The moss stitch afghan is finished and I enjoyed crocheting this one. It’s another free pattern I found on Ravelry. I knew from the photos of other blankets I saw that the square would appear a bit skewed and was fine with that. I’m assuming it’s from the way that it’s crocheted, in a continuous manner rather than finishing off each round with a join.

Yarn is Caron Big Cakes – colorway is Cake Roll. Hook size is H.

My least favorite thing about this one is the flecks of color in the light areas – in this colorway I think it looks a bit dirty. It doesn’t bother me in other colorways.

My favorite thing about this one is the texture! Plus, it’s so soft and cushy feeling!

Finish one, start one

I debated what afghan to make next and after a false start on a granny stripe that I felt had holes that were too big, I decided on a linen stitch pattern also know as moss stitch. I have a Craftsy kit to make from this pattern so I decided I’d try it out in a square blanket from this free pattern I found on Ravelry. Normally I don’t like square patterns but it’s a baby blanket and I don’t mind square so much at that size.

Yarn is Caron Big Cakes – colorway is Cake Roll. Hook size is H.

Once I figured out how to start my block with a magic circle (YouTube videos helped!), I’m finding it an easy pattern to crochet.


These Ripples work up so fast! I’ll work on it again tonight and while I won’t be done before I leave, there won’t be that much more to crochet on this one when I get home.


This was a pattern from one of my older books and took a while longer to crochet than the Ripples do. It felt like it took longer but from my Ravelry project list I see it took me 2 weeks exactly from start to finish.

Yarn is an acrylic sport weight from Knit Picks that’s been in stash for at least 5 years, and probably longer! Hook size is G.

The shell border is a bit ruffly but I knew it would be reading the instructions … had I wanted it to lay flatter I could have skipped some stitches and/or gone down a hook size but I like ruffles.

While I’m tempted to start another afghan right away, I need to spend some time in the sewing room today!!

New hooks

For years I’ve used the Susan Bates crochet hooks but I decided to give the Clover hooks a try. They have a wider handle which seems to make it easier to hold for longer periods of time.

My set came with 10 hooks ….

And since I want to try crocheting some scarves with fingering weight yarn, I like that there are several smaller hooks included.

I don’t hold my hook like a pencil so I wasn’t sure at first these would be comfortable for my grip but they are and I’m pleased with them! The grip I use is called the “knife” grip

I just have a couple rows on this afghan before I start the border. I’m ready to finish it up and move on to the next one AND I need to get back in the sewing room tomorrow! There’s a top I want to quilt, a quilt to trim and get the binding sewn on, and I’d like to start getting those hourglass blocks assembled all before I head out of town again on Sunday!


I loaded and quilted Happy Block #3 of 8 that I brought back from Maine in October. Pantograph is Leap Frog.

I never did write up a list of things I wanted to accomplish in May but I’ve had a list in my head and have been working my way through it … just one more top I want to get quilted next week and maybe some binding! And more crochet of course … you can see the blocks forming now on the little squares afghan.

Keith just got home from being gone most of the week … looking forward to spending some time together over the holiday weekend so I don’t plan on accomplishing much over the next few days.