My happy place!

Hard to believe it’s been 3 years since I’ve kayaked on Lake Petit. I have missed it! Today I just rented a kayak but I’ve inquired about renting rack space for mine and if it’s available, Chris will bring mine up here.

T-shirt quilt

I’ve been promising Adam a T-shirt quilt for years and had finally made a start on the design and layout about a year and a half ago when he brought me 5 additional shirts that he wanted in the quilt … back to the drawing board I went but the project kept being pushed down the to do list. I decided I HAD to get it made this year.

I laid the shirts out on the floor – some of them have been shifted around since I took the photo. There are 21 shirts and some have larger motifs than others so I need a setting that allows different size shirts.

I used my TouchDraw App to help calculate the width and length to cut the shirts. I’m building one row at a time and you can see the “sashing” doesn’t line up. That’s intentional.

The mess on the floor is slowing becoming a neat stack of different size blocks backed with a fusible, non-woven, lightweight interfacing.

I’ll be working on this one for a while!


I told you I was going to do a Quick Strippie before starting Adam’s T-shirt quilt and I finished assembling it this afternoon. I have MORE than enough fabric of my own so I don’t ever take donated fabric when offered except when we were in Maine, Susan had brought fabric to share and when I saw the trucks and stars, I knew it would make a really cute strippie. The yellow I pulled from my stash. Thanks Susan!


I told you that you’d probably get sick of the deer photos! Pi is a bit of a celebrity here in Big Canoe … a rare Piebald deer that seems to hang out near Lake Petit … which is our neighborhood! He dropped by this evening during happy hour with 6 of his friends!

I wasn’t able to get all 7 deer in one shot but I did manage to catch 5 of them together. They were good about posing and I was really careful not to spook them when I was snapping photos!


Since I couldn’t find the one panel I know I have somewhere in the sewing room when I was packing for GA … I’m going with “large” print for June’s precut. Stephanie always allows us lots of options for the precut challenge and you can even chose to skip a month or substitute another precut but in this case … I had two fabrics set aside to make a pillowcase for Rae and Bree. I had to review the instructions on my website since it’s been so long since I’ve made any pillowcases but both are finished!

If you’re playing along – here is Stephanie’s exact wording for June:

Our June Precut Target is Panels. 

If you don’t have any panels (or leftover part panels), here are few other options –

Perhaps you have some big prints that have been hard to use, maybe that rogue FQ out of a bundle. 

Pillow panels? Cheater prints? Wide border stripe prints? Obvious directional prints?

Or, you could sub in any orphan blocks you have and treat those like a printed pillow panel.

I think since the pillowcases took so little time, I’m going to pull one of my Quick Strippie kits and piece one of those too!


I know you just saw a photo of Finn but he got groomed today and looks so beautiful I just had to share another one of him.


The Triangle Scraps top is assembled. This is my precut project for May and as you can see, I’m a bit late getting the top done. I have some instructions on the website for a similar quilt although this one is a little different.

  • Triangles are 4 inches finished (4.5 inches with seam allowances)
  • Blocks are 8 inches finished (8.5 with seam allowances)
  • Blocks are set 6 across and 8 rows down
  • Brown border is cut 4.5 inches
  • Finished quilt size is approximately 56 x 72

I also managed to make a couple masks for myself. I left some of mine in Tampa and since they’re so easy to make, it was easy enough to sew up some extra ones. I like this little dragonfly print.

The post office can’t seem to get my mail forwarding right so while I was waiting for some assistance today (they were no help unfortunately) I snapped a photo of this deer. I can’t believe how close he came to my parked car! We’ve seen more wildlife in the couple months we’ve had the new house than I think we saw the entire time we had the condo here. We used to see some deer crossing the road and on the trails but they never came by the condo. You’ll get tired of seeing the photos I’m sure but I won’t get tired of taking photos of them!

Happy Father’s Day

We had a nice weekend with both boys and their families … I’d kind of forgotten how crazy it could be with everyone all together but the new house worked well … more bedrooms than Tampa and space for the kids to play. I can see lots of family time spent here.


My sewing room is improving bit by bit … today Adam helped me set up a couple shelving units and carried all the bins from Tampa downstairs and then when Chris arrived, they brought my sewing cabinet down … Jane is very happy to be back in her cabinet!

I dug out the mask fabric …. both the stuff I brought from home …

And the stuff Chris and I ordered and started making masks for Adam and Lindsey. They are both going back to work and masks are required. I say if we’ve got to wear them, they should be fun.

I made 12, eight for Adam and four for Lindsey. I still need to make some for me and Chris too but that will happen next week. While I was making masks, Keith and the boys took the kids out to the playfield to run around a little.

Triangle Scraps

I had some questions about the HST blocks. This will become a version of my Triangle Scrap Quilt from my website. These are 4 inch finished triangles so they’re larger than the 3 inch ones used in the other quilt but other than that pretty much the same … I just pulled a bunch of scraps from the bins and cut half square triangles with my Accuquilt GO. I’ve started to sew the rows together vertically – that way I can press the final seam in the blocks all in one direction after I sew the row – but I didn’t get very far before I had to stop. We had a new mattress delivered and I had to get things set up for our company this weekend. Adam and his family will get here tonight and Chris will be here in the morning.

I wonder if we’ll have any Happy Hour visitors tonight? We were sitting on the porch yesterday and this deer just walked through the back yard and sat down – she stayed 45 minutes to an hour, just sitting there watching us watch her! I want to get a wildlife camera or even two back there. I think it will be fun to have some videos of our visitors.