More procrastinating

The Nice Stitch Cowl is still waiting to be closed with the Kitchener stitch … but I needed something easier so I started another Be Simple Variation scarf a couple nights ago. I’ll take this with me on our trip next week.

Put away

The tangled mess of yarn has been put away … but not thrown away. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll have the patience to untangle and finish the project but after wasting a number of hours on it … I just wanted to knit so I pulled another skein of Wollmeise and started over.

The cowl I’ve been working on is ready to be joined with the Kitchener stitch … once I have the time and energy to focus on the process. My Corner to Corner knit blanket is still in progress but I am on the 2nd half and I’ve been working on it while we watch the Tour de France.

A couple finishes

I went into the sewing room today planning to start a Jelly Roll quilt … but then started digging in the bins for yardage … and played with a couple ideas on the iPad before chucking it all and decided I’d weave the ends in on the blanket and scarf I’d finish a couple days ago.

The Moss Stitch in a Square blanket is a free crochet pattern found on Ravelry. I used 2 skeins of Caron Big Cake yarn and the blanket measures about 41 inches square.

Waves of Blue is an easy knit scarf pattern also found free on Ravelry.

I’ve got about an hour before I need to start dinner so I’m going to work on the Corner to Corner knit blanket I started last night. I actually pulled one of my books for this one!

A new blanket

I started a new blanket the other night after weaving the ends in on the Pink Shell blanket. This is also a free pattern found on Ravelry that I’ve made a couple times. This is the same stitch as the Linen Stitch that I love so much.

The way the rounds are done, the square is a little skewed but that doesn’t bother me in this Caron Big Cakes yarn. I only have a couple skeins and it’s a square blanket … these are not your typical baby colors but I still like them and someone I’m sure will be grateful to get it.

Off my needles

Finished just under the wire! The pink variegated scarf is done. I like it more than I thought I would although this isn’t the best photo – it’s hard to photograph the true colors at this time of night.

I quickly cast on another easy scarf … with short rows … so I’ll have something to work on during the trip if I want to.

I have progress to report

The Linen Stitch blanket is done!

I wove the ends in on the red scarf …

And I wove the ends in on the Blanket Stitch Afghan.

The pink knit scarf is still in progress and I’m debating whether to start another blanket … I’ve got one more week here so I’m leaning in favor of starting just one more.

Keith is doing fairly well … he still has a fair amount of congestion and pretty significant fatigue but definitely on the mend. We got out for a walk this afternoon. Just 30 minutes and a mile and a half but more than enough for him right now.

A rainy day

We don’t let bad weather upset us when we travel … cold, rainy, or sunny … it doesn’t matter. Today it was mostly rainy. Keith was working downstairs and I was up in the loft area working too. I’m almost done with this crochet blanket.

The weather cleared up some this afternoon and we all got out for a walk.


Just like at home, I’ve now got an “upstairs” and a “downstairs” project going because of course, it’s too much trouble to carry a project back up and down the stairs. The red knit scarf is being work on downstairs and yesterday, I started this blanket upstairs.

I really like how this colorway is working up.

Off my needles

Scarf #5 is done. I’m really enjoying knitting scarves again. I hadn’t done many of them in the last few years but like the hats in the fall, I’m getting back into them and I’ve got LOTS of scarf yarn stashed so it feels good to use some of it up. This is not the best photo. I need to find a place for photographing them here. I always try to squeeze out every inch I can from my yarn and then worry about running out but it wasn’t as close as I thought it was going to be.