One last binding done to finish up March. This one was pieced by Mary in Maine and quilted and bound by me. It will go to Maine this fall when I go up for the HeartStrings sew-in (hopefully). Pantograph is Kindle and while I usually photograph quilts outside during the day, I am leaving before dawn and I actually kind of like seeing all the texture from the quilting in this light tonight.

This is a larger 16 patch from a online pattern that I’ve also made several times. The website is no longer active but I found the page in the web archives if you’re interested. It’s perfect for fat quarters!

I did OK for March considering the travel and the other things going on. I finished everything I had on my list to do including completing one UFO of mine and even got a little more than I expected to get done.

  • pieced the Chisel Star top
  • quilted 3 tops
  • bound 6 quilts
  • made some progress on the pink knit blanket (it’s going slow but there is progress!)

Last minute sewing ….

It looks like the recommendations for masks may change and they may recommend that masks be worn if you go out to protect others … Fauci acknowledges that they do little to protect the wearer against the coronavirus but states they may offer some protection from spreading the virus to others if you are infected and unaware (because obviously you wouldn’t go out at ALL if you had symptoms except to seek medical care, Right?).

So this news comes just as we’re getting ready to leave for GA for our closing next week… keeping our distance from everyone of course … and I’m going to be away from my sewing stuff for the next week. I decided I’d make each of us a couple masks in case a directive is issued for people to wear them while out of their homes. (If no directive comes then we won’t wear them). I have very little batik fabric but enough for several masks. Batik is a tighter weave so it’s thought to be better but if I end up having to make more than the first batch I’ve cut out, they’ll have to be out of regular quilting cotton.

I like this tutorial that was shared by a quilted in my HeartStrings group except that they’re also recommending the lining of the mask be of a different fabric so you can tell the inside from the outside. I cut the first few according to guidelines I found online … rectangles that are 6×9 and I cut my ties 1.5 x width of fabric but you can shorten those if you like.

You can see in the photo above I did put some pins in to hold my pleats but I didn’t fuss with them much. After making the first one and trying it on, I woke Keith up and had him try it … I felt like it was going to be too small and I was right. So I cut the rectangles for his masks 8×10 inches and woke him up a second time to have him try it on (he wasn’t very happy with me!). You can see the difference in the two below. I kitted up the rest of the batik making the last few for me a little larger with rectangles cut 7×9.5 inches and grabbed some yardage just in case I find I need to make more for some reason.

Don’t be afraid to adjust the size of that starting rectangle if you make one and it’s too small. Experiment a little to find the right size and if you’re making them for medical personnel and first responders realize that the patterns on the web may be too small for many men … have your husband try one on for size.

Also, there was a recommendation to use flannel on the inside of the mask and I did on the first one but I’ve got to say I found it hot even just the few minutes I had it on to try it for size so the others got a second layer of batik.


I was asked about instructions for the windmill quilt I posted the other day and while I’m not sure what pattern Mary from Maine used to piece the top, I do have instructions on my website for a similar quilt that I made after seeing a vintage quilt on eBay. Click here to view my Windmill instructions. Maybe mine will actually get quilted this year?!

If you’re following along with our HeartStrings Precut Party, April’s precut is Jelly Rolls so this could be a good one for April. I haven’t decided which pattern(s) I’ll be using for my April quilt but I packed a bunch of Jelly Rolls to take to GA with me. As of right now, our closing is still on and we’re leaving in the morning.

I frequently design in RWB and eventually plan to make another one in these colors myself….a scrappy one of course, it’s just easier to design on the iPad in 3 colors.


The Chisel Stars blocks have been assembled and a border applied and it is now a finished top. March’s precut was bundles and I used a fat quarter bundle from Bluprint for my quilt. I’m pleased with how this one turned out! You can find brief instructions, or maybe I should call them quilt notes, on my website at this link.


I finished the binding last night on Maine quilt #4 pieced by Little Mary. Pantograph is called Raindrops. I’m working on borders and binding today.

Chased away

We did another 10 mile bike ride today to Davis Island … it’s hot!

I’d forgotten that the area where the trail goes by the water is actually a park and we had stopped for our mid ride break when an official came to move us along. There were lots of people in the park and she was really nice about letting us know that we could use the bike trail but we couldn’t linger in the park.

Of course, we were keeping our distance and there was no one anywhere near us!


Luckily, biking and walking are still allowed under Tampa’s stay-at-home order that went into effect yesterday. Keith gets out biking most days after working but I’m lazier and didn’t get out during the week. Unbelievably, it was 90 degrees today and it’s still March – that’s way too hot!

Since we can’t bike to our usual places that serve food and drink … we’re riding over to Davis Island. It’s a little over 10 miles roundtrip.

We take a break halfway and sit and enjoy the water views. There’s lots of space here for everyone to maintain a safe 6 foot distance.

In the sewing room, I’ve got the chisel blocks together and just need to get one border on it to finish that top. It’s my March precut challenge project so I’m just barely going to finish the top in time but that my goal … one top finished for each month of the challenge. I’ve also been binding. I’m just about done with Maine quilt #4 and I’ve got the other two hanging over the longarm bar auditioning binding fabrics.

What are you working on this weekend?