Today I didn’t sew … I was having to stop and take care of several things on and off most of the day and it was easier to crochet so I could pick it up and put it down easily. I also managed a bike ride. Just before midnight I wove in the last end of Mo’s afghan. It seems crazy that I made this in just 4 days but it goes pretty fast and I don’t like to sit in the evening without working on something.

Next up I’m going to crochet something other than a ripple but look at this beautiful texture … I will be doing more of these!

I shouldn’t have interruptions tomorrow except caring for Finn so I’ll get a start on assembling the strips and strings log cabin blocks.

You can see my notes on this afghan in this post.


I really don’t like leaving Finn for so long when we go to Hatteras each year. He boards at our vet so I know that any issues will be addressed and that does make me feel better but it’s a long time for him to be away from us (no, he can’t come with us on this trip although he has traveled with us frequently). So while I’m making progress in the sewing room … all my strips and strings log cabin blocks are pieced and I loaded and quilted Maureen’s churn dash today, he’s getting lots of cuddle time. He also got groomed today so he’s very handsome!

One advantage to cuddle time is I’m making lots of progress on Mo’s afghan!


A while back my sister Maureen saw a Churn Dash quilt I’d made and decided she wanted one too only brighter. This is mine … the blocks are 12 inches finished.

This is the one I designed for her. These blocks are 9 inches finished and I used an Accuquilt GO die to cut them for her.

She started making a few blocks but set it aside and hadn’t worked on it for a while. When Mom was here in January we decided (with Maureen’s agreement) that Mom would finish piecing it and I would quilt it for her.

Since we were putting Minkee fabric on the back, I used a lightweight Thermore batting. Pantograph is Steam and while I set up the machine to use a variegated thread, it kept breaking on me (even when I had good stitch quality, had loosened the tension, and the quilt was loose on the frame) so I change to black and am happy with how it turn out! Luckily, I didn’t have but a few inches of the variegated thread to pick out of the quilt.

The back is a gray Minkee.

Back to work

Keith had a lot of catching up to do after our vacation so he spent most of the day working which was fine with me, I crocheted this morning and then this afternoon I worked on some strips and strings log cabin blocks. One of my goals for the month is to get this to the finished top stage.

My string bin is looking a bit lame … I haven’t fed it in a long while. I guess I’ll have to sort through the scrap bins and pull out the leftover strips and strings to add to it. Most of the lights are in the plastic bag, it helps to have them separated when I’m working on these blocks.

We took a break from work to attend a neighborhood picnic and then took a quick swim – it was 90 degrees at 5pm so it felt good to cool off when we got back home. We’re lucky that we live right near the small park where the picnic was held so it was easy to walk over and back.

Another Ripple

We were home late last night and I didn’t do much except unpack my boxes of yarn and settle down into my chair to start another ripple afghan.

Yarn – Caron Big Cakes – colorway is Cherry Cake

Size H hook

Pattern – Woodland Ripple – I chained 137

  • (If you decide to give this one a try just remember that she uses UK crochet terms which are different from US terms. She does tell you that but it’s been my experience that people miss that and wonder why their project isn’t turning out right.)

Becky asked me to make one for Mo just before our trip so this one will be for her … and look who brought the Ripple blanket I’d made a few years ago with her to Hatteras! That one was going to be donated but Becky asked if they could keep it. They love quilts and hand made blankets and never seem to have too many! It came in handy this night watching the sunset.

And at bedtime!


We almost missed our connection due to our flight from Virginia being delayed but we arrived at the gate in Atlanta just in time. So nice to be home!

Waiting for me … some yarn purchases … in my defense, all were on sale! I couldn’t resist so now I need to keep up with my current afghan obsession. Next up will be one for Mo!

Our last day

One last day to kayak … it was super windy and gusty so I had to stay out of the sound and in the canals but still got almost 40 minutes of paddling in.

We had some friendly games of pickle ball … Keith made sure to stretch before playing.

Ann and I won this game!

One last sunset …

And one last game of Uno …

In the morning we’ll scatter and head home to 4 different states … Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida but we’re already looking forward to next year!