My website

I’m getting email complaints from people about an ad that’s connected to a link or an email to my Carpenter Star pattern.

Problem is I don’t have ads either on my website or the blog here and I don’t send out emails about my patterns on the website so someone else is using my pattern/link and I have NO control over that.

I’m assuming most of the angry emails are coming from people who don’t read the blog but it’s always best to go to my website directly rather than clicking on links on other sites.


OK, I’ve just figured it out … I went to my web stats to look at referrals. There’s a referral link that takes you to my Carpenter Star page … but look at the web address … and there’s an ad. It’s a made up web address.

Now look at MY link … you see the web address is and there’s no ad. Not sure I can do anything about this but again it’s always best to go directly to my website rather than clicking on an external link found on another site! (Unless it’s found here of course)!


It always feels good to be back in the sewing room after being gone. I’m not going to show you what I worked on today because I’m having to make an alternate gift for our family exchange next month.

I’d found a cute pattern for a crocheted market tote and finished it before my trip.

It doesn’t look too bad … but I made an error along the way and handles didn’t line up like they were supposed to.

It’s still useable but I decided I’d keep it and use it for my knitting or crochet projects and make another gift for the exchange.

While I was sitting at the machine, I had a visitor outside my window. We’ve had tons of deer in the yard the last several weeks and I love seeing them!

It’s not working

I have moved many times and sometimes my fabric storage and organization work great and sometimes it doesn’t. It is definitely not working here. We started out part time here at Big Canoe and the few shelves and bins worked fine for the fabric and projects I left here. We moved here full time a year ago and everything came from Tampa.

Because it’s a lower level in the woods, I thought it would be better to keep things in bins. But it’s a mess and I’m constantly moving bins around and trying different size bins … none of it is working. It’s a complete mess.

Another problem is that I have multiple bins with scraps making it harder to use them. In Minneapolis and Tampa I had good access to my scraps that were sorted by color and in open bins that fit into cubbies.

Stephanie pulled Strings out of the hat for July and I know I need to feed my main string bin with some strips from scraps because they’ve been very picked over … I decided I was going to grab a bin or two today and do a little sorting. I didn’t get far. I came across a “leftover” bin.

There’s a reason leftover quilts should be made right after the first quilt!! I pulled some fabrics that will go back in stash, some little bits got tossed in with the strings … and I came across a baggie with leftover tumblers from Mom. I have no idea how long ago she made her quilt but it’s been YEARS!

I laid out the tumblers …

And sewed them together into a little doll quilt

Eventually I’ll figure out something that works for my fabric storage … I always do!


I’m home but … after I left this morning to return home I was told that Mom and I were exposed to COVID yesterday. I’m vaccinated and boosted so I don’t have to isolate but masks are required the next 10 days … including at home and of course, that means I will not sleep upstairs with Keith.

I know there’s always risk when you get out there but the exposure was avoidable and that’s very disappointing. I’m praying Mom stays well.


Having lots of fun with these guys in Lancaster.

We haven’t seen my aunt since Covid started so it’s great spending time with her … and I’m loving my time with Mom and my sister too.

I might have done a good bit of shopping too …. Fat quarters anyone?


I love hitting a goal! #10 is bound and I’m all set to travel on Sunday morning. This bricks quilt is another top pieced by Sue and sent to me to quilt and donate.


I’ll be gone almost a week and that last few days of June I have some piecing planned. Then I have company coming for the long July 4th weekend … and after that I’ll be back to my quilting marathon. My goal was 12+ tops quilted by the end of July so I’m sure to hit 12 and get a few extras done too.


Sue’s 30’s strip quilt is bound. I have one more binding to hand stitch tomorrow night. This is the 9th one finished this month.


#10 is quilted. This is another top sent by Sue for me to finish and donate. Pantograph is Cornrows.

I just have to hand stitch two bindings before I travel on Sunday….and do laundry and pack, take Finn to the groomers, get my hikes in … and Chris is coming on Saturday and staying the night so I’ll have to get the beds ready for the girls. But other than that I’m just about ready for my trip up to Virginia to see Mom.