This one may be a little too wonky for you … and it can definitely use a little blocking.

However, it’s really pretty when it’s draped on a chair (and I’m sure it will also be pretty wrapped around a baby and you won’t even notice the wonkiness)!

Pattern can be found free on Ravelry – Moss Stitch in a Square blanket

Yarn was Lion Brand Big Scoop (1) skein using a (G) hook and it’s about 34 inches square.

He’s fine

My day didn’t go as planned … Keith overdid his workout this morning in the heat and ended up in the ER with dehydration and cramping. He’s really good about drinking but it’s HOT and he sweats a lot and just wasn’t able to keep up. He’s fine now but he’s been taking it easy since we got home.

I finished the mint green baby afghan last night and started a pink shell blanket so I worked on that while I watched the Tour on the iPad. That’s Keith napping under the green quilt in the background.

I’m using a really easy shell pattern I found free on Ravelry – Shell Stitch Baby Blanket.

Yarn is Lion Brand Big Scoop and I’m using an (H) hook.

Also finished

I think this is my new favorite yarn for baby blankets. It’s an acrylic so it can be washed and dried and it’s soft! Perfect for donation blankets.

It’s a variegated rather than a self striping yarn so I wasn’t sure how I would like it worked up in this ripple but I love how it looks. Obviously the stripes of color don’t go all the way across the rows but it works at least in this colorway!

Yarn is Lion Brand Ice Cream – Big Scoop and I used about 1.25 skeins. Next time I’ll have to get 3 skeins and I’ll have enough for two blankets. This one finished about 38 x 50 and I used a size (G) hook.

You can find the free ripple pattern at this link – she has a worsted and a sport weight version but I wanted one a bit smaller than her sport weight version so I chained 146 to start mine.


The pattern for this linen stitch blanket was from another kit I purchased but I found a similar one online for free if anyone is interested – Linen Stitch blanket

I used an (I) hook and about 2 and a half skeins of the Caron Big Cakes yarn. Finished size is about 37×50 so it’s a pretty dense stitch in this yarn.

It took me a couple weeks to weave those last ends in … I need to make sure I don’t start new blankets before finishing up or I’ll end up with a lot of unfinished blankets (like the bag full of scarves waiting for finishing!).

I just love the texture this stitch creates!

I couldn’t sleep last night

So I sat up and finished the ripple blanket and started another.

One of the things I love about Ravelry is seeing different patterns in a particular yarn before I give it a try. This is the Moss stitch blanket that I made once already in the Caron Big Cake yarn but when I looked at what other yarns people were using I saw that several people had made it using the Lion Brand Ice cream yarn.

I know it bothers some people that this blanket works up a little skewed but it doesn’t bother me and I even kind of like the effect. Here’s the example that made me decide to use this yarn with this pattern.


There are just two weeks left in July and I’m traveling 5 of those days so my goals are pretty modest … first up was to assemble my July Precut Party HST top – I know it’s simple but it will make a nice donation quilt when done … no borders on this one so it’s ready for quilting but like all my tops, it will age a bit in the closet while it waits for it’s turn!

I mentioned when I started it last week that these fabrics are from stash but my inspiration was a pattern from a Craftsy kit I’d bought a while back. They used 10 inch squares but I cut mine using my 6 inch finished HST GO die from Accuquilt.

Also on the list for July is to finish this ripple – I might even get it done tonight watching the Tour de France. I don’t have any specific number of rows I do on these, I just spread it across my lap and stop when I think the proportions are right.

The remaining items on the list:

  • Bind a Happy Block quilt
  • start a Kite quilt
  • quilt a UFO
  • finish weaving ends in on the linen stitch blanket
  • packing
  • get my mammogram!
  • laundry … lots of laundry!


I started another blanket today to work on while I watched the Tour. (I finished the linen stitch blanket last night except for a handful of ends to still weave in).

I still haven’t found the right yarn/hook for the corner to corner blanket I want to make – I did a swatch and this yarn had gaps between the blocks that were larger than I wanted for a baby blanket so I pulled it out and started an easy ripple. As you can see, it’s going quickly. This is a Lion Brand sport weight acrylic yarn – I used it once 2-3 years ago and I thought I’d try it again.

I have been very, VERY bad about buying yarn – there have been a bunch of sales and now I have more than enough here for 20+ blankets which sounds insane but I looked back and I’ve finished 15 since the last week of March so I’ll just have to back off the buying and keep up the production!! Seriously, I’m not buying any more yarn right now, no matter how good the sale.

Becky took 9 afghans and 5 quilts back to GA and donated them for me but I still need to find a place to donate the larger afghans.

Adam arrives tomorrow with the kids so I won’t get much done the next 4 days but I did get a start on assembling the Arrow top – I’m about 1/3 of the way done with that.