My backing is pieced and the baskets are loaded on the longarm and ready for quilting.

The inner border has been added to the Ohio Star quilt and the outer border fabric was presssed and is ready to be cut.

The magic loop hat has been cast off and just needs ends woven in.

The butterfly and nine patch blocks are up on the design wall. I’ve moved them around a little and will probably make some more changes before starting to sew them together. As I mentioned before, this one is based on one I saw on the Accuquilt site although my blocks are smaller and my butterflies are positioned differently.

Knitting in the round

I had Orkin coming today to do a spot treatment for termites … oh the joys of living in Florida! We do everything we can to monitor and treat so I try not to worry too much about termites and the damage they do.

While I was waiting I decided I’d knit rather than sew because it’s easier to pick up and down when I know I’m going to be interrupted.

SO, how do you knit in the round? When I knit socks (several years ago) I used the method of knitting two socks at a time on two circular needles. For hats, I’ve always switched to double pointed needles for the crown decreases but I’ve been wanting to learn another method. I though I’d just relearn the two needle method but it wasn’t clicking with my brain when I read a pattern a few months ago so today I decided I’d learn Magic Loop.

I read a couple descriptions, watched a video, and still didn’t think I was getting it right so I did another search and a BluePrint class came up on Google (Craftsy is BluePrint now if you didn’t know). Since I have an annual membership so I can watch any of the classes — I went to the website, and pulled up just the part of the class that told me how to knit a hat using magic loop. One good thing about the annual membership is that I don’t feel like I have to watch the whole class to get my money’s worth and can just watch the section I need.

In addition to the video showing me HOW to knit the hat, I get the pattern in the course materials also. This particular pattern also has some color work which I’ve never tried before and I almost just made the hat without it but then felt that I might as well learn that today too!

I’ll knit a few hats using the magic loop method and then decide if it’s easier for me than switching to double pointed needles.

If you’re interested in the BluePrint class it’s this one – Knit Lab: In the Round. She also shows you other projects and ways to knit in the round but lucky for me, she demonstrates the hat using Magic Loop.


Keith’s nephew recently moved to our area and his brother and sister-in-law came this weekend to visit. They’re staying with us and we spent this afternoon downtown walking along the river. It’s such a great area and while I’d love to do some kayaking …. not sure I’d want to encounter any of the gators!!

This evening we drove over to Dunedin to see Andrew’s apartment and go to dinner with him. We’re happy to have him living in our part of the state!


The sashing is done on the Ohio Star and now I just need to add two borders. I dislike sewing long skinny pieces of sashing so I sash my blocks individually.

Not sure why of all my sashing choices, I chose a fabric with a grid. It took extra time to cut the pieces carefully so the grid wouldn’t be wonky – not that I mind wonky but just not in my sashing.

I’m done sewing for the week. We have company coming this weekend so I’ll be tied up with them.


Still not ready to tackle the sashing on the Ohio Star blocks so I finished sewing the bright 9 patches and just had to lay out a few squares with some of the butterflies – I love it!

I think there’s a free pattern for this one on the Accuquilt site but I chose to position my butterflies differently and to make smaller blocks – mine are 9 inches finished.

I’ll get the top assembled after the Ohio Star too is done but it won’t get quilted for a while – I’m going to save this one for when a little girl gets much bigger – won’t it be great for her to have a quilt that her Gram and Granny made together?!

I confess

I’m failing at my NO Buy commitment. There’s been some online shopping since Mom left so it’s a good thing I gave away as much fabric as I did while she was here!

All the Ohio Star blocks are pieced for my February Precut Party quilt.

I didn’t feel like starting the sashing so I pulled out the bright squares Mom cut for me while she was here and started piecing them into 9 patch blocks … these will alternate with the butterfly blocks she appliquéd for me last year so at least I’m working on a UFO!