Slow progress

Back to walking but it’s very hot out there and today I had to take a break and sit in the shade for a few minutes. Luckily, there’s a nice little park on my 3 mile route.


Nothing to show in the sewing room although I did get a top loaded on the longarm and made some more blocks for the Flock of Geese quilt.

Missing Keith

Unfortunately, Keith had to travel today and he’s missing the last day and a half of Adam’s visit so this post is for him!

We went to lunch at Ruby Tuesday and then went to Barnes and Nobles. We found lots of books AND a couple dinosaurs for Caleb.


Then we came back home and dug through our change filling in our coin collection books …


They had a bit of sunburn from yesterday … so we saved the swimming for after dinner when the pool was shaded.


And after the kids went to bed … a game of Phase 10…and I won!


Lucky again

The A/C problem turned out to be a bad breaker and not a problem with the unit. I also found out that the two units were mixed up on our inspection report and the one upstairs is the newer unit (8-9 years old). We still have a 16 year old unit but for now it’s working.

I had an appointment for a massage today … the woman I usually go to has left so I tried someone new, she was OK but won’t end up as my new massage therapist.

After dealing with the A/C guy and going out for my masage, it was time for the Tour de France so it was another day I didn’t get into the sewing room.

I did cast on another scarf but not the one for me, that yarn needs winding into a ball. I cast on the feather and fan scarf and got two inches in before making a mistake and ending up off one stitch. It’s not a hard pattern but I decided I didn’t want to think that hard while watching the Tour so I pulled it out and cast on another garter stitch crescent scarf to donate.

Paperwork came for the Big Canoe sale … we’ll have to get it signed and notarized and overnight it back on Friday but it looks like we’re on track for a Monday closing.

Do you cook?

I don’t post much about cooking but I do cook. In the last couple years I’ve bought both an Air Fryer and an Instant Pot and I use both of them all the time!

I recently tried this recipe for the Instant Pot and it was good although I am going to tweak it a little the next time I make it. I’d like to add red onion which I use in one of my other pasta dishes but I’m still trying to avoid onion in my diet …. green onion however is OK so I’ll try that first … also, I use mozzarella in my bruschetta pasta dishes so I want to try that chopped up in small cubes in addition or maybe in place of the parmesan.


If you have an Instant Pot, or are interested in one, check out the link above and her other recipes … she just posted this one and I’m pretty sure I’m going to try it too.



My upstairs A/C unit is not cooling … and it’s July in FL! You might be wondering how that makes me lucky? Luckily, we have two units and the one downstairs IS working.

Our Tampa townhouse is a large, two story house with 3 bedrooms upstairs. Because of my quilting, we only have one guest bedroom upstairs and since we need two bedrooms when either of the boys visit us, we have a daybed and trundle set up in Keith’s office downstairs (his office is actually the formal dining room and we added French doors for privacy).

So I’m also lucky that I have an actual bed downstairs where the air is working to sleep on tonight.


I’ve got someone coming tomorrow morning to look at it – the unit is 16 years old so I need to do some research and see if repair even makes sense.


I know not everyone likes setting goals or keeping track of their progress with their quilting or knitting hobbies but it’s always been important to motivating and keeping me on track.

Half the year is over and all things considered, I’m happy with my progress. (There are some doll quilts included in the numbers so they don’t all represent larger projects.)

Goals – progress through Jun 30, 2018

  • 10 UFOs completed (goal 12)
  • 17 tops quilted (goal is one per week I’m not traveling and I’m just off by 1 so I should be able to catch up)
  • 14 new starts (5 are finished, 7 are finished tops, 2 are still in pieces)
  • 6 knit scarves for donation are finished (one is a UFO from last year) and #7 is in progress

More cutting

I’ve reached the point in my RWB quilt where I needed to cut more half square triangles so I got them cut and all paired up by the machine ready to sew. Just 11 more blocks to make.

Do you “precut” your scraps or do you leave them alone until you’re ready to make a quilt? It’s always been my process to have my scraps separated by color in bins and when I’m ready to make a scrap quilt pull out and cut the fabric. While I’ve never wanted to commit my scraps by precutting them, I’m at the point where the scraps are overflowing their assigned bins and I’ve decided that I’ll do some selective precutting.

I think tumbler quilts are a great way to use up scraps, I use a lot of 4 inch half square triangles, I have a couple quilts I want to make using 2.5 inch strips, and I’m going to make that Flock of Geese in brown and green that uses 6 and 3 inch finished half square triangles so… I’d like to do enough cutting to start getting control of the scraps but … I need a way to organize the different shapes and keep them out of my way as I’m working.

Since I hadn’t been released to drive yet after my surgery, Keith took me to my post-op appointment this morning and then we stopped for lunch and he was nice enough to wait while I went looking at the container store.

So many options!!


I didn’t want something too big or too small and I think this 5 drawer bin will work. It should fit against the wall near the cutting table and the table I use the GO on so it should be easy to cut and drop the shapes in the drawer keeping everything neat and organized.


My new scarf is progressing too … this is a deep red but the lighter areas are creating some interest as I make progress.  Can you see how content Finn is to sit with me while I knit? He’s a great knitting buddy!