Back to work!

Mom got all her runners layered and pin basted and I loaded and quilted her hearts … #5 of 7 is now done!

This is a new pantograph – it’s one that came with the machine and it just has a number not a name. I love the look of it on the back of this quilt.

I don’t love it as much on the front but it’s OK and it’s done. I will definitely use the panto again, but hopefully on a quilt that it suits better.


Wow, what a busy 2 and a half days! All our company is gone and they’ll head out in the morning straight from their hotels. Chris and his family going home and Brian and his family heading out for a cruise. Mom was expecting the visit from Chris but we kept the fact that Brian would be visiting too as a surprise.

The visit ended in a birthday party for Rae and Chris … yes, there were two cakes as the birthday boy and girl each had their own preferences. Luckily, I only had to bake one of them!

We also welcomed a new family member today – my niece Laura had a little boy and that makes my youngest sister a first time granny! Welcome to the club Maureen!

Mom and I will get back to work on Monday but I plan to rest tomorrow!

Great grandchildren

There’s something very special about watching Mom interact with her great grandchildren … both Mo and Rae…

And my brother’s grandchildren … I know this one is blurred but they were all so glad to see each other it was hard to get a photo!

Too much fun!

We had so much fun today! First up was family bowling and then back to the house for crabbies (that’s what Rae calls crafty time) and then my nephew and his family surprised Mom with a visit. They’re from Memphis but they’re cruising out of FL and they changed their flights to come visit while Mom is here in Tampa! Click on the photo to enlarge.

I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have Chris here visiting with his family while Mom is here!

The birthday boy and girl!

Chris, Becky, Rae, and Mo arrived tonight to celebrate Chris and Rae’s birthdays with us this weekend. Since Mom is here we decided they’d be more comfortable at a nearby hotel rather than have the 4 of them crammed in Keith’s office so we drove over around 9pm to welcome them to Tampa! Click any photo for a slideshow with larger images!

We’d already decided that Mo and Rae will spend the night tomorrow with us but Rae wanted to come back tonight too and who could resist the birthday girl ?! So she’s tucked away on a cot in the corner of our room. Isn’t that a pretty quilt?! It’s one Mom and I made together years ago.

My sweet Rae!

Happy 7th Birthday to Rae! We’ve had lots of fun times together this last year and Pop and I are looking forward to spending more time and creating lots of memories with her!

Bound already!

Keith is still out of town so Mom and I had a quiet evening in the library … and she sat and stitched down the entire binding!

I told you that you’d be seeing lots of photos of Mom binding this trip. Rather than send her home with all these quilts to bind, I told her to bring her bindings with her and that I’d get the quilts trimmed and the bindings machine stitched on after I quilted them so she could sit in the evenings and hand stitch them down. This is #4 of 7 and it’s already done!

And while she was binding I did some work for her on her iPad and then worked on setting up a group on where I hope I’m going to be able to transfer my HeartStrings group. Yahoo groups has had problems for a while and has just announced that they will no longer be allowing user content to be uploaded (files and photos) and that many other features would be going away too. I’m hoping I’ll be able to transfer us somewhere without a lot of issues or drama and the first step is to trial the site to see if it fits our needs.