One of the things I find so interesting is watching the animals sniff out where the others have been. Last night the cat was wandering around and this morning the buck was very interested in his scent. As you can imagine, Finn spends a lot of time in the yard sniffing for visitors too.

We have a little progress being made … last night the Association approved the contract to make the repairs in the crawl space, this morning the HVAC guy is down there extending the condensate drain lines outside the space, and we have a call at 1pm with the realtor to discuss getting the house back on the market. It’s going to be months before it’s all done but hopefully we can get a sales contract on the house while the work is in progress.

More packing

For the most part, decluttering and packing has been my job and Keith has carted off the donations and trash … but there are two area’s that HE must pack … his closet and his office. I’ve been after him for a couple weeks and he keeps saying he’s ready … I’ve had to tell him that ready means everything that isn’t going to be used up to the last minute means in a box and taped up!! He tackled his closet today … and the office is mostly done except his desk!

We’re at the stage that there are bins and boxes everywhere! In the library ….

…. and in the corner of his office! I wanted to have most of the upstairs bins downstairs in one spot so I could get an idea how many there were. I’m still crossing my fingers that everything fits on the truck. Worst case, Keith will be renting another UHaul trailer for the overflow but I’m starting to feel like it’s all going to fit. 🤞🏻

Just 5 more days before Finn and I head north!


We ALL worked very hard today and accomplished a lot and we’re all tired! My count down has started … just one week until Finn and I head to Big Canoe for good. Keith will follow a week behind. We’ll take it easier tomorrow. We’ll work on packing a couple hours but other than that, I’m looking forward to relaxing in the pool!


I’m so behind responding to my email but thanks again for all the birthday wishes and if you wrote me with questions, know that I’m working on responding to them – it might just take me a little while. We arrived home this afternoon and I’m taking care of all the urgent move/association emails while Finn cuddles with me. Apparently he did fine boarding the last few days (he hasn’t had to board since Feb 2020!) but he is being a little clingy right now so I plan to give him the time with “mom” that he’s craving and I’ll get back to packing tomorrow.

Today Adam shared one last photo with us from the last few days … do you remember this photo of him drawing on the beach?

He didn’t see a shark while we were there but the setting inspired him to draw one and he painted it when he got home. He’s really been working on his art the last year or so and it shows. I love that he has a creative outlet. I always tried to foster that in both boys when they were growing up and it has carried over into adulthood.

Beach time

We had a late morning breakfast with the boys and then they hit the road. Keith and I have another day here on Amelia Island before we head home tomorrow and then I‘ll have about a week to finish up my packing. It’s breezy and overcast which is just perfect – I’m reading, Keith is dozing and we’ll hope the rain holds off.

It’s the kind of lazy day I love!

More birthday fun

We spent time with the boys on the beach today … it’s been a while since I bobbed around in the ocean and it was fun.

Then we went out on a sailboat late afternoon. The boys found it very interesting and I always love being on the water.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and assurances that my 60’s will be great years – I’m counting on it!

And while it doesn’t fall under the category of birthday fun, as expected, the buyers pulled out of the sale due to the issues found in the crawl space. We’ve made progress working with the Association and getting bids but they weren’t willing to commit before the work was finished and we were not willing to wait it out with them. We’ll see if we can find a buyer to take it with the assurance from the Association that the process has begun and that the issues will be resolved.

Happy Hour

I love watching our visitors even from a distance! Look at all the ones that stopped by for Happy Hour last night. Keith and I are both so excited about the move and are ready to be up at Big Canoe full time and to be closer to the boys.

Best Birthday EVER

Today I turn 60 and I was not looking forward to it – so what did Keith do to change that? Planned a trip to the beach and invited my boys. I can’t tell you the last time just the 4 of us had time alone together but it’s been YEARS.. It’s the best Birthday/Present EVER! I guess he really does know me after 32 years of marriage because nothing could have made me happier.

More Circle of Nine

Usually when I can’t sew for a prolonged period of time, I end up shopping for fabric online but just having packed up my overly generous stash that’s NOT going to happen so I’m just playing with quilt ideas. Who knows if any of these will be made in one form or another but if not, they might inspire a future quilt of mine or inspire someone else.

This might be a little busy as designed and I’m almost thinking that using lighter colored fabrics for the checkerboard so it fades a little more into the background might work better … but then I look at it again and think I kind of like it as it is.

I didn’t work too hard today but I did pack up most of the books in the library. Even after donating 10-12 bags of books, I still have a lot of them. Keith will need to get me just a few book boxes so I can finish up since most of them fit in all the empty bins from the sewing room. We also enjoyed watching the Lightning game as they won the first one in the series against Carolina. This is the beginning of round two so hopefully they’ll continue on and go all the way to the finals!