Rail Fence quilts

I should be packing … I could be making the last few chisel Star blocks but I’m puttering on the iPad. Someone was asking about Rail Fence quilts … one of my favorite patterns with lots of variations. Maybe it’s time to make another one?

You can find my notes/instructions on most of these by searching Rail Fence on my website.

Cast on

I’ve been crocheting more blankets than knitting … it’s much quicker but I decided it was time to knit another one. I’ve been knitting hats but those are in the round and I don’t want to get rusty when it comes to knitting flat like blankets and scarves. This one is a kit from BluPrint – I’d show you my blanket but there’s less than 2 inches of it so far. It’s going to take me a while!

I’m still listening to the Dear Bob and Sue audiobook about a couple’s visits to all the National Parks, I had to check it out again – I only listen while I’m knitting or crocheting and it takes a long time to get through an audiobook. It’s been fun hearing about the parks we’ve visited as well as the ones we haven’t. Makes me want to add a few more to my list of visited! I’ve been looking through my photos as they come to a park we’ve been to – I’d almost forgotten about our Dry Tortuga’s National Park visit, we were there in 2007, but we had just been talking about that trip to Key West and how hot it was. It didn’t bother me … you know it’s going to be hot and humid in the Keys in September but Keith was pretty miserable. I gave him a hard time because he grew up in South Florida. I guess the timing was just bad on our part and I haven’t been able to get him back to the Keys since that visit.

September 2007

Several people wrote and told me they were going to read the Dear Bob and Sue book too so I thought I’d share another of my favorite authors – Nevada Barr has a series of mysteries that take place in the National Parks. Click here and See the Anna Pigeon books listed at the top of the page.

A free day

Actually, two free days … I love not having stuff already scheduled. This morning I finished crocheting the granny square afghan, made more chisel stars, and then we went for a bike ride along the bay to the village. I know I just shared a photo yesterday but I have enough blocks done now that you can see the light tessellating stars that form where the blocks come together. . I just need 20 blocks for this quilt so you can see how fast these are to make.

Does it count as exercise when you’re biking somewhere to have a beer?!

March’s precut

EDIT – Stephanie corrected me … March’s precut doesn’t have to be in a bundle! I guess I saw fat quarters and moved right to my project using a bundle of them!

Loose FQs, big chunks, 1/8s, fabric club stuff, all is fair game for March.

I know it’s not March yet but my schedule is very hectic over the next few months so I’m working when I can … rather than starting a new project that won’t get finished before the end of the month, I’m starting my fat quarter quilt now … technically I shouldn’t even be piecing because I have unpacking and laundry to do, still lots of work on the taxes, and another trip on Thursday but since we came home early from St Martin, this counts as a free day to me! So I’m spending some quality time with Finn and doing a little sewing.

I wanted to use one of my dies along with the fat quarters so I chose my chisel die, I haven’t used it in quite a while so I paired it with the 3 inch finished HST die and started piecing. I wanted to put a few blocks up on the wall before deciding if I was going to mix up the fabrics in each block or stick with one … I’ve decided to go with just one fabric plus the background in each block … I’ll use 10 or 11 fat quarters for this quilt.

A little vacation

We’re in St Martin for a few days … vacation for me although Keith has work. We had a beautiful group sail this afternoon … always the highlight of these trips for me. I didn’t take many photos because I was busy enjoying myself.

It’s not a bad resort … but right next to the airport which isn’t ideal. We had originally planned to extend our trip a couple days but while we’re enjoying ourselves, it’s not quite the peaceful place we’d hoped for so we’ll head home earlier than we expected. That’s not a bad thing, less boarding time for Finn and more time for me before the next trip.

Dinner on the water

I’m not sewing this weekend but I have been working on the granny square blanket and am enjoying it so much I looked up a pattern for a granny square ripple to try next. I have made progress on my non-sewing to do list and we took time out for a bike ride late this afternoon and had dinner at Ballast Point Park, sitting by the water. Beautiful!

I do need to start a hat to take with me on my trip. Since they’re so quick and I’m going to be gone almost a week I’ll pack a couple extra skeins too in case I finish it.

I want to sew ….

Just a few days before we head out on a business trip/vacation to St Martin … the Dutch side I think … I want to sew but there are so many things around here I’ve let slide… laundry, mail, straightening up after our company … I got the laundry going, made up the guest bed with clean sheets, and am about to get the mail and pay any bills before we head out. I don’t think I’m going to have time to sew but maybe I’ll trim a quilt, get a binding on … we’ll see.

Believe it or not we’re also house hunting … online. Are you indecisive? I thought Tampa was going to be our eventual retirement home … (I’m 58 and Keith is 57) But it’s looking like I was wrong … believe it or not, we’re looking at homes in Big Canoe … north GA where we just sold our condo a couple years ago. We’ve always loved the area, it’s closer to the kids … and closer to my Mom and my family although we wouldn’t be able to live there full time for now due to the amount Keith travels. I’ve spoken to a realtor and we’re planning a trip next month so we’ll see what happens