Corner 2 Corner

I’ve started this pattern several times and pulled it out each time because I thought the “holes” were too big but one commenter encouraged me to give it another try – I’m sorry, I don’t remember who!

Pattern is free from Yarnspirations – Baby Blocks Blanket but I didn’t really understand how to do it before watching the video from The Crochet Crowd website.

  • Yarn is Sprightly Worsted from Bluprint – Sky Blue
  • Hook size is (I)

Off my needles

Hat #10

Pattern is the Lindsay Hat – free on Ravelry

Needles size – 8

Yarn is Sprightly spectrum worsted from Bluprint – I bought some of this yarn during the Black Friday sales at a pretty big discount to make hats because I liked the colorways but I didn’t read the reviews. It’s not the easiest to work with because there’s barely any twist to it so it splits easily and there’s concern about how durable it is but I think it knit up beautifully in the hat and since I don’t expect these to last more than a season or two before being outgrown or lost I’m not worried about durability.

I love being able to look through projects at Ravelry when I’m trying to pick a pattern. It’s nice to see something knit up in different yarns before I choose a project but I was surprised when I came across this photo! I hadn’t remembered that I’d knit this hat several years ago.

Hat #9

I think this 1×1 rib beanie and the Ross beanie are my two favorite guy hats … at least for now. This one if I’m going to make a cuff to roll up. It’s hat #4 of 4 that I planned to make for Operation Gratitude and you can find the details on the pattern and Operation Gratitude at this link. I had originally planned to send these in when I’d finished the 4 but I think I’ll make some more before I mail them off.

And the swirl in back!

I am really liking this Paintbox Simply Aran yarn too and you can see those details at the link above too. Thanks to Sarah at for providing the yarn for these 4 donation hats and the additional yarn that I bought has arrived so you will definitely be seeing more hats from me.

I think I’ll make one more hat before starting a new blanket so it’s time to decide what patterns I’m going to use next … for the hat and the blanket!

#7 (I think)

I’m losing count here but I think this is hat #7. It’s another Ross beanie (see Ravelry link posted yesterday) but this time I used Aran weight yarn and size 9 needles. Keith’s not home for me to try this on his head but I think the blue one would probably fit a small to medium size head and I felt like I should try to make one that is a little larger too for donation. Yarn is Paintbox Simply Aran from it’s an easy care acrylic and I’m liking how it works up … this is hat #3 of 4 that I’m making to donate from yarn I was given to try. I like it so much for these hats that I ordered a bunch of it on sale last week.

One thing I like about this pattern is the decreases are done in 6 sections and creates a nice swirl at the top.

I’m almost ready to start the decreases on the next hat … but it’s a small one so it’s working up quickly!

Yes, another hat

I like this beanie!

  • Pattern found free on Ravelry – Ross beanie
  • yarn – Cascade 220 superwash
  • needles – size 8

And the back

I also got a quilt bound but finished too late to take a photo. Tomorrow I’ll load a top on the longarm and get it quilted but tonight, I’ll start another hat!

Off my needles

Another hat finished … this one I didn’t really follow the pattern … just a 2×2 rib cuff, stockinette body, and then the decreases. I’m still in search of the perfect beanie pattern and started another one tonight.

  • needle size = 7
  • yarn is Caron one pound – it’s an Aran weight yarn and while it’s not the softest, the hat feels fine on my head.

I said I wasn’t going to start another afghan this year but I’m itching to start one! If I finish another 2-3 hats and get my binding done I might start one that last week of the year!

Off my needles

This accordian hat from the book Baby Beanies shows why you need a styrofoam hat head! I was pretty disappointed when it came off the needles…

…but after putting it on hat head … it looks cute! The only problem is that the pattern said the hat would fit a child 2 and older but it’s big so I don’t think it’s going to fit the intended 2 year old. Not a big deal, it won’t go to waste. The color is more true to life in this photo. And see that tiny scrap of yarn? After all the looking and sorting in the yarn closet yesterday, I didn’t even need the second skein!

I love it when my decreases come together nicely! She’s gotten a little beat up through the moves but hat head still does a great job – you can find an inexpensive one at Amazon.

And it just so happens I came across this video this morning … isn’t my little Rae the sweetest?! She couldn’t have been much older than Mo in this video and I have NO idea why the video looks like it’s sideways but it should play in the right orientation.