I finally wove in the last ends of this Linen Stitch blanket that I’d finished about 3 weeks ago.

  • Pattern – came with a Craftsy kit
  • Yarn – LionBrand Mandala Ombre
  • Hook size – I
  • Cast on 140
  • Blanket size is about 37 x 49 and I used 4 skeins

I crochet these as the yarn comes off the skeins … I used to worry that the striping pattern wasn’t the same throughout and would try to break the yarn to start in the same place but I found that when I’d get to a knot in the skein, it would be randomly tied and the sequence wouldn’t continue as before anyway. I’d have up with lots more ends to weave in and there would still be “breaks” in the sequence so now I just work it as it comes.


This simple ripple blanket is done and all the ends are already woven in! That’s pretty impressive for me.

I can mark this off my list and I also donated 15 quilts today … another one of December’s goals met.

I guess I kind of like crocheting this easy blanket … I was adding it to my Ravelry project list and saw this is the 15th time I’ve made it.

Off my needles

Hat #35 is a variation of the Cobblestone pattern and I used up another partial skein.

  • Pattern – variation of the CobbleStone pattern found free on Ravelry
    • For the body of the hat just repeat rows 1-4 and make the appropriate changes when decreasing.
  • Needle size – 6 for the ribbed brim, 7 for the body
  • Yarn – Knit Picks Mighty Stitch

I was tempted to cast on another hat but decided it’s time to make a blanket so I started hooking it while we watch the Lightning game.

There will be more hats knit here and there but I’m calling the hat knitting marathon finished with 35 hats made.

Off my needles

You might think I’m not sewing at all but I am. I finished trimming Mom’s last quilt and got the binding made, sewn on and ready for her to hand stitch. Now I’ve got one last day before I start focusing on December’s goals and that means more knitting. Hat #34 is another child size beanie made to use up a partial skein.

Off my needles

Hat #33 is child size … I wish I had Mo here to try this one on to make sure the fit is OK. Using up another partial skein but could have gone slightly longer … I didn’t remember that the crown decreased so quickly and didn’t take as much yarn so I had a little left over. I do get a bit nervous about running out!

  • Pattern – Sandoval Hat found free on Ravelry – see last page of the pattern for this version without the fold up brim.
  • Needle size – 9
  • Yarn – Paintbox Simply Aran
  • Cast on 72 stitches

Off my needles

Hat #32 is done. No pattern with this one … just a simple beanie. I’m trying to use up some of the partial skeins before my hat knitting marathon ends. The last 3 were from leftovers and I started #4 after finishing this one. I weigh the skeins but it’s always a bit more nerve wracking as I get to the decreases wondering if I’ll run out of yarn.

Yarn is Caron Cupcake – I’ll mention again that I’m not a fan of the dye splotches that occur in this yarn and it’s not the softest … I won’t be buying more of this yarn.

I’ve found a local place to donate these too! Big Canoe is having a coat drive for those in need and I wrote the coordinator and asked if I could donate hand knit hats and scarves and she thought it was a great idea.

Off my needles

This is hat #31 and it’s a variation of the pattern below inspired by Stephanie from my HeartStrings group. For the body of the hat just alternate rows 1 and 2 of the pattern.

I’ve linked to the actual hat pattern below but check out the main pattern page on the Knots of Love site for other free patterns.

  • Free pattern found online at Knots of Love – William’s Chemo Hat
  • Needle size – 7 for the brim, 8 for the body of the hat
  • Yarn – Sprightly Yarn Spectrum Worsted


I’ve been working on my Strips and Strings Rail Fence blocks – this is the 8th quilt from my string bins this year and I’m kind of at the bottom of the barrel. Not necessarily in terms of the number of strips and strings left but more that they’ve been well picked over. I think I’m going to like it anyway.

And hat #30 has been finished. I substituted a K1P1 rib for the brim and forgot to change to a larger needle when starting the body of the hat. Also, there is an error in the crown decreases in the pattern – a K4, K2tog row was left out and I added that in.

I hope that all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving have a wonderful day. Keith and I will have a quiet one with just the two of us and I won’t be cooking a large meal so I’ll have time for more sewing.

I’ve had much to be thankful for in my life and I’m especially grateful for all my blessings this year.

Off my needles

I may not have done any sewing while the girls were here the last several days but I did stay up and knit at night after everyone else had gone to bed. This is hat #29 and it’s a variation of the pattern below. Stephanie from my HeartStrings group has been knitting hats along with me and said she’d knit this one only using rows 1-4 of the pattern for the body of the hat and I thought I’d give it a try too. I like how it turned out.

I’ve linked to the actual hat pattern below but check out the main pattern page on the Knots of Love site for other free patterns.

  • Free pattern found online at Knots of Love – William’s Chemo Hat
  • Needle size – 8
  • Yarn – KnitPicks Swish Tonal

I did get back in the sewing room tonight after the game and started another set of Strips and Strings Rail Fence blocks. My goal is to finish my 365 block challenge by the end of the holiday weekend. I need 55 blocks and this quilt will take 48 of them.