I love this vintage Trip around the World quilt but I know it’s not something I would make. Too many long strip sets!

Quilt photo from eBay

However, one of Eleanor Burns Quick Trips is a more realistic possibility. I need to find my book … it’s around here somewhere!


I’m a little obsessed with shells right now … (I must have an obsessive personality – first ripples, then linen stitch, and now shells). I thought I remembered a shell Afghan from one of my books and I was right.

This one is from the book 7 Day Afghans and it might just be my next one. I’m almost finished my 2nd cake but I’ve got a long way to go on this current one. I lucked out and the extra cakes I bought at Michaels are the same dye lot so now I have plenty of yarn to make the length proportional to the width! Next time I won’t chain so many!

From the book 7 Day Afghans by Leinhauser and Weiss

Looking for inspiration

When I’m not sewing, I’m looking for inspiration or shopping and we all know that I don’t need to do any more shopping!!! I have a saved search for Vintage Quilts on eBay and get emails with results of the search daily … I find so much inspiration in vintage quilts.

Today before heading out I spent some time looking. Did I mention my bow tie die arrived before I left on my trip?! Of course I’ll have to finish up the Kite top before starting anything else but I’m anxious to make a bow tie quilt from that same blue/green/purple bin of fabric I’ve pulled out for the Kites.

I like both these settings for bow tie blocks and will probably eventually do two quilts, one with each setting.

I love scrappy rail fence quilts and love how that one black rail ties all these blocks together. Do you think those are stitches or basting stitches?!! I’m thinking basting. I might use my string bin for one of these rather than cutting strips.

Another snowball quilt is on my list, next time to be paired with a nine patch block and I love the color arrangement in this vintage quilt.

Speaking of nine patches, I don’t enjoy sashing quilts but I love this homespun 9 patch with this wide sashing!

Seeing this one, made me run to the Accuquilt site to see if my 8 inch Qube set included a square on point die … I’ve said I’m not a big fan of the Qubes because they are smaller dies and cut fewer shapes per pass than many of the other dies but in this case my set does include an on point square … and I’m saving this idea and putting it on my to do list. It’s a very easy quilt but I love it!

I hope you’ve found some inspiration from today’s batch of vintage quilts too.

More inspiration

I was talking about my unused Accuquilt dies the other night when I shared the vintage bow tie quilt. I have a Kite die that hasn’t been used yet.

I’d like to make a scrappy quilt with it — here’s one I found on eBay the other night. The edges on this one look uneven so I’m betting they used diamonds between the kite blocks. The die makes this one a lot easier.

My list keeps getting longer!

Bow Ties

I love this vintage bow tie quilt I found last night on eBay. I want the Accuquilt GO 6 inch bow tie die but I have dies that I haven’t even used yet so I’m holding off for now.

I made this bow tie from a kit about 4 years ago and I thought it turned out really cute. It was donated.

I dislike the method of making triangles from using a square on a corner and trimming them so I wouldn’t make one using that method but this one was made by appliquing the center square on top of a 4 patch so I could always make another one that way.

I also made one from Charm Squares when Rae was little.

I have not managed to get the half Log Cabin top assembled yet. Maybe I’ll find some time tomorrow?! Or maybe Monday. I did finish the little yellow afghan and I’m going to start another one tonight.

Keith and I enjoyed our bike ride today – 10 miles along Bayshore to downtown and back. I’m glad he’s home! He travels a lot and I don’t mind his shorter trips (2-3 days) but I miss him when he’s gone a whole week.

Jelly Rolls

Yes, I have a problem — I can’t resist buying Jelly Rolls on sale. I won’t pay $40 dollars for them but $13 – $18 … yep, I’m in and I always buy more fabric when I’m not getting time in the sewing room so September and October were bad (good?) shopping months for me. Now, it’s time to think about how to use them. You can always do a google image or Pinterest search for Jelly Roll quilts but I thought I’d look at my quilt photos and see what I have that can be made from 2.5 inch strips. Some quilts have borders, some have added backgrounds so I can certainly pull from stash to add to the Jelly Roll or I can just make them borderless. Some I have two or maybe even 3 of the same Jelly Roll and others I have just one.

I’m adding the photos as a slideshow since there are so many of them and it’s nice to have the ideas in one place when I’m ready to start sewing them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do you buy them? What’s your favorite pattern you’ve used to make a Jelly Roll Quilt?


I was looking through my photos and the website today and this Rail Fence caught my eye again … and then Ann said she was working on a quilt kind of based on it too so I thought I’d share it here

HomeSpun Rails instructions on my site

I’m also ready to make another Drunkard’s Path … nothing fancy, just something scrappy.

Instructions on my website

This HeartStrings quilt was another one from Homespuns  … I think I’ve got a few scraps left in a baggie (somewhere) but these three pretty much used the rest of my homespun stash.