Off my needles

This accordian hat from the book Baby Beanies shows why you need a styrofoam hat head! I was pretty disappointed when it came off the needles…

…but after putting it on hat head … it looks cute! The only problem is that the pattern said the hat would fit a child 2 and older but it’s big so I don’t think it’s going to fit the intended 2 year old. Not a big deal, it won’t go to waste. The color is more true to life in this photo. And see that tiny scrap of yarn? After all the looking and sorting in the yarn closet yesterday, I didn’t even need the second skein!

I love it when my decreases come together nicely! She’s gotten a little beat up through the moves but hat head still does a great job – you can find an inexpensive one at Amazon.

And it just so happens I came across this video this morning … isn’t my little Rae the sweetest?! She couldn’t have been much older than Mo in this video and I have NO idea why the video looks like it’s sideways but it should play in the right orientation.

Finished #22

You know that I’ve been a bit obsessed with afghans this year … mostly crochet but I did knit a couple small ones also. This is most likely my last one for the year as I’m trying to finish up some hats.

  • pattern is Easy Ripple
  • yarn is Caron Big Cakes in the Plum Pudding colorway
  • hook size is H
  • blanket size is 45 x 61 inches using 3 Big Cakes


This top pieced from the leftover Jelly Roll strips from Mom’s Bento box counts for my October’s precut … just a little late but I did help Mom with hers and quilted it so it’s kind of like doing 2 for the month!

I think both of these little ones turned out really cute! The Jelly Roll was on sale at BluPrint when I bought it – add a background fabric and you get two small quilts – not a bad deal!

I’m also making progress on the ripple afghan. These are so easy to do but look so nice in the Caron Big Cake yarn!

I’m going to run over to Michaels later and look for some “guy” hat yarn and I might just check to see if they have any of the Big Cakes on sale … not that I need more yarn but I’m OK with buying on sale as long as it’s being used!

Making a start on my list

It’s Sunday and while I thought we’d take a bike ride, it was in the low 50’s today so we decided we’d walk over and watch some football at the local pub instead. We only watched the first half and it wasn’t looking good for the Vikings when we left but they won!

Keith’s Redskin’s are doing so poorly this year, it’s hard for him to get excited … he didn’t even wear his team colors today … I’ll be glad when Movember is over and he shaves! – I know it’s a good cause and Men’s health deserves attention but I prefer him clean shaven!

I started back to work today (I didn’t do anything yesterday after getting home!!! 32 hours of driving in 4 days … I was TIRED!)

This morning I started the rectangle blocks from the leftover jelly roll strips and I started and already cast off the first hat too – I snapped this photo before I was done but I won’t have another photo before the ends are woven in and I’m going to try to put a PomPom on it.

The yarn is Caron Cupcake and I’m not really following a pattern except for the number of stitches and the crown decreases. The pattern that comes with the yarn is knit flat and then seamed but I prefer to knit in the round.

This is the time of year I like to make hats for a couple little girls! I already have two others made so I’ll probably do one more of these and then I have plans for some donation hats.

It’s fun to look back through my photos and see pictures of the girls wearing the hats that Gram made them! Do you knit or crochet hats?!

Another Ripple

I was ready to start a new crochet project and after looking through my Ravelry Queue decided I needed something easy … so I started another Easy Ripple tonight. Yarn is Caron Big Cakes and the colorway is Plum Pudding. Hook size is H.