It’s just perfect!

Mom and I presented Keith with his birthday quilt today. It’s just perfect! The deer have been popping up on my cameras all week so it’s the perfect quilt for Big Canoe! Mom sent me the top while we were still at Big Canoe and as soon as we came home I got it loaded and quilted … and bound. It was a busy week but this was one quilt that had a deadline for finishing. It even has a soft Minkee backing so it’s extra warm and cozy!

Pantograph is Flutter Leaves.

4 years ago

It always surprises me when an early photo of Finn shows up in my “memories”. He was so DARK as a puppy but so light colored now. This was taken 4 years ago today.


Thank you all for your concern about Keith. It’s been a challenging day for him but he’s taken it easy and rested. Hopefully his antiviral meds will kick in soon. Poor thing, his birthday is tomorrow. What a terrible way to celebrate.

Before my dentist appointment I did manage to quilt my first Strips and Strings log cabin top and even got it trimmed and ready for binding. I also made a few blocks for the 3rd strips and strings log cabin quilt and there are just 8 blocks left to make for that one.

I quilted a leafy meander – freehand.

Some leaves are funky and some look like hearts but I’m OK with that.

After my dentist appointment, I went to the grocery store, carted all the groceries in and put them away, cooked dinner, cleaned up, and took the garbage out. Keith is a very good patient and not difficult to care for at all but MAN do I realize how much he helps around here when he’s out of commission. He usually grocery shops and cleans up after dinner.

What a week!

Can I whine some more? Taxes are done and sent off to the accountant, the switch from cable to internet based streaming is done including setting up a new network and having to manually change ALL the connected devices in the house … but now I also have an unexpected patient to care for – poor Keith has developed shingles on his face and there’s involvement around his eye which is completely swollen. As you can imagine he doesn’t feel very well and can’t drive with that eye shut and with everything combined, I’ve had limited time in the sewing room this week.

He was seen in the urgent care and then I drove him yesterday to see an ophthalmologist so we’re being very cautious about the eye. He’s on antiviral meds and I hope things don’t get any worse before they start to improve. I guess we’re both going to have to make time to get the shingles vaccine after we get the COIVD one.

I have managed to load and quilt one top of Mom’s and even got it trimmed, the binding on, and I hand sewed it down last night after Keith went to bed. There’s another top loaded and ready for me to start quilting it today which I hope to get done before I have to go to the dentist later today. Yep, that’s just the cherry on top of this week – a dentist appointment.

On the bright side, Mom’s package arrived with all the bags she’d made me for our family gift exchange and she also sent me two sets of Hearts for two more Log Cabin Heart quilts! I can hardly wait to start on them but I’ve got to finish up the last set of strips and strings log cabin blocks I started in January. Not only did she cut and fuse them, she appliqued them all so they’re ready to go. The hearts are all different colors and one set has scrappy backgrounds of many colors and the other has scrappy neutral backgrounds.

I have nothing to show

No photos BUT I’ve made some progress in the last couple days.

The tax prep is finished and sent off to the accountant today.

I loaded and quilted a top of Mom’s but I can’t show it yet because it’s a gift.

I spent part of 3 days upgrading our WiFi and switching our TV set up here in Tampa from cable to web based streaming…. and by “I” I mean I did some of the work but we ended up having a tech come from the cable company … no issues on my end but it seems they sent us the wrong equipment so there was NO way I was going to get it to work … and we had an AV guy come out today and rework the TV equipment so I could sign up and use the streaming services. The cable company’s equipment has been returned, and we’re up and running. So many things around the house to switch to the new network and I’m almost done!

Tomorrow I hope to get started on some binding and maybe sew some string log cabin blocks


I have plans for a quilting marathon this month but first I have to get through tax week! I always reserve the first week of March to assemble all the elements our accountant needs to do our taxes … I got a bit of an early start this year and after spending most of the day working on them, I think I’m almost done. There’s one form I need that is supposed to have come today (haven’t been to the mailbox yet) and I have to double check everything but hopefully they will be ready to be sent in a couple days.

As usual, things didn’t go smoothly. My printer has an error that I can’t clear which meant I was running up and down the stairs all day using Keith’s printer. Also, we decided to cancel our cable here in Tampa and go to internet based streaming only … Which ended up meaning a new modem and router from the cable company installed by me but with challenges … maybe a defective modem? It’s working but very erratically so they’re sending a tech out tomorrow. There were many devices to switch over to the new network … and again, some with challenges. In the end it was a fairly stressful day with NO sewing but I did unpack my suitcase AND my project bin so tomorrow I’m ready to tackle the following:

1) the modem issues with the cable company

2) the final tax package,

3) load the first top for quilting.

Wish me luck!

Gift Exchange

One of my sisters suggested a couple months ago that we have a hand crafted family gift exchange. There were 6 of us participating – me, my 3 sisters, Mom, and one of my brothers and at that time, we did a zoom call to pull names to find out who we were going to created for and to discuss the project. Last night we had show and tell, had a chance to see everyone’s projects, and drew names for another round. Next time, my other brother will also join in. What a fun way to connect as a family. You can scroll through the photos below.

  • I made a mask, quilted coasters, and knit a hat for Maureen
  • Maureen made a wind chime for Debbie
  • Ann made a wool mat and had her son and husband help make a wood tray to go with it for Kevin
  • Kevin made a plaque for Mom
  • Debbie made a “sisters” sculpture for Ann (there are 4 sisters)
  • Mom made ME lots and lots of zippered bags and a fabric basket!!


We had more visitors this week with the warmer and less rainy weather. I’m pretty sure there are 4 different cats roaming around, 3 of them caught on video this week and look closely at the one with the reflective collar when she starts walking up the stairs … I think she’s pregnant. Mr Fox also came back this week!

We’re home!

Poor Finn looks ready to get out of the car doesn’t he? I still medicate him for car sickness but he does pretty good in the car now and our trip was uneventful although he did have an upset stomach after eating several hours after we got home.

Chris showed up after we left (intentionally as we’re still “isolating” ourselves from everyone) and brought my Kayak! I can’t wait to use it when we go back next time. Mine is the orange one on top. I had to wait several months on the waiting list to get a rack and when they called me in Oct, I had just broken my ankle, and then it was winter … I’m very happy to finally have it there.

He also picked up 12 crocheted child size blankets and 6 quilts to donate for me. I’m so glad to finally be moving some of these along to those in need. Those bags are bigger than they look!