That was fast or maybe the blue/gray knit one took so long it just seemed fast but I’ve finished the Linen Stitch blanket. I’m using a pattern from a kit I purchased a while back but you can find a similar blanket at this link.

  • Yarn is Lion Brand Mandala Ombre, colorway is Serene
  • Hook size is I
  • I used 4 skeins and the blanket size is approximately 34 x 47

I’m going to have to look through my projects and Ravelry queue because I don’t have the next one lined up yet. I also don’t know if I’ll get it done but I’m going to start hand stitching one of the bindings down tonight before going to bed.

More finishes

This little blanket has been waiting just to have the ends woven in so since I had to stop quilting because of the storm, I finally finished it off. This yarn and pattern are one of my favorite combinations.

  • Pattern – Blanket Stitch – found free on Ravelry
  • Yarn – Lion Brand Ice Cream Big Scoop – colorway Blueberry
  • Hook size – H
  • I used about 1.5 skeins and the blanket measures about 41 x 52

I also finished the binding on the Turtle Strippie last night.

It feels really good to be finishing some things up!

Some finishes

You saw both of these Quick Strippies after I quilted them but now they’ve been bound and are ready to wash and donate. I’m not sure where I’ll end up taking photos here at Big Canoe. The back deck is convenient to the sewing room but doesn’t have the best light although these aren’t bad.

I forget that not everyone recognizes this Quick Strippie quilt that I’ve been making for so many years and don’t always remember to link to the instructions on my website. Click the link above to view them.

I also cast off and wove the ends in on this little knit blanket.

  • Pattern is – Simple Striped Blanket found free on Ravelry.
  • Yarn is Lions Brand Mandala, color way is Spirit
  • Needle size is 6
  • I used about 3.25 skeins and the blanket measures approximately 45 x 56

And I’ve got quilt #3 ready to hand stitch the binding tonight and quilt #4 loaded on the longarm.

Some progress

I finished the knitting on the blue/gray blanket on Sunday night and while I haven’t cast off or woven in the ends, the Lightning were playing Monday night and I needed a mindless project to work on while I was watching the game. I started one of the Linen Stitch blankets using Lions Brand Mandala Ombré yarn. That combination of yarn and stitch are one of my favorites and this will be the 4th one I’ve made. This colorway is called Serene and I’m enjoying the pinks and oranges after a couple months working with that blue/gray yarn which was also a great combination.

After the Lightning lost in overtime, I decided to go down and load a Strippie on the longarm so it would be ready to quilt in the morning … only I couldn’t wait so I went ahead and quilted it. Nothing fancy. Just warming up after 3 months of not quilting and making sure the machine is set up and working correctly. I had one very small section where the tension went goofy but I heard it happen and stopped. Could have been some lint in the bobbin but I was also near the end of the bobbin. I just picked out that section put a new bobbin in and finished without any more problems.

I have a lot of catching up to do so I’m going to try to quilt 10 this month. The next two will probably be Strippies too.

Go Bolts!

The Bolts won tonight and head to the 2nd round of the playoffs!

We came upstairs for the last period and I picked up my knitting. I have to admit I was afraid this simple blanket would be boring … but it’s been the perfect project for me to pick up at night after working on decluttering and packing and it’s turning out gorgeous. These blues and grays really appeal to me. The pattern was found free on Ravelry and it’s simple a stockinette stitch with a garter stitch border. I’m on the third ball of the Mandala yarn I’m using … I think this one will make it long enough but I do have a 4th ball if I need it.

This is going to take a while

I decided I wanted to knit the next blanket but I’ve got a stressful few months coming up so I needed something mindless. Knit blankets always take longer than crochet ones – at least they do for me but I have a feeling this one is going to take even longer than usual. Typically, I usually just knit baby size blankets but this one is larger at 44 x 60. I may cut that down a few inches … we’ll see. This is stockinette stitch with a garter stitch border so I hope I don’t get bored but I really wanted something I could pick up and put down without any thought or needing to refer to a pattern. And I was ready to knit something. I need to remember that it’s not a race and that it’s OK if some projects take longer than others.


Thanks to the Masters tournament this weekend, I managed to finish this blanket. I’ve even got the end woven in.

I’ve decided that I’m not buying any more yarn for now even if it is on sale. Right now I seem to make about 1 blanket a month plus various hats, and the occasional scarf ….I don’t regret my purchases, I love finishing a project and having the supplies here to choose from for the next one but my yarn stash is large enough to keep me crocheting and knitting for several years (or more) and I’m running out of storage space. I’ll start with a goal of not buying any more yarn the rest of this year and hope I have the willpower to extend it into next year. Wish me luck holding firm to my resolution.

Now I’m off to find my next project!

A rest day

I usually stay pretty focused on my goals but I’m on track to meet the ones I set in March so I’ve given myself a break today. After not sleeping last night, I was up early and got my first COVID shot. I feel fine but just not in the mood to work when I got home so I read a while, took a very short nap, enjoyed the evening with Keith and after he went to bed, picked up the Afghan I started last night. I finished the blue blanket stitch Afghan but set it aside without weaving the ends in and immediately started a new one. Tomorrow, I’ll need to try and finish up the quilt on the longarm and I’ll get back to weaving those ends in soon, in the next few days.

  • Pattern – Shell Stitch Baby Blanket, found free on Ravelry
  • Hook size – H
  • Yarn, Caron Cotton Cakes – colorway is Blush and Bloom
  • Chained 133

Blanket Stitch

I can be a bit boring …. when I find a yarn and pattern combination that I love, I tend to repeat it. It’s time to start another blanket and I pulled some yarn from my bin and got started.

  • Pattern – Blanket Stitch – found free on Ravelry
  • Yarn – Lion Brand – Big Scoop Ice Cream, colorway is blueberry
  • Hook size – H
  • Chained 150

I’ve already made one of these in yellow…

And in pink so I know it will turn out great!


I made progress today – the linen stitch blanket is finished and ends are woven in.

  • Chained 140
  • Hook size (I)
  • Yarn is Lions Brand Mandala Ombré – colorway Happy – 4 skeins used
  • Linen stitch pattern is from a kit but you find find a similar one online at this link.

I also finished up the doll quilt and the shamrock coaster set. More masks were sewn – 9 just need ties or elastic now but I have another 8 to sew I think and then I’ll be able to get back to the problem quilt.