I often have to make corrections to a post … usually it’s just a typo that slipped past my review of the post before publishing, sometimes its added content that I decide doesn’t need its own post but sometimes I’m correcting a mistake like in this post on the basket weave rails. I drew the block as a 7 inch block so I could use the grid on TouchDraw (odd size finished blocks with half inches are harder to draw) but my finished block is going to be 10.5 inches so for some reason I thought I’d have to fudge the pieced strip but no … if I’d just stopped to do the math, I’d realize that 2 inch squares will work for that too so I went back and corrected my post.

I’ve used a couple different widgets to let readers subscribe to the blog. One, does a daily summary and those posts probably have the updated material but the current subscribe button on the blog sends out a post as soon as I hit publish … I’ve looked and there’s no way to delay it or batch posts from a single day into one email.

So bottom line, if something I post doesn’t make sense, check out the blog to see if I’ve caught my own error … or email me!

Is blogging dying?

I keep reading that blogging is dying and that people are using Instagram instead. Since my blog is my journal, that’s not going to happen here but I’m curious if you follow blogs or Instagram? Did you blog in the past and stop?

I admit that I only occasionally look at Instagram and usually only when Chris tells me he’s posted a photo of one of the girls there. (I prefer he just send me the photo in a text or email). I’m also not a big Facebook user but I do look at it a few times a week to keep in touch with my big extended family.

I found some new blogs this morning and rediscovered some that I’d followed in the past but that had somehow gotten lost when I changed my blog reader to Feedly. Maybe it’s just me but I think blogs generate more conversation and make more of a connection.

Basket weave rails

You know I don’t work with small pieces so I drafted a quick quilt based on the vintage rail fence I posted yesterday.

I’ll cut my strips 2 inches for a block that will finish at 10.5 inches (11 inches with seam allowances). The squares can be cut from 2 inch pieces or I can even see using some of those small scraps I save that never get used and vary the size but the width of the pieced strip will need to be 2 inches with seam allowances.

Quilt size = 52.5 x 73.5

Block size = 10.5 inches (11 inches with seam allowances)

Set Blocks 5 across and 7 rows down – 35 blocks needed



I love this one

How about more inspiration from an antique quilt found on eBay?! I posted a rail fence quilt not so long ago that had black strips on the outside of the block and that one went on my “to do” list but I LOVE the pieced strip in this one so I’m going to save this version too


And here’s a close-up.


I’m Slow

You wouldn’t believe how much extra yarn I brought with me … enough for an Afghan and several hats and we’re almost 3 weeks into the trip and I haven’t even gotten half of this scarf knit but there is progress.


We went to Freeport again today and didn’t expect the large crowds. I didn’t realize they were having their pumpkin festival but I do remember going several years ago at night and seeing all the pumpkins lit up. We didn’t stay that late this year.


We’d planned to go into Portland this evening and wander around a while and then get dinner out but after getting home late this afternoon, we decided leftover soup would do for dinner and we spent a quiet evening listening to music and I worked on my scarf.

Spa day

I’m spoiled! Keith pointed out a spa the other night when we went to the Top of the East … it has a good view of Portland and we went there years ago with his father … so I decided to book a massage and a pedicure. What a relaxing afternoon!


I took a little walk afterwards. I wanted to light a candle for my sister-in-law who died two years ago today … but the cathedral was locked up. I went to the church office to ask when the church was unlocked and found only during Mass. So sad — I understand they’ve had problems leaving it unlocked but I love cities where I can go into churches for private prayer and to light candles for those we’ve lost.


The parish office was open so I was able to arrange to have a Mass said for Lisa and for Keith’s brother but I wish I had been able to go into the church and light a candle too.

I love being here in South Portland near Willard Beach but I also miss being downtown Portland. I walked past Monument Square…


And the history center. My plan is to finish the last 3 HeartStrings quilts next week and then while Keith is out of town, go over and do a little genealogy research the last week we’re here. Unfortunately, my genealogy research has taken a back seat to other things the last few years but I do spend some time filling in the blanks now and then.


My company is gone

Kevin and Mom left yesterday morning and I spent the day resting, catching up on email, and playing in my photos.  We took a walk yesterday evening and almost got caught in the storm that was blowing in.


Keith’s gone through a difficult few weeks and I’m glad to have him back here with me.  He travels frequently and I hate when he has to be gone a full week but it couldn’t be avoided this time.


Luckily, he did get back in time to see Kevin and Mom. I’m going to spend a couple easy days reading, knitting, and walking and then I’ll get set up to tie and bind the last 3 Happy Block tops when Keith leaves for his next trip on Monday.