It’s insanely busy but it’s FUN! The I-Spy Double 4 patch top is done.

Brief quilt notes can be found on the website at this link.

At times like this I LOVE my big board. I’ve been suffering though a major bout of sciatica the last month and not having to crawl on the floor to measure and pin borders is a bonus!

See that bin on the left side of the photo above?! It’s times like this when I know I have no hope of ever using up the stash. I’ve pieced 3 tops from this bin of leftover novelty fabrics in the last week and you’d never know. Not that I mind it still being full. I love making these kids quilts and there will be many more Happy Block quilts in my future.

Every time I looked out the window today there were deer in the yard. This one strolled right by the window.


I’ve got partial strips of the solids I’m using for the Happy blocks leftover … enough of them to use in their own quilt with the novelty scraps … so I debated something with a 9 patch or a 4 patch … I pulled a “neutral” and a possible framing border this afternoon.

Tonight, I just had to give some double 4 patch blocks a try. It’s BUSY! Now I’m trying to decide if it’s too busy and I’m waffling … I can always make a doll quilt with the blocks so I think I will make a few more blocks before I decide whether or not to abandon the child size quilt and just use the blocks in a doll quilt. Nine blocks would work size wise for the doll quilt so I’ll start with that and then make my decision.

That was fast!

An hour and a half of sewing this afternoon and the 2nd set of Happy Blocks are ready to assemble. Depending on what Keith and I decided to do tomorrow, I may have some time to sew and could get them sewn together. If not, maybe Tuesday – Monday I’ll load and quilt a top. I want to get 5 quilted this month before we travel.

Dinner out

We drove to Canton for dinner with the kids … there just happened to be a “festival” with a band downtown so we stopped by for a while after we ate to listen to the music. Pop and his girls might have had some ice cream afterwards too!


I hadn’t picked up a bear this year on the cameras although Keith said a neighbor saw one walking down the street a couple months ago. I was a bit shocked when I checked the cameras this evening and found this video … Keith was in his office, I was in the sewing room and neither of us saw anything.


I found out yesterday that my HeartStrings friend Rebecca had passed away and spent some time looking through photo albums and remembering our time together. She was my binding buddy at the Maine sew-ins and I will miss her. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to help lead the HeartStrings group for the last 15 years and for the opportunity to have met so many caring quilters like Rebecca through my work with them.

Almost assembled

The blocks are sashed and the sections assembled … all it needs now is one final framing border of the blue and the top will be done.

I couldn’t face the border this afternoon after getting it to this point so I loaded and quilted my Rainbow HeartStrings top. Pantograph is Billowy.


I didn’t sew a stitch today but I got a lot of my errands done and checked off the list. I also viewed the last few days of video recorded by my wildlife cameras. I love seeing all the baby deer this time of year!

The lot next to us

There are two lots on our dead end street that haven’t been built on … one was sold a while back but the other one just came up for sale … and it’s right next to us… I’ve convinced Keith that it would be nice not to have anyone living/building next to us so we’ve put an offer in on the lot. The downside is that there are POA fees the upside is not having anyone on that side! Wish us luck.

A little of this … a little of that

Finn’s grooming appointment was today so after dropping him off I went for a hike.

And then I sewed a while. I’ve got half of the blocks assembled for Maureen’s king size quilt …. And am working on the second half… and then I’ll add a border of the blue.