Moving on

Several of you commented about using my left foot to sew with and I have been doing that … I’d forgotten how easy it was to manage the pedal with my left foot but it’s also easier on the Elna than the Jane because I have a speed control dial so I can’t go but so fast!

No photo of it yet but I’m about half way done assembling the first Plus quilt. I’ll have enough squares leftover for a doll quilt too. Just a simple one with alternating colored and background squares. Rae has requested that the next doll quilt be a little bigger so she can put more than one doll under it! I need to cut some more gray squares.

I’ve done as much knitting as I have sewing… maybe more. I alternate between the two so I can have my foot elevated some. The Blue hat is finished. This is one I started in February I think and it got set aside.

It looks big on my hat head but she has a little head … this is large enough for a guy but it also fits me with a big overlap on my ears ( that makes it nice and warm). It’s nice to have a “one size fits most” hat when you’re donating them.

And rather than start a new project, I pulled out another UFO last night … that’s the scarf you saw sitting on my lap in the library photo. I’m rather proud of myself for resisting a new start!


The third blue hat is finished. I managed to untangle enough of the yarn to finish it off last night without having to cut the yarn.

The fall is hat knitting season for me so expect to see some more hat knitting in the next few weeks. I’ve already pulled out another one that I started months ago so it shouldn’t take long to finish up. I’m also anxious to start another crochet blanket. I’ve almost got the first set of plus blocks made too so progress is being made even though it’s at a fairly slow pace.

Another Hat

Not much going on here, I’m resting with my ankle elevated for the most part … reading, crochet, knitting, and some iPad games. Finn stays snuggled up close. The hat on the needles doesn’t look like much but I like how much stretch it has and it will look completely different on.

I see the Orthopedic Dr in the morning and hope to come home in a boot and more mobile!

Another Ripple

I started to use this yarn for another project but I didn’t like the drape. It’s not as soft as some I use but I think it feels even less soft coming right after the Mandala Ombré yarn which was super soft. I’ve only got two skeins so I don’t know how long it’s going to end up but I chained 130 to start it.

  • Pattern – Easy Ripple – found free on Ravelry
  • Hook size – I
  • Yarn – Caron Jumbo – colorway is Garden Grows


I’ve even got all the ends woven in on this one. I’m trying to get better about not setting projects aside to finish “later” — I still have a number of scarves that are on my UFO list just because they need ends woven in and/or blocking!

  • Pattern – Easy Linen Stitch blanket – from a BluPrint kit and not available online but see below for a couple different tutorials on Linen Stitch crochet blankets.
  • Hook Size – I
  • Yarn – Lion Brand Mandala Ombré – colorway is Joy
  • My blanket size is 37 x 46 and took 4 skeins

Both of the tutorials below also have videos but it’s an easy stitch so you might not need to watch a video. I love this stitch, it goes fast, and the blanket has a great drape! I’ve used it to make 3 blankets now. Keep in mind I haven’t used either tutorial, I just did a Google search for Linen Stitch crochet blankets in case anyone wants to try one of their own!

I’ve also finished the binding on the doll quilt so I just have to soak/wash it to get my markings out and that will be the 3rd of 4 things on this week’s list to be finished and the magic loop hat won’t be far behind.

Another new start

I’ve made good progress on the Rail Fence and Friendship Star blocks … just a few more blocks to make and while I should have frogged the Feather and Fan scarf and started over with a different pattern, I started a new blanket instead. The scarf is just not draping well with the yarn/needle combination and luckily I haven’t gotten too far with it. I like the pattern so I will try it again later … maybe with some sock yarn.

  • Pattern – Linen Stitch blanket – Pattern came with a BluPrint kit, haven’t been able to find it online.
  • Hook size – I
  • Yarn – Mandala Ombré – colorway Joy

This may be my new favorite yarn and I’m pretty sure I’m going to need an additional skein for this blanket so I ordered more, a lot more! I’ll cross my fingers and hope the dye lot is similar.


Yep, another finish!

  • Pattern – Woodland Ripple – found free on Ravelry
  • Yarn – Caron Big Cakes – colorway is Grape Jelly – approximately 2.75 skeins used
  • Hook size – I
  • Finished size is approximately 44 x 56 which is a nice lap size blanket for an adult or a good size for a child too.

Both this blanket and the quilt shown in the previous post will be donated.


More packing, some errands, and since I’d finished up in the sewing room … crochet and knitting to fill the remaining hours of the day. My Woodland Ripple is moving along quickly thanks to the Lightning game last night and the Tour de France tonight (we tape the race and watch it in the afternoon on weekends and in the evenings during the week). I love the texture of this ripple pattern and while it’s a little more involved than a simple ripple, it’s still very easy.

Since I want a smaller project to work on in the car, I also started a knit scarf.

  • Pattern – Feather and Fan Scarf – found free on Ravelry.
  • Yarn – LionBrand Heartland – colorway is Olympic
  • Needles – size 9

Just like my fabric stash, my yarn stash is extensive … probably more than I’ll ever actually knit or crochet into finished projects but I love being able to dig through it and find yarn for a project and just get started! Both of these projects are from stash yarn.

Off my needles – finally

I don’t know why this one took so long to knit but it’s finally done! This was a kit from BluPrint and while I love cotton yarn, this one was rather splitty and even worse had a ton of knots in it. The blanket just took 1 and a half skeins but I had lots of ends to weave in which was very disappointing. Not weaving ends in is one reason I like big skeins of yarn! This isn’t a large blanket but it’s perfect for throwing over the baby in the stroller or car seat.

  • Pattern – Little Bundle Baby Blanket
  • Needles – size 6
  • Yarn – Spritely yarn Cotton Worsted – colorway Dusky Pink
  • Size is about 33 inches square

This is the 3rd blanket finished since I’ve been home – 2 were already in progress and one was started and finished in the last few weeks – I’ve got to get some quilts and blankets donated while I’m in GA!