I’m trying to change my mindset about what I need to accomplish on a day to day, week to week basis. I’m typically very goal oriented but right now I just need to cut myself some slack. Yesterday, I fretted about everything I didn’t get done but today I’ve decided that it’s OK to just be happy puttering without assigning myself specific goals or tasks that have to be accomplished.

I put my music on, loaded a quilt on the longarm, and pulled out some fat quarters to start a new quilt. I don’t want to have to think too hard so I’m making a 16 Patch quilt, one with oversized blocks. I didn’t finish anything but spent several very happy hours just slowly puttering. Keith’s out of town so I might go up later tonight and work a little more if I feel like it.

This is my favorite fat quarter friendly quilt right now – 12 fat quarters makes a smaller kid size quilt.

And 20 fat quarters makes a nice lap size quilt.

I’ve also decided that it’s fine to take several shorter walks during the day rather than one long one. My step average suffered a little last week but I did a lot of kayaking so I’m OK with it for now but I want to get that average back up over 10,000 a day.

Can’t throw it away

I’d make a lot more progress if I’d throw some things away! I pieced a back and then started cleaning up some surfaces today but when I came across some of the discarded chisel pieces I decided to use them in a small doll quilt. Hopefully, I’ll get a top loaded on the longarm tomorrow.

On my drawing board

I saw this vintage quilt on eBay and while it has more borders than I typically like adding, it has a strong visual appeal.

So I decided to draft it out. I don’t know if I’d ever actually make it but it would make a nice veteran’s quilt.

Quilt size is 72 x 84

16 Patch blocks are 12 inches finished, set 3 x 4, and are made from 3.5 inch squares or strips

Borders are cut 3.5 inches

Coming to an end

Another Hatteras vacation is coming to an end and everyone will head in different directions tomorrow – Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida but we’re planning to come back next year.

Of course the trip is all about Mom and being able to spend time together as a family.

Time with our girls is precious and this was a great week with them. I’m so thankful that Chris and Becky come each year.

My kayaking buddies — I LOVED all the time spent in the kayak!

More kayaking

You must know by now how much I love being out on the water. Chris joined me tonight after dinner.

It was overcast so the sunset wasn’t that vivid but I was on the water so it was all good!

Dinner was a family affair … doesn’t Mom look thrilled?!


My BIL’s birthday was yesterday and I knew my Mom and sister planned to have cake to celebrate but I was surprised when I came back from my walk before dinner to find out the birthday celebration was not only for him but for my brother who has a birthday in a couple weeks and for my June 2nd birthday too!

Decorations, cake, and some photo fun!

I’m really enjoying the kayaking too … the house we rent is on the sound and has a dock and channel that allows us to jump in the kayaks and paddle right out to the sound …

I went by myself Monday using Ann’s kayak (Chris wasn’t able to bring mine as planned).

Yesterday, Ann and I went out together. I rented a couple kayaks for the week so I’d be able to kayak and anyone else that wanted to would be able to also.

Day 3

Another day, another sunset!

Rae rings the sunset bell for us.

Kayaking, swimming, walking … time with my little ones and the older ones too!