We lost

But it was a good game … it went into overtime. Luckily, we have a few more chances and the next game is Saturday night.

We had a very nice evening with Chris and his family. Everyone enjoyed the meatloaf dinner … it’s their favorite meal I think. They stayed for the first period before heading home. I knit on the corner to corner blanket as we watched the rest of the game after they left and then came downstairs for a while and knit on the cowl … I’m liking how this is turning out although I’ve still got a ways to go.

I’m heading to bed now … I’m trying to reset my internal clock before my trip by getting up earlier and getting to bed sooner.


#9 is quilted … top pieced by Sue and sent to me to finish and donate. Pantograph is Feather Flip

The binding is on and ready to be hand stitched but Chris and his family are coming tonight and I’ve got a big dinner to cook and then we’re watching the game one of the Stanley Cup Final so I don’t expect to get it sewn down tonight. #10 is loaded on the longarm for quilting tomorrow.

Quilted and bound

I was racing against the storm this afternoon getting this one quilted but I made it. I don’t use the longarm or sewing machines when there’s lightning in the area.

This is my scrappy Easy Flock of Geese quilt. It’s a UFO from last year and I’ve made this one a few times. The link above will take you to some brief instructions on my website. It’s #8 of 12+ to be quilted by the end of July

Quilted with the pantograph Apollo.

Quilted and bound

My Puppy Town Square was quilted and bound today – #7 of 12+ to be quilted before the end of July. Pattern is from Fabric Cafe but I left off the narrow borders.

Pantograph is Dear Heart

# 8 is already loaded on the longarm and ready to quilt tomorrow and I also started a new crochet project today – I’ve still got the knitted cowl and the corner to corner blanket going but I have a family gift exchange next month and I need to get going on a project.


Suzanne’s Star top is finished. I hand stitched the binding down and I’m caught up – 6 quilted so far and all 6 are bound. Tomorrow I’ll start on #7.

A couple people asked about the pattern for this one and I did email Suzanne and ask but she doesn’t remember if she used a pattern … she wrote:

I loved that border fabric and made the center from scraps to match it. I never finished it because I didn’t like the big white areas. During the pandemic l pulled out all my ufo-s and did an inventory. Ugh! 40! Anyway, I added the appliquéd stars to the muslin areas and suddenly the quilt came to life! I guess the top just needed a timeout before it could finally be “finished.”


HeartStrings top # 3 from AnnG is bound and finished now. Just one more binding waiting for me to hand stitch tomorrow night and I’ll be caught up just in time to start quilting again on Monday.

And the Lightning won Saturday night and are moving on the Stanley Cup finals! Unbelievable, they were kind of shaky toward the end of the season and I wondered if they’d even make it past the first round of the playoffs but they showed me and everyone else. Go Bolts!

Ready for next week

I worked on piecing backs and batting today.

My stash is pretty extensive but I have NO 30’s fabrics so finding a backing and a binding that works with this donated top was a challenge. Finally found a yard of a solid blue for the binding and a blue flannel print for the backing.

After all my hard work … I’ve got 4 ready to go. Three of them have pieced batting … and I’ve still got more batting pieces to use up. I figure that for every 3 tops I quilt, I can a free batting from the leftover batting strips and with batting as expensive as it is, that’s a bonus. I zigzag the pieces together on the sewing machine.

I’m knitting now while we watch the Lightning play and after the game I’ll go downstairs and hand stitch another binding.


This is the 2nd of 4 waiting for binding after being quilted this week and it’s done. It’s another one of the HeartStrings tops sent by AnnG.

I’d planned to piece some quilt backs tonight too but I’m running out of steam so I’m going to read a while and then see if I can actually get some sleep tonight.

Kind of spoiled

Another wonderful afternoon … it’s been over a year since I’ve had a massage and 2 and a half years since I was having them monthly. It felt good to have some of the kinks worked out.

Afterwards, I went for a 2 mile hike and since summer is in full swing at the beach club where I access one of my trails … I decided to finish off my afternoon with some kayaking. This is one of the smaller lakes but they do have boats and paddle boards available. I just did one lap around the lake since the seat back on the kayak I was using was broken but I’ll keep this in mind and next time I’ll make sure to check the seat before I get out there!

Keith’s going to take me to dinner on one of the other lakes and after he goes to bed tonight I’ll head down and work some. I plan to get one more bound and I want to start pulling some backing fabrics and piece them for the tops I’m going to quilt next week.

Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve this life of mine and know how lucky I am which is why I work so hard trying to give back and make a difference in a small way with my quilting, knitting, and crochet.


One binding sewn down, three to go. This is the first of the 3 HeartStrings top from AnnG that I quilted this week.