This simple ripple blanket is done and all the ends are already woven in! That’s pretty impressive for me.

I can mark this off my list and I also donated 15 quilts today … another one of December’s goals met.

I guess I kind of like crocheting this easy blanket … I was adding it to my Ravelry project list and saw this is the 15th time I’ve made it.

Too busy

I made the test block today for Maureen’s quilt (and added a border to make a doll quilt) and it just was too busy for me on the block edges and the Star kind of gets lost.

So I sent Maureen a few other options ….

And after some back and forth … we decided to go with this.

You’ve got to love HSTs … so MANY different options for laying them out. No changes to the number of HSTs needed or the number of blocks. I just have to tweak the instructions for Mom.

Animals on quilts

I read a post today about someone wanting to gift a quilt but not wanting the recipient’s animals on it … not going to happen around here. Finn is a big fan of sitting on quilts. This was him relaxing downstairs today while the appliance repair guy was here.

And you know we are very competitive and like our card and board games… we hadn’t played Upwords in years until a week or so ago … now it seems to be an almost nightly activity. I’m about 4 games ahead!

And since we’re staying at my brother’s house when we go to Virginia for Mom’s birthday, I sent them Five Crowns via Amazon just in case we have a free evening to play!


I’m kind of all over the place working on my December goals and am feeling very scattered.

Today we had an appliance repairman come to check the washing machine but I’m not convinced he fixed the problem so we’ll see how it goes. After he left I loaded and quilted one of my 3+ yard quilts. I actually used 4 fabrics for this one and made it a little larger. Pantograph is one that came with my machine and it doesn’t have a name but it’s one I like!

I’ve also been working on written instructions for Mom for the king size Blue Star quilt we’re making. I’ve figured out the easiest way to piece the block and the pressing … but I want to test it out by making one block before I print it all out for her. Maybe I’ll get that done tonight. After I piece the single 16 inch block, I’ll add a border and will have another little doll quilt to donate eventually.

Stocking #2

I made the second stocking today … changing a couple things. Because of the way the stocking is cut on the die I can’t do a full lining without cutting it separately… which kind of defeats the purpose in having the die. I did use two pieces of fabric for each side of the cuff and like that better than the first version although it’s a little longer … maybe too long in proportion to the stocking part so next one I might cut down a little.

These aren’t meant to be heirlooms … more just “wrapping” for a few small gifts so I’m really pleased with the results. When I make them next time, I’ll try to further “perfect” or rather improve my process.

Christmas Stocking

I bought the stocking die last year and never got around to using it so I decided to give it a try. I don’t like the instructions that came with the die and adapted them some but I definitely need to look at some stocking patterns and see if I can make some improvements. This one will do however … it’s just meant to hold a few small gifts. I only have plans to make one more this year but I feel like this could be a good donation project down the road.

Counting Down

Just a week before we head up to celebrate Mom’s 90th birthday and this photo popped up in my Facebook memories. It’s one of my favorites from exactly 10 years ago … with Mom (we were celebrating her 80th birthday) and two of my sisters – Maureen and Ann.

I finished cutting the HSTs for my sister’s king size quilt today and I’ll take those with me to VA next week for Mom to piece the blocks. I’m moving a little slower than expected due to a significant sciatica episode. I’m hoping I can get things settled down before we have to drive 9 hours each way next weekend!

480 Half Square Triangles

I started cutting the HSTs for my sister’s king size quilt. It’s a two color/ two fabric quilt which at least makes the cutting a little simpler. Mom’s going to piece the blocks and then I’ll assemble the top and quilt it. We have no deadline. It gets done when it gets done.

Thank goodness for my Accuquilt GO – it’s my favorite way to make HSTs. I’ve cut all the blue rectangles needed but will need to cut more of the white. Each baggie holds 96 triangles (48 blue and 48 white) … enough for 3 blocks … and I’ve layered the fabric right sides together before cutting so it should be easy for Mom to just pick them up and sew.

Nine blocks down … 21 to go. I need to cut all of these before we head to VA on the 10th to celebrate Mom’s 90th birthday!


The coyote is still coming around but just a couple times in the last couple weeks … or at least just caught on camera twice. I had to laugh at how cautiously that cat was coming out from under the stairs too. maybe it sensed something nearby?


I’m making a start on my December goals … I loaded and quilted my Sashed Whales today. Pantograph is Happy Times.

My December goals are not as ambitious as November’s since we’re traveling a couple times this month and have plans for Christmas.

  • Quilt – 5 tops
  • Piecing
    • finish making the current set of Strips and Strings log cabin blocks,
    • piece a project with this month’s precut – HSTs
  • Crochet – make a ripple blanket
  • Knitting – make 2-3 hats
  • Cut HSTs for my sister’s quilt
  • Donate – finish washing 15 quilts and get them donated via the local guild