The Rainbow HeartStrings blocks have been assembled. As you know I’m sure, these two string tops didn’t even make a dent in the string bins. I’m kind of missing having that nook in Tampa where I was able to leave the strings out and just keep sewing blocks in between other projects … but I can’t stand having the string mess out all the time here at Big Canoe because it’s right in the middle of the floor!

For now, the strings have been cleaned up and hopefully I’ll get back to them sometime next month.

I also sewed the binding on the lantern quilt and will hand stitch it down tonight.


As I mentioned, Stephanie pulled strings out of the hat for our July Challenge so I’ve been working on these HeartStrings blocks and the top is now done.

Tomorrow I’ll get back to quilting – I want to get an additional 6+ tops quilted before the end of July but I’ll also be working on some more string blocks this month.


The Ombre squares top is assembled. This was a kit from BluPrint ( two Jelly Rolls and the pattern). The pressing instructions were incomplete causing me to have to do a lot of re-pressing to ensure my seams would nestle together so I’m glad to have it finally done.

Our monthly challenge for June is Jelly Rolls so I completed this one a little early. I have plans for one more Jelly Roll top but the priority for June and July will be quilting – Stephanie from my HeartStrings group and I have decided we both need a quilting marathon and I hope to get at least 12 quilted. I have some travel planned for both months too but it should be doable.