Happy St Patrick’s Day

It’s always a special day for me and one I spend thinking of my Dad. This year, I decided to visually show the little ones how they connect to their Irish heritage.

Rae …

and Caleb …

… are the only two old enough to understand but I did photos for all 4 of the kids.

My grandparents, Patrick McLaughlin and Mary Anne Wallace immigrated from Ireland in 1922. They settled in Philadelphia and met at some point, married, and my Dad was their second child of eight and their oldest son. I really need to ask around and find out if anyone knows how they met. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that story.

I’ve always been proud to be the granddaughter of immigrants and a part of what makes this country special.

More bike time!

It was a bit drizzly but we still got out on the bikes. I am SOOO enjoying being outside more and enjoying the area we live. A twelve and a half mile ride today and I always love seeing dolphins in our bay!

Sparkman Wharf is a new area downtown and while I wasn’t impressed on my first visit weeks ago, we enjoyed our ride there today … there was a large cruise ship docked … I didn’t realize that they docked right next to this wharf.

It wasn’t as crowded today, probably due to the weather so we were able to sit a while before we got back on the bikes.

Are you an artist?

I’ll be honest and say upfront that I don’t consider myself an artist … maybe one who crafts or a creative person?! We went to dinner the other night and struck up a conversation with a guy at the bar … Keith asked what he did at one point and he told us he was an artist and Keith said he’d never met an artist before. On the walk home, I asked him didn’t he consider me an artist?! I know it’s not the same thing and I don’t call myself an artist but I’m glad I have time to pursue creative things! I really wasn’t giving him a hard time either … I know he appreciates what I spend my time doing.

Funny thing is that as we continued to talk at the bar, we discovered that we are both patients at Moffitt – fellow creative spirits and cancer patients.

Pre-St Patrick’s day?!

We thought we’d be OK riding downtown today since St Patrick’s Day is tomorrow but I guess they’re celebrating early in Tampa. The river is green…

I’m loving the new bike …. although I didn’t love the crowds today. We did 11 miles and then watched the Lightning win again tonight. Go Bolts! It was a good day!


I almost didn’t get this little Charm square top loaded on the longarm and quilted today but I did! Pantograph is Leap Frog.

My goals this week weren’t all that challenging but I’m happy I met them all.

  • Finish making the spool blocks
  • Bind the doggie Strippie
  • Finish scanning Keith’s family slides
  • Quilt the Charm Square top

Blocks are done

My goal will be to get these spool blocks assembled into a top next week after I take a couple days to look and see what needs to be moved around.

The design wall is now in a more visible spot in the sewing room so every time I walk in and out I glance over and change blocks around as needed. In Minneapolis, my sewing room was too small for the design wall so I had it outside the room at the top of the stairs – that was great too because I studied the blocks every time I went up and down the stairs. I used to get great photos of Chesty with my quilts in the background because he would run up the stairs and turn around to wait for me!

Tomorrow I’ll have to get the Charm square top loaded and quilted. Luckily it’s a small one and Keith will be home so Finn will stay downstairs. I shouldn’t complain because Finn’s pretty good about letting me work but I’ve got to stop more often to take him out for walks and cuddles so having the afternoon with no interruptions will be nice since Keith has been gone all week.