Jelly Rolls

Stephanie pulled Jelly Rolls out of the hat for our June precut and I’m getting an early start. This is a kit from BluPrint that I’ve had for a few years.

I didn’t get down to sew until the evening after Keith and Finn went to bed. I had to get Finn to the vet for a teeth cleaning and then run back to get him. He was in a daze most of the afternoon/evening when he got home. Keith is the one up in the morning feeding Finn so I left him a big note so he wouldn’t forget and feed him this morning.

Cuddled up with Mom afterwards.


It was yummy!

Cooking is one of my contributions … I’m lucky that it counts for a LOT with Keith!

A good day

The Lightning won today and are ahead 3 games to 0 in the second round of the playoffs.

I got my walk in at the Meadows and when we got home Keith hung my Mother’s Day present from Adam – I showed you the drawings he did on his last visit … he took them home and redid them all the same size and framed them for me. I know they’re silly but I love them and put them downstairs in my nook by the dinosaur Caleb made for me.

I finished the moss stitch in a square crochet blanket today during the game and now it just needs the ends woven in. The scarf I’m knitting is close to being done too … I might even get it finished tonight? That means I’ll get to start a new quilt, a new crochet blanket, AND a new scarf this week. Starting new projects is always fun for me.

More is better

I should know better than to snap just one photo … my photo albums are clogged with multiple shots that I’m too lazy to delete but I snapped just one of Finn after his grooming today ….

His appointment was at 1pm but they called me at 9am to ask me to bring him early. I got up and took him and then went for a hike …

After picking Finn up … I tried to nap and did sleep a little…. Got up in time for happy hour and then I cooked dinner and watched some TV with Keith … he’s ready to head to bed and I’m going to go downstairs to sew and knit a little.


The blocks are made and I even started assembling the top after taking this photo. The plan is to finish the top on Monday. In addition to the blue border, there will be a narrow white inner border.

If this looks familiar it’s probably because I used the same block for the Red and Black leftovers back in February.

Spoiled with choices

Keith and I had lunch at the lake …

I’d planned to hike while I was out and about and Keith asked where I was going to hike but I hadn’t decided.

  1. A short one mile hike?
  2. Two miles alongside the creek?
  3. Four miles to the lower falls and back?

All 3 are favorites but today I chose the 4 mile hike to the lower falls and back. It’s in the mid 80’s here today and feeling a lot like summer. Luckily, I did remember to bring a bottle water with me!

I didn’t get far

Our April challenge was leftovers and since I was in Maine, I want to catch up. I probably should have stuck with my first choice … grab the doll quilt bin and piece a small top from leftovers but I had a bin with a bunch of leftover fat quarter pieces. I started cutting before I realized I wouldn’t have enough fabric to make the quilt as planned so it’s on to plan B. It’s cut and ready to sew and I’ll add a border to make it a bit larger.

Ravelry Queue

I save all kinds of projects in my Ravelry queue but maybe I don’t look through it often enough. I saw a link to a knit cowl that I like on Pinterest tonight and when I went to Ravelry to look it up I found it’s been in my queue since 2016!! Maybe 2022 will be the year it gets made. If you want to check it out … here’s the link.

Simple sewing

I wanted something simple to sew today so I dug in the project bin with the kits/projects I’d put together in January and pulled one for a Happy Block quilt. Just 3 fabrics in this one which makes it quick and easy to sew. The blocks are finished and I’ll assemble the top tomorrow.

I also got out for a 2 mile walk.

Round 2 of the playoffs begin to tonight so I’ll watch Game 1 and work on my crochet blanket. Go Bolts!

Go Bolts!

We had a quiet evening at home – happy hour on the porch and then we watched the Lightning win game 7 and advance to round 2 of the playoffs. Go Bolts!