Rainbow HeartStrings

It’s been a while since I made some of these blocks so I don’t know if you remember the Rainbow HeartStrings blocks are our project for Maine this year … I’m crossing my fingers that we’re still able to have the September sew-in. Anyway, I started my blocks in January and have made green, purple, orange, and now there are 16 yellow blocks made. My intention is to make a bunch of blocks and then piece one or two quilts myself and take/send the rest for group quilts. If you haven’t seen these quilts, I’ve got some examples on my website.

I also finished the binding on quilt #9 of 10 so I just have one to quilt and one to bind … different quilts because the last top I’m going to quilt is another one of Mom’s. I admit I’m running out of steam as I get closer to the finish line of this quilting/binding marathon but I feel good about what I’ve been able to accomplish by staying focused.


I’ve bought a number of glass pieces from Vicki, a couple bowls, a couple ornaments, and slumped bottles … I love using them by my coffee maker but somehow my clumsy husband has managed to break both of the ones I had so I ordered two more. One for here in Tampa and one to take to GA with me.

Found in the files …

Have you been reading the blog long enough to know that I plan a lot more quilts than I actually make? My list is always sooo long and there always seems to be another new project I want to do but I was looking through some older files the other night and came across these 3 that I still want to make one of these days … of course there are lots of other ones too — maybe I need to make a page on the website just for “one day quilts”! I’ll never run out of ideas … but then I never stop looking for inspiration.


My RWB Hourglass quilt is finished. It’s #8 of 10 to be bound during this quilting/binding marathon of mine and I see the end in sight … just one to quilt and two to bind left. This one also happens to be my 5th UFO finish for the year.

It’s a simple quilt based on a vintage one I saw on eBay but I love everything about it! It will be donated.


I decided to participate in Hands2Help this year and chose Quilts for Compassion to send my donations to in large part because they accept quilts of all sizes for men, women, and children, AND they accept crochet blankets. I packed up 6 today, 2 quilts and 4 crochet blankets and will ship them off tomorrow.

The finished quilts and blankets have been piling up around here and I hope to get more ready for donation in the next couple weeks. A few to ship off and a stack to take with me to GA to donate.


Like all you I am dealing with so many different feelings as I watch what’s going on in our country this week … anger and outrage at the officers involved in the killing of George Floyd, sadness for his family, more anger and outrage at those taking advantage of the protests to loot and burn our cities, fear that the crowds will undo any gains we’ve made from months of social distancing, and respect for those police who go out every day and risk their lives to protect us all. Just like the looters overshadowing the righteous message of the protesters, the bad cops overshadow what good many of our police do on a day to day basis.

Let’s hope that one positive outcome is a high voter turnout that says enough hate and divisiveness. Let’s try to regain some of our progress toward acceptance and equality for all. I know we have a long way to go but the last few years we’ve been heading in the wrong direction.


#9 of 10 to be quilted during this marathon … a wallhanging of Mom’s. Pantograph is Jilly and while I know some of you wouldn’t quilt a panto over appliqué I do and I’d told Mom I’d quilt this one for her if she was OK with me doing a panto on it.

I did a quick search online for the pattern because I know someone will ask … and while I bought it at BluPrint, I did find it here.

Nice thing about this one is I don’t have to bind it! I have 3 more waiting for binding and I’ll get started on one of them this afternoon.