In between a couple of appointments I managed to accomplish a few things today. First, I finished assembling the Split 9 Patch top. I’ll get some brief instructions written up and on the website in the next week or so while it’s fresh in my mind.

I also managed to get a binding made and sewn on the pink flannel squares quilt and that one is ready to hand sew – it’s small and hopefully will be finished tomorrow AND I cast on Hat #4.


I finished up the little Autumn Squares doll top today. I’ll probably hand quilt this one in the big stitch style. I love hand quilting but don’t allow much time for it so these doll quilts are the perfect project.

I always get questions about where I donate these and what size I make them. I don’t currently have a place to donate them so they’re piling up a little but they don’t take much space and I’m going to check to see if one of the places I donate small quilts and afghans can use them. I remember Chris telling me that they give stuffed animals to the kids that come through their organization. If not, I might just buy some dolls at Christmas time and donate them each with a quilt to a local organization that works with kids in need.

As far as what size I make them … it really depends on how much leftover fabric I have. In this case it’s 24 x 28. The smallest I usually go is about 20 x 24 and some of them are about 30 inches square.

I also started cutting the pink and brown leftover quilt – it’s always best to use the leftovers right away otherwise they might never become the quilt I intended them for.

I’m cutting a scrappy background for this one and it’s going to take a while! I’ve got a bin full of small odd shaped pieces and some of them are pretty small.

Luckily, it won’t take as long to cut the brown and pink pieces from the leftover fat quarters.

I debated on blocks size for this one … 7.5 inches finished versus 9 inches finished and went with the 9 inch block. I can make 48 blocks and have a quilt that is 54 x 72 without a border which is a good size for donation.


The Autumn Windmills top is done. Thanks for the input on the border … most of you seemed to feel like I did that the darker one was a better frame for these blocks.

And since I just can’t waste the leftover bits of the strip sets, there’s a doll quilt too. I’ve got the pieces sewn together already and I’ll put a small border on it tomorrow.

I’ve set aside the other leaf print with a green and a neutral fabric and will probably use it for one of the 3 fabric quilts using the leaf as the focus fabric.


The Monkey Wrench top is done and I love how it turned out. I will write this one up for the website within the next week or so.


Attending the closing and making the associated phone calls that I needed to make afterwards today took more time than expected so I won’t get 2 more tops quilted before we travel but I did get one loaded on the longarm and ready to quilt – I’ll get it started tonight or tomorrow, and I got another little leftover flannel quilt pieced. I cut these squares out this weekend and now it’s a small top.

It’s simple, but a nice little warm blanket for someone in need and a good way to use those leftover backing pieces.

The leftover flannel bin has been put away for now. When I get back from our Minneapolis trip it will be time to play with some fat quarters!

It’s a top

I think I might squeeze in one more of these before we travel next week while I’ve got the flannel scraps out. Squares was inspired by Stephanie from my HeartStrings group.

Keith and I took a drive and went out to lunch before I spent a couple hours downstairs working in the sewing room. There are several mountain towns within an easy drive and Dahlonega is one of our favorites. There’s an antique mall there we like to wander through and I found a cute picture for Adam’s room and Keith even got it hung for me.

He’s not the handiest guy around the house but he can usually manage small tasks … and this time he only put ONE hole in the wall getting this hung. I’m not complaining … he has many other talents that are more important to me!


The fish blocks have been assembled into a finished top.

I’ve got several appointments the rest of the week but I’ll be working on getting the binding on these 4 and ready to hand sew… next week I’ll get one more quilted before we travel.


It’s insanely busy but it’s FUN! The I-Spy Double 4 patch top is done.

Brief quilt notes can be found on the website at this link.

At times like this I LOVE my big board. I’ve been suffering though a major bout of sciatica the last month and not having to crawl on the floor to measure and pin borders is a bonus!

See that bin on the left side of the photo above?! It’s times like this when I know I have no hope of ever using up the stash. I’ve pieced 3 tops from this bin of leftover novelty fabrics in the last week and you’d never know. Not that I mind it still being full. I love making these kids quilts and there will be many more Happy Block quilts in my future.

Every time I looked out the window today there were deer in the yard. This one strolled right by the window.


I did have a little time downstairs today … I-Spy Happy Block top #2 is assembled. I’m debating between a snowball or double 4 patch I-Spy next …


The first Happy Block top is assembled!

One pair will be a challenge for the boy to find … one fabric had a variety of vehicles and I wasn’t thinking when I cut the two squares … one has a fire truck and one a school bus …. Hopefully it won’t frustrate him too much! All the others should be easy to match up.

I’ve got the 2nd one cut and all ready to sew. In the past when I’ve made these scrappy Happy Blocks with HeartStrings I’ve just sewn a bunch of blocks ( enough for 2 or more quilts) and then tossed them up on the design wall and moved them around. This time I’m making them as iSpy quilts and each novelty fabric is in the quilt twice, that means I want them spaced out, and the frame colors to work well with their neighbors so it’s easier to plan it all out like this … on the first one I was constantly checking the placement as I cut and sewed … this one will be quicker to grab and sew since the placement is already planned out.

There are a number of different versions of these Happy Blocks on the website. As I mentioned, you can cut them any size you want. For these I’m making 30 blocks using squares cut 5.5 inches. Frames are cut 2.5 inches — the block will finish at 9 inches (9.5 with seam allowances and the quilts will finish at 45 x 54.

Here are the links to Happy Blocks on the website