the Maribees are still meeting. I think Edie Peterson and I might be the only original members left. If you are ever in the Atlanta area, I would love to see you and reconnect.

    Dianne Cannestra

  4. Ann

    I am echoing the earlier posts. I just found your site and would like to subscribe but I can’t find a subscribe link. I did find an unsubscribe button by using the search function. lol
    Would you please add me?

  5. Elizabeh

    My husband is hinting he might get me an instant pot for Christmas. Do you like yours?
    What size did you get. It is just the two of us now and I saw there is a 3 qt model, but I
    am not sure if it would be too small. Someone said they have 3 inserts, do you have
    more than one? Do you need more than one? Did you get the extra glass lid for when you
    slow cook in the appliance? Thank you for your help.

  6. Elizabeth

    Good morning! You stimulated my interest in walking more in the new year and I remember you have an app that you can track your progress on a specific trail. I would like to walk the AT but doubt I will ever have six months to leave my hubby and actually do that. I think your app will let me do it virtually by logging my steps. Also, how are you liking your Apple Watch? I am debating between that and the new Fitbit watch with gps. I am not particularly interested in getting emails on my watch or a lot of tecky stuff so both of these options may be excessive. Thoughts? I know you are busy with planning your move and spending time with Mo and family so get back to me when you have time! With Christmas activities going on and our cold weather I am not in a big hurry to “get healthy”

  7. Vicky Hafler

    I had your blog on our computer a few years ago and have used several of your patterns. My hubby decided to “clean up” the desktop and deleted everything of mine because I mostly use my iPad. So when I went to check out your Forrest blocks pattern I couldn’t find you. I knew your name was Mary so I put in Mary -forest quilt- and guess what google knew who you are! It’s good to be back and now I signed for for you blog via email. You will not be lost again 😁

  8. Cheryl Brown

    Good Morning Mary
    I stumbled across your blog one day at work, came home and thourghally enjoyed several of your posts. I’m travelling south to the Tampa area at the end of the month. Wondered if you could recommend some shops I should visit. I quilt, bead and knit. I’ll be there during the time of the Lakeland Quilt Festival.
    Love your blog!

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