It’s mostly deer on the cameras this week again although there were some quick sightings of smaller animals. I love how this group of deer looked at themselves in the reflection of the windows. I also love seeing how they travel together in groups. They seem very social.

And this cat has been back the last couple weeks. I had to look up how long cats are pregnant before giving birth (9 weeks) because this one looks like it’s been pregnant for MONTHS! So either it’s pregnant again … or it’s just a really fat cat. Can you see how big that belly is? It has a collar so it must belong to someone …

Happy Father’s Day

Hope you all had a day filled with family and happiness. We spent our day unpacking and were tired but we were happy to accept Chris’ invitation to meet them for dinner. Becky was there too but somehow I didn’t manage to get a photo with her. THIS is a big part of the reason we decided to make this move.


One of the challenging things about moving so often is that furniture you buy for one house doesn’t necessarily fit well in the next one … or the one after that! Luckily, our sleep number bed fits well and Finn feels more at home back in our bedroom rather than the guest room. This photo reminds me I need to take those pictures off the wall and put some of ours up there.

One of the pieces of furniture that I was struggling to find a place for was the quilt cabinet. We bought it for the Big Canoe condo and when we sold that, it went in the library at the Tampa house. There’s no room for it in the family room but I just couldn’t give it up – I need the storage space for my quilts! So there was a TV mounted on the wall in the corner of our bedroom that we never used and Keith agreed that we could take the TV down and put the quilt cabinet in that corner. That dresser was also from the Big Canoe condo and doesn’t match our bed but I love it and the chest of drawers that matches the bed is in the closet. It doesn’t bother me to have mismatched pieces of furniture and they all hold memories of different places we’ve lived.

Finn was tired after our unpacking so he took a nap while I sewed. I’ve got another 3 yard quilt in progress and just have to add the borders to it. And while we were unpacking and sewing, Keith was driving from Tampa and arrived in time to have dinner with us. So another new chapter in our life begins.

Subscribe by email

You might notice that the subscribe by email link is gone from the side of the blog. It was no longer working and I don’t have time to find another choice right now. Feedburner has notified everyone that they will stop supporting mail subscriptions and apparently they’re no longer adding new ones although I’m still getting a copy by email so current subscribers haven’t been dropped yet but I think all subscriptions are going to stop in July.

I have no idea if I’ll easily be able to find another provider for this service but you can also check out Feedly. It’s a blog reader service where you subscribe to blogs within the program or app and you can see all the updated posts in one place. It’s what I use for reading blogs.

Sylvia emailed me asking for help with subscribing and I did write you back Sylvia, but your email address wasn’t correct or it bounced back for some other reason.


Poor Finn has been anxious the last couple months as we’ve packed up and moved and that has expressed itself in part by being very restless at night. Last night he woke me up with a bark around 1:30 am but I was able to settle him back down and he fell asleep again. This morning, I was wondering why he barked and thought I’d check my cameras to see if there was anything outside at that time … I didn’t hear a thing but look what he heard! We’re still sleeping in the guest room because I haven’t unpacked the linens for our bed so this was right under our window at 1:36 am. He’s got really good hearing!

Making a start

I could have unpacked these tops sometime in the last couple days since they came in the car with me but they’re hung up now. There are twenty five waiting for quilting – that sounds terrible but there are 6 of those 3 yard tops and 3 Strippies. Those should be quick to quilt once I get the longarm set up.

I called the Atlanta area Innova dealer today and she’s going to get back with me but thinks they can probably do it in a couple weeks. Luckily, they’re just about an hour southeast of us so they’re willing to come up here to a big Canoe. Only 3 of these have fabric for backs pulled so that’s another task I have to get on.

And not that I wanted to move anything else but I either gave away more books than I needed to or there are some book bins of mine in Keith’s office. After unpacking all my books, I have extra space on my bookshelves but I can always find something else to put on those empty shelves. As I was putting them on the shelves I came across my very first quilt book. Since I’d never even sewn before and it was before you could find everything online, I needed a book that taught me everything from A to Z.

It’s all here!

They arrived by 8am and three and a half hours later, it was all unloaded. I was afraid they were not going to be able to get into the driveway … and the street is too narrow for anyone to pass if they parked there but he got it backed in. There’s more of a slope on this driveway than the photo shows too, that’s why they’re looking under the truck, to make sure nothing scraped.

The first thing he asked was where the sewing room was … they didn’t complain about having to cart it all downstairs but I felt kind of bad about it. It all fit and I have some room to maneuver but this will be a challenge for sure. I was careful about how I sorted and packed the bins … precuts, kits, backings, yardage by color, scraps, strings, hat yarn, scarf yarn, blanket yarn …. so once I arrange the bins by type I won’t have to dig through many to get to what I want and all the yardage is in the new clear bins so I can easily see which one of those I need. Once I get the longarm set up in the other room, I’m hoping there will be enough room behind it for me to store some bins too. If so, I’ll probably stack the yarns bins back there.

Obviously, I’ve got a lot of unpacking and organizing to do but I’m going to take it easy and unpack a little and sew a little over the next few weeks and eventually it will all get done.

Moving Day

The phone calls and texts from Keith started shortly after 8am so at least the movers showed up on time. Crossing my fingers that all goes well with the packing up in Tampa today and that it ALL fits! We chose these movers for two reasons. 1) they do a point to point move – only our stuff on the truck and they drive it straight to GA when they’re done. 2) large moving trucks are not allowed in Big Canoe and in the past they had to transfer stuff to a smaller truck and things got lost!

Knitting too!

This was a good day, I was well rested, I got to sew and knit, and the Lightning won their game. Series is tied 1-1. Go Bolts! I’ve been too tired to knit in the evenings the last week or so and I missed several days when we went to Amelia Island but I did knit a little last night and hopefully I’ll get back into my routine of working on some knitting or crochet in the evenings. You can see Finn is content to curl up and sleep again… hopefully he was active enough today to sleep through the night!


Funny to say that on this end … but Big Canoe is home now and Finn and I arrived safely after an almost 9 hour drive. Traffic wasn’t bad until I got south of Atlanta but UGH – so much traffic for a Sunday. Luckily, I won’t have to deal with driving in Atlanta very often. I don’t know how people do that commute day in and day out although I have had some challenging commutes in my time too.

Chris and Rae brought me dinner and Chris helped me carry the longarm downstairs from the car. He also helped move a few things around to get ready for the movers on Thursday. I’m sure I’ll be moving things here and there for weeks but I’m going to try and sew a little on Tuesday. Tomorrow I’ve got to get myself organized and run a couple errands.

Finn did great on the drive and was a bit overly excited when Chris and Rae arrived but he’s sacked out now. It was a long day for him too.