I mentioned a while back that I’ve been tempted to get into weaving after watching what Terri has been creating on her loom … but I’ve got way too much on my to do list to even think of taking up a new hobby even if I do have more than enough yarn here! So recently my sister Debbie started posting on Facebook about her new loom and weaving efforts … imagine my surprise this morning to open a package from her with this lovely woven shawl. Which of course led to a text conversation about looms! NO … I am not buying a loom … at least not this year! This will be nice for those dinners in over cooled Florida restaurants or when traveling – I always get cold in airports


In the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy my knitting! Progress is being made on another donation scarf while we watched the Tour de France.


Cast off

I probably could have knit another row before casting off but after running out of yarn for the first time ever during the cast off on my last scarf, I decided to play it safe and use the yarn weight given in the pattern.


This is the Yowza Weigh it Scarf but I added a ribbed edge instead of the ruffle on this one. It’s a crescent shape and really warm and cozy!


The yarn looks more brown in the photo but it’s a pretty burgundy with lighter red highlights. This one along with 7 other scarves will be donated this fall. My Mom’s Church in VA has a group that makes and donates scarves from donated yarn so instead of yarn, I’ll donate the finished scarves.

Tour de France

This is something you won’t normally see – I never sit in the family room and watch TV when Keith is out of town except during the Tour de France. Hours of knitting each night cuddled up with Finn! I’m making good progress on the burgundy scarf and am already knitting the ribbed edge. Of course there are LOTs of stitches on my needles so it will still take a little while to finish it up but I think I’m going to cast on something for me after this one – I’ll have 8 to donate next time I go up to VA.



I left the house for the first time in a week … definitely on the mend now.

My Knitting is progressing and I cast off the multi rib scarf a couple nights ago. (It does need blocking but I love it)  It will go in the donation pile.


Last night I picked up my Party of Five cowl … I’ve just got one section left but I should have left myself better notes, it took a while to figure out where I was.


I’ve got a new scarf I want to try, a feather and fan pattern and I pulled a couple yarn possibilities.


I won’t start it yet because it’s one that I have to look at the pattern to knit … those I listen to audiobooks and the Party of Five Cowl is a one of those also where I have to follow the pattern and count rows… but I am going to cast on a Yowza shawl tonight while I watch some Netflix on the iPad (I’m in a up all night, sleep all morning routine right now) and I need mindless knitting for watching TV (Wallander – very slow but good when you get into it. Perfect for knitting –  not a lot of action). I’m going to put a rib edging on this one rather than the ruffle I usually do!


I’m making progress on my RWB half square triangles too but I won’t share a photo because it looks basically the same as the other day but with a few more blocks up on the design wall. I’m more than half way done with making the blocks now.


Keith is watching Finn so I can rest but he did come up and sit with me while I knit for a little bit this afternoon. He’s such a sweet boy!


I’m loving knitting this scarf but as you can see the edges are curling and it will need some blocking. It’s going to make a great donation scarf, soft and warm.

Cast on

Since there’s nothing to show in the sewing room — I continue to piece triangles and I’ve loaded and started one of the t-shirt quilts that I’m helping Mom with but haven’t finished it – I’ll show my knitting again.

I shouldn’t bother saying what I’m going to work on next because it seems to change more often than not. I decided I wanted a project with shorter rows to work on after my surgery (Thursday) so it would be easier to pick up and put down.

Easy Multi Rib scarf – free pattern on Ravelry

Yarn is Miss Babs Yowza but I’ve lost the tag so I don’t know the colorway.


I’ve finished the Catherine the Great audiobook and have moved on to The Oregon Trail by Rinker Buck.

We’ve got a contract on Big Canoe but until we get past the inspection on Monday I’m not counting my chickens … we’ve done a lot of work and the appliances and HVAC systems are all new but it’s still an older building so we’ll see. It’s a cash buy and they wanted to close on July 16 at first but last night the realtor said they would like to close sooner as in June 29th … timing sucks because I really needed to make another trip to clear the last of the personal stuff out but Chris and Becky are going to help so assuming the inspection goes OK, we should have it sold in 2-4 weeks. I was afraid that I’d be sad but we’re ready to let go of the challenges of managing a vacation home in a different state especially since we don’t get there often enough to make it truly worth the money we spend on it

Best of all, Keith comes home tomorrow!