I’m so tired!

I’m probably not resting enough and my sciatica/ disc pain is still bothering me a fair amount but I’m trying to get everything finished up before we travel.

Today, I got Finn to grooming … he wouldn’t sit still for a photo but he’s a handsome boy!

Every time Keith and I drive somewhere or arrive home it seems the girls are gathered in the yard by the driveway … it’s crazy how comfortable they are just hanging out.

I did get one last top quilted today – a big one! This 72 x 90 inch HeartStrings top was sent to me by AnnG. Pantograph is Flounce and now all 12 donation tops that I had here (sent to me in May and June by AnnG, Suzanne, and Sue) are quilted. There are 3 more to bind and they’ll all be donated within the next month or so along with a stack of mine. It’s been a productive summer.


Another top loaded and quilted today. This one pieced by Sue. Pantograph is Flounce.

I didn’t have enough of one fabric for the back so I pieced one of my Off Center 4 patch backs for it. I’ve had the candy corn fabric for a while and the trimmings will go into my novelty bins for the next round of Happy Blocks.

I made it out for an easy hike too …

And when I got home, there was a group of deer hanging out near the driveway. They jumped up when I opened the car door but didn’t go far … just to the lot next door. The closing is set for Monday and then it will be ours … I think the deer will be happy!

Do you see all 6 of them? The fawn wasn’t too nervous since he stopped to nurse!


I loaded and quilted one of the Happy Block tops today. I even pieced a batting for it. Pantograph is Steam.

That’s the 3rd one quilted this month and I haven’t bound any of them. One reason is that I’m not up to sitting in the chair and hand stitching them down right now but also with the trip to the Maine HeartStrings sew-in coming up, I want to take a few quilts to bind. I’m not sure how many tops there will be to tie so I want to have some other work lined up too.


We had another stormy afternoon so I sewed blocks for the I-Spy Double 4 patch quilt. After Keith fell asleep, I came back downstairs and made the last 3 blocks and that one is now ready to assemble. I also quilted Suzanne’s string star – I’d loaded it yesterday but the weather hadn’t cooperated with me … darn those afternoon storms! Pantograph is Happy Times.

I’d like to get one more quilted this week and get the I-spy top assembled. Should be doable. I also finished knitting the blue scarf last night and the ends have been woven in. After I finish the Cowl that is still waiting to be closed up, I’ll let myself start another yarn project.

Almost assembled

The blocks are sashed and the sections assembled … all it needs now is one final framing border of the blue and the top will be done.

I couldn’t face the border this afternoon after getting it to this point so I loaded and quilted my Rainbow HeartStrings top. Pantograph is Billowy.

Quilted and Bound

My Scrappy Hourglass top was quilted and bound today. It’s #18 of 18 tops to be quilted started in June that I wanted to finish by the end of July – with a trip coming up I knew I had to finish early. Goal achieved!

Pantograph is Dollop


Sue’s 30’s Coins top is quilted and bound. It’s #17 of 18 to be quilted before the end of the month and I’ll be done before we travel on Friday.

Pantograph is Steam


#16 of 18 is quilted … this HeartStrings top was sent to me by AnnG. Pantograph is Flounce. Keith gets home tomorrow and then I’ll get started on binding the 3 that got quilted this week.

I mistimed the rain today and got soaked on my hike but it cleared up in time for me to have a late lunch by the lake.

Tomorrow and Friday I hope to get the Rainbow HeartStrings blocks sashed and sort some of the scraps to put in the cubbies in addition to binding.


#15 of 18 was quilted today and has been trimmed and is ready for binding. Pantograph is Raindrops. The pattern is Beaded Lanterns and it’s a free Jelly roll quilt.

Mom made a version with a dark background a couple years ago.

I hope you’re not tired of deer photos … this one was just sitting under a tree when I took Finn out to go potty … he didn’t see her (or he would have barked or growled) and she just sat there and watched us.

I love that they feel so comfortable in the yard that they sit down and relax! They like sitting by the steps in the back. I think the first one in the video below is pregnant …


This is #14 of 18 to be quilted by the end of July … I’m making good progress! It’s extremely rare for a top to go straight from the design wall to the longarm but I had the right colored thread on the machine and the next one up needed a backing pieced. Pantograph is Leafy Love.

The binding is already on and ready for hand stitching but Keith is out of town until Thursday afternoon so I’ll hold off on hand stitching the tops quilted this week until he is back – Finn insists on sitting with me and there’s not enough room for me to maneuver the quilt around him!

In the meantime, I’ll knit in the evenings. I was very disappointed in this skein of yarn … It’s been in the Stash for several years and was wound by the on-line store when I bought it … for some reason it was a tangled mess! It’s an expensive skein of yarn and I’m hesitant to trash it so I took the needles off the cable and have set it aside in case I have the patience to try again to untangle it in the future. I pulled another skein this evening and will start over.