Kite quilts

I don’t normally use a lot of white backgrounds in my quilts because I’m afraid of doing a lot of work and the quilt getting stained but I’ve been looking at vintage quilts on eBay again and this quilt appeals to me.

This quilt is in bad shape … but I like how the blocks come together.

I’ve only used my Kite die once and I sashed those blocks. Maybe it’s time to try another quilt with it?!


  1. The old Quilt looks like a Snow ball Quilt. I like the shell stitch afghan. I’ve made a lot of those. There’re fun to make. The first covid shot was great. The second one felt like I got kicked in the arm and for three days I was tired. After that It was fine. Everyone is different. Glad you got your’s. Take care!

  2. Mary, I don’t like using white backgrounds for the same reason. Keeping a white background quilt clean would be a burden to the recipient’s mother, particularly if it was a gift to a young child.
    I would make this with a medium blue background so the kites in dark and light values became stars. A pale to medium grey would also work I think.
    Pondered how to make this quilt. It looks like a solid blue square in between each block and alternating blocks at the beginning of each row would work. The solid blue block would be a square with the solid blue “half diamond” on the kite block forming the sides of the octagon.

  3. I like white backgrounds but agree with you not so 0ractical for children. I have used light grey instead still get the nice contrast but a more user friendly background

  4. You are right to worry about those white backgrounds, Mary. I recently discovered staining on a quilt that DS1 has used (abused) for a number of years. Now, I need to do some research on stain removal to help him get it clean, without causing further damage. :o((

  5. Mary,

    I have an old and beloved quilt gifted to me by a friend who is no longer with us. The quilt has a hole such as you showed in this kite quilt. I have put the quilt away until I can learn how to fix such a hold. Can you or one of the members either tell me how to fix such a whole, or suggest where I might find directions to do so? I am just not experienced in fixing a quilt with a major problem such as mine has.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity you provide for learning on your site.


    Richmond, Virginia

  6. Your quilt is really nice. I just found a pattern in an old quilt book for this particular quilt. I don’t buy any dies now, but I can see how perfect they work on this quilt. I would use bright colors myself as I’m just not into gray. I’m remodeling a new to us house and when I look online for ideas, everything is gray. No colors much at all. The housing fashion guru would probably faint if they saw my yellow walls!

  7. I can see why it appeals to you. To me, too! Isn’t that also called “Periwinkle”?

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