Sick day

Thank you Keith for passing along the cold the kids gave you last week! I’ve felt it coming on the last couple days and it hit me hard last night. Luckily, I still made progress on my knitting goals. 

Pattern – St Mungo’s simple hat  

Needles – US 6

Yarn – Caron Cupcakes in the Candy Buttons colorway

Finn was happy to cuddle up and keep me company all afternoon. 

Off my needles

You’ve got to love how fast hats are to knit …. even with having to switch to the dreaded double pointed needles for the decreases. One of these days I’m going to “reteach” myself how to knit in circles on two circular needles. I used to do it all the time when I was knitting socks but I haven’t knit any socks in years. 

I was afraid this would be too small since I forgot to switch to size 8 needles but since it fits hat head, I’m sure it won’t be too small for the toddler it’s intended for. 

And the back ….

It’s hat season

Hat knitting season that is … I hope to get at least 2 done but maybe 4 for gifts … and maybe I’ll just keep knitting hats for a while and use up some of this yarn!

  • Pattern – Barley – free on Ravelry
  • Needles – pattern calls for US 6 and US 8 but I forgot to switch so this one will use US 6 only
  • Yarn – Cascade 220 superwash 

Cast on (last Friday)

I finished my Yowza scarf on Thursday night so I wanted to cast on something easy that I could work on in the car on our trip to GA. I found this booklet at a yarn shop in Maine and it has a number of small baby blankets. 

I’d bought yarn for one of them too although I hadn’t decided which one I’d do first (there are 16 easy patterns all using just 4 balls of Encore Worsted each)… it looks like I planned to do this one because I’m using the same color yarn. It’s a 6 row pattern and 4 of the rows are plain knit!

The pattern is called Textured Bricks

Yarn is Encore Worsted

Needle size is US 8

Off my needles

Waves Scarf – a free pattern on Ravelry

Yarn – Miss Babs Yowza

Needles – US size 9


This is another one for the donation pile – I love the texture from the alternating garter and rib sections.


The ends are already woven in which is good because I took a count and these 6 still need ends woven. (There are more unfinished ones but if I get these woven in, I can donate them).


More yarn?!

After sitting at lunch with Bev and talking about how I have more yarn and fabric than I know what to do with, I stopped by a local yarn shop on the way back to the cottage. It may not look like it but there’s a matching hat and scarf, some fringe for another scarf, and a baby blanket in this bag … assuming it all gets made!


When I got back, Finn needed a LONG walk. Doesn’t it look like he’s thinking about going in? He probably would if I let him and there were a lot of dogs running in and out of the water but I wasn’t up for bathing him when we got home so we stuck to walking on the sand.


I’m Slow

You wouldn’t believe how much extra yarn I brought with me … enough for an Afghan and several hats and we’re almost 3 weeks into the trip and I haven’t even gotten half of this scarf knit but there is progress.


We went to Freeport again today and didn’t expect the large crowds. I didn’t realize they were having their pumpkin festival but I do remember going several years ago at night and seeing all the pumpkins lit up. We didn’t stay that late this year.


We’d planned to go into Portland this evening and wander around a while and then get dinner out but after getting home late this afternoon, we decided leftover soup would do for dinner and we spent a quiet evening listening to music and I worked on my scarf.