Idle hands

I can’t abide sitting with idle hands … since I can’t seem to sleep tonight I started another corner 2 corner blanket. It’s pretty in this colorway and I like the feel of the yarn – it’s an easy care acrylic and the first time I’ve used it.

Another finish

I finished this little corner to corner afghan 2 nights ago … but just got the ends woven in and a photo today. This is bluer in person … a pretty baby blue! I love the texture! There are a couple new patterns I want to try out but since I’m going to be busy with company I think I will just make another one of these while it’s fresh in my mind! Project details are at this post.

Corner 2 Corner

I’ve started this pattern several times and pulled it out each time because I thought the “holes” were too big but one commenter encouraged me to give it another try – I’m sorry, I don’t remember who!

Pattern is free from Yarnspirations – Baby Blocks Blanket but I didn’t really understand how to do it before watching the video from The Crochet Crowd website.

  • Yarn is Sprightly Worsted from Bluprint – Sky Blue
  • Hook size is (I)

Off my needles

Hat #10

Pattern is the Lindsay Hat – free on Ravelry

Needles size – 8

Yarn is Sprightly spectrum worsted from Bluprint – I bought some of this yarn during the Black Friday sales at a pretty big discount to make hats because I liked the colorways but I didn’t read the reviews. It’s not the easiest to work with because there’s barely any twist to it so it splits easily and there’s concern about how durable it is but I think it knit up beautifully in the hat and since I don’t expect these to last more than a season or two before being outgrown or lost I’m not worried about durability.

I love being able to look through projects at Ravelry when I’m trying to pick a pattern. It’s nice to see something knit up in different yarns before I choose a project but I was surprised when I came across this photo! I hadn’t remembered that I’d knit this hat several years ago.

Hat #9

I think this 1×1 rib beanie and the Ross beanie are my two favorite guy hats … at least for now. This one if I’m going to make a cuff to roll up. It’s hat #4 of 4 that I planned to make for Operation Gratitude and you can find the details on the pattern and Operation Gratitude at this link. I had originally planned to send these in when I’d finished the 4 but I think I’ll make some more before I mail them off.

And the swirl in back!

I am really liking this Paintbox Simply Aran yarn too and you can see those details at the link above too. Thanks to Sarah at for providing the yarn for these 4 donation hats and the additional yarn that I bought has arrived so you will definitely be seeing more hats from me.

I think I’ll make one more hat before starting a new blanket so it’s time to decide what patterns I’m going to use next … for the hat and the blanket!