I’m having a very lazy day today but I’m hopeful that I’ll rustle up some energy to go into the sewing room later. There’s a quilt ready to load, HeartStrings blocks to piece, and more packing of projects and supplies … I’d be happy to get any of it done today but at least I did get #7 bound! This is a UFO from 2017 and I’m doing better with my UFO goals thanks to the quilting/binding marathon. Goal #1 is to finish as many quilts as I start and I’ve started 12 and finished 12. Goal #2 is to have 12 of those finishes be UFOs each year. This is UFO finish #4 for the year and #5 and 6 just need binding. So I will be all caught up and even a little ahead at the halfway mark.

Fabric for this boxed squares came from a Craftsy kit. I often buy a discounted kit and then use the fabric for one of my own projects. Speaking of Craftsy, now Bluprint. Had you heard they’re going out of business? I’ve done a lot of stash enhancement with them over the last several years including lots of discounted Jelly Rolls and Fat Quarter packs. It’s a good thing I stocked up because I don’t know of anywhere else that sells them for those kinds of prices.

RWB Rail Fence and Friendship Star

For those of you interested in the RWB quilt I drafted yesterday, I wrote up brief instructions and posted them on the website. I also looked at my fabric to see if I had some yardage I could grab and take to GA with me in case I have time to piece this … I’m sadly lacking on reds so I’ve ordered some one yard pieces … we’ll see if any of them work when they get here. Reds can be hard to order online and the last batch I got are more of an orange-red.

Memorial Day

I’m a couple days late posting this but I make and share ideas for RWB quilts for veterans as a way to honor and thank those that have served. My RWB hourglass top quilted last week will be donated to a veteran and I’ve got another RWB top I hope to get quilted this week. I’ve been wanting to make another version of my Autumn Leaves quilt. This one was pieced before we moved to Minneapolis so it’s at least 14 or 15 years old and it’s still one of my favorites.

And since I’m finishing up the two veteran tops I have here, it’s time to start thinking about the next one so I drafted a Rail Fence quilt with friendship stars. Block size will be 6 inches finished, 6.5 inches with seam allowances.


#7 of 10 is quilted as my quilting marathon continues. This tumbler quilt was cut with the small 3 inch Accuquilt GO die. Pantograph is Beaded Curtain and while the texture doesn’t show up much in the photo it does show more in person. This is the first time I’ve quilted this one and I like it OK, it probably won’t become one of my favorites but I can see it getting some use.

Binding #6 of 10 is also in progress and should be finished tonight. I also packed up some more stuff in the sewing room.

Dinner tonight is a Greek rice bowl that Keith loves – it’s an Instant Pot recipe and fairly easy to prepare.

Binding and biking

Another 10 miles on the bikes today but I also had time in the sewing room.

I got another binding on and ready for hand stitching tonight … and I finished cutting all the HST for my May precut quilt … obviously this won’t be pieced by the end of May but it will go to GA and be pieced this summer! I don’t usually pick a border before a top is pieced but since this is being kitted for GA, I think this one will work. If not, I’ll leave it off and bring the top home to Tampa.

Are you sharing?!

I was chatting with a neighbor yesterday and she asked if I had any fabric I wasn’t going to use because she’d been making and donating masks … she’s not a quilter and her machine is borrowed but I had to laugh at her. I don’t have ANY fabric I don’t plan to use but I have plenty to share! She came over after our bike ride and walked out with 6 or 7 yards of fabric.

We did another 10 mile ride today and I started another binding. I hope to get it on the quilt and start hand stitching it down tonight.