The first of three t-shirt quilts I’m making with Mom is quilted and packed up to go back to her for binding! Not always the most attractive quilts, t-shirt quilts can have a lot of meaning and I know these three will help keep my sister-in-law’s memory alive in her grandchildren. Plus, I think this one looks better than most!

There was no pattern, I did an internet search for t-shirt quilts and drafted them from ones that inspired us.


Pantograph is Hearts in Bloom.


Father’s Day

missing Dad …. AEA8F8FA-1A23-4E7D-BCFC-F87900DB26CA

I’m feeling somewhat sorry for myself this week having missed time with Keith and the boys but I’m so glad that they had the time together.  It’s not often they get to spend Father’s Day or Father’s Day week together ( Adam had to leave on Thursday).


Having a “good” cancer can be kind of hard – on one hand I DO feel extremely grateful – on the other hand, it is still stressful and disruptive, and life changing.

It’s funny but as I approached my 57th birthday a couple weeks ago, Dad was on my mind even more than usual – he was diagnosed with cancer at 57 and gone the day after his 59th birthday. I know this cancer isn’t going to kill me but I worry about the ways it’s going to change my life. We don’t know the full extent and won’t for a few months but we do know it’s already spread to the lymph nodes and invaded the vascular system – still I’m grateful that thyroid cancer is a slow growing, treatable cancer.

I know I said I wasn’t going to dwell on this here on the blog and I won’t but as my next surgery approaches this week it’s obviously what I’m focused on.

Cast on

Since there’s nothing to show in the sewing room — I continue to piece triangles and I’ve loaded and started one of the t-shirt quilts that I’m helping Mom with but haven’t finished it – I’ll show my knitting again.

I shouldn’t bother saying what I’m going to work on next because it seems to change more often than not. I decided I wanted a project with shorter rows to work on after my surgery (Thursday) so it would be easier to pick up and put down.

Easy Multi Rib scarf – free pattern on Ravelry

Yarn is Miss Babs Yowza but I’ve lost the tag so I don’t know the colorway.


I’ve finished the Catherine the Great audiobook and have moved on to The Oregon Trail by Rinker Buck.

We’ve got a contract on Big Canoe but until we get past the inspection on Monday I’m not counting my chickens … we’ve done a lot of work and the appliances and HVAC systems are all new but it’s still an older building so we’ll see. It’s a cash buy and they wanted to close on July 16 at first but last night the realtor said they would like to close sooner as in June 29th … timing sucks because I really needed to make another trip to clear the last of the personal stuff out but Chris and Becky are going to help so assuming the inspection goes OK, we should have it sold in 2-4 weeks. I was afraid that I’d be sad but we’re ready to let go of the challenges of managing a vacation home in a different state especially since we don’t get there often enough to make it truly worth the money we spend on it

Best of all, Keith comes home tomorrow!


Off my needles

I have NEVER run out of yarn during my bind off until tonight …. and as much of this yarn (Wollmeise) as I have, I can’t believe I couldn’t find something that matched it exactly but I made do. My only regret is that the entire edge isn’t bound off in the substituted yarn but it’s done and it will keep someone nice and warm.



I’m working so slowly that it’s crazy for me to be looking for more inspiration but I didn’t sleep at all last night so after I finished my book, I looked at vintage quilts on eBay for a while. You know I love easy and scrappy and both of these simple quilts caught my eye. My scrap bins are full and I could cut for both of them at the same time. I won’t be ready to start a new quilt for a few weeks – I have some quilting to do, surgery next week, and will have some down time that I’ll fill with knitting … plus, I’ve just started the RWB half square triangle quilt!

I’m posting them here so they’ll be easier to find and they might just inspire you too.

Vintage quilts found on eBay


The windmill quilt is even Jelly Roll friendly if you wanted to just start piecing. I made this version a few years ago with a Jelly Roll. I didn’t use a light background to alternate with the Jelly Roll but knew that I’d eventually make another one with more contrast.



I’d planned to have this 16 patch top assembled last week but didn’t get around to it. Now it’s done and will wait it’s turn for quilting.


I’m not a perfectionist and my seam ripper doesn’t get used that much but I do try to get the best results I can by pressing well and pinning – it takes extra time but it’s worth it.


I love it when my seams line up so nicely!