Christmas Stocking

I bought the stocking die last year and never got around to using it so I decided to give it a try. I don’t like the instructions that came with the die and adapted them some but I definitely need to look at some stocking patterns and see if I can make some improvements. This one will do however … it’s just meant to hold a few small gifts. I only have plans to make one more this year but I feel like this could be a good donation project down the road.

Counting Down

Just a week before we head up to celebrate Mom’s 90th birthday and this photo popped up in my Facebook memories. It’s one of my favorites from exactly 10 years ago … with Mom (we were celebrating her 80th birthday) and two of my sisters – Maureen and Ann.

I finished cutting the HSTs for my sister’s king size quilt today and I’ll take those with me to VA next week for Mom to piece the blocks. I’m moving a little slower than expected due to a significant sciatica episode. I’m hoping I can get things settled down before we have to drive 9 hours each way next weekend!

480 Half Square Triangles

I started cutting the HSTs for my sister’s king size quilt. It’s a two color/ two fabric quilt which at least makes the cutting a little simpler. Mom’s going to piece the blocks and then I’ll assemble the top and quilt it. We have no deadline. It gets done when it gets done.

Thank goodness for my Accuquilt GO – it’s my favorite way to make HSTs. I’ve cut all the blue rectangles needed but will need to cut more of the white. Each baggie holds 96 triangles (48 blue and 48 white) … enough for 3 blocks … and I’ve layered the fabric right sides together before cutting so it should be easy for Mom to just pick them up and sew.

Nine blocks down … 21 to go. I need to cut all of these before we head to VA on the 10th to celebrate Mom’s 90th birthday!


The coyote is still coming around but just a couple times in the last couple weeks … or at least just caught on camera twice. I had to laugh at how cautiously that cat was coming out from under the stairs too. maybe it sensed something nearby?

Donation day!

I was able to get a bunch of things donated today. It’s nice to move them along to someone in need.

  • 4 “girl” quilts for donation via the Big Canoe quilt guild
  • 13 knit scarves
  • 38 knit hats

Big Canoe is having a coat drive and I wrote the coordinator and asked if they could use hats and scarves too and she was thrilled to receive them.

I still have 15 quilts to wash and get donated via the local guild within the next week or two.

An extra day

Chris came yesterday to pick the girls up and stayed for dinner and the night. Today, I went hiking at Amicalola Falls State Park with them. It’s one of our favorite places around here to hike.

I have plans to “retreat” the rest of the week and work on string blocks. I’m leaning toward another set of Strips and Strings rail fence blocks but we’ll see what I decide on once I open up the string bins. By the end of the holiday weekend I expect to hit my goal for our HeartStrings 365 blocks challenge for 2021. Of course, there will be some more hat knitting too!

More fun today

The girls and I went for a short hike today … we wanted to play some soccer too but it rained last night and it was too wet on the field.

Chris came for dinner and they’re spending the night so we’ll have time to spend with them tomorrow too.

A busy day

Learning to knit a bracelet…making one for Mo too, Yoga, reading with Pop, watching a movie … and more. The girls are tucked in for the night and I’m going to knit a while before going downstairs to join them.

Off my needles

Hat #26. I started this one with a partial skein of unlabeled DK weight yarn … when I was knitting the ribbed brim I decided that I wasn’t going to have enough yarn for the hat I’d intended and just made it up from there!

The stack of hats on the right … are those I’ve finished in the last few weeks and while I was organizing in the “bin room” yesterday, I found the other hats that were waiting for donation – those are the stack on the left.