I must be crazy!

There are several quilts on my immediate radar PLUS a list of quilts I want to make one day … and I still can’t stop looking for inspiration for new quilts. I’ve said before that one of the places I look for inspiration is eBay. I search for antique or vintage quilts and have created many quilts over the years inspired by those old quilts. I couldn’t sleep the other night and was browsing ….

I’ve got the Accuquilt GO Fan die and I’ve only made one quilt using it. I also cut a quilt for Mom to make so it has been used twice but I love fan quilts and I saved this one the other day.

I’ve also got the 6 inch Bow Tie die … a more recent purchase that I’ve also used once. I want to make a couple more using this die. Here’s one I found the other night … plus I already have another vintage one saved that has a plain alternate block that I also want to make.

And how simple is this? A RWB pinwheel. This one looks “newer” to me but it did come up under a search for vintage quilts.

Before I can even think about these … I have my September precut top to piece (Layer Cake), two more Rainbow HeartStrings tops to assemble, my RWB Rail Fence and Friendship Star … and when I get home, the 9 patch and friendship star and the snowball and 9 patch quilts.

I create these posts and label them Inspiration ( see the sidebar on the right) so I can find them when I’m ready to start something new!

And what did I sew today? A few more masks. I might have been talking to someone who mentioned how much she love unicorns … I snapped this photo before adding the elastic band. I have to admit this is my favorite combination now, this mask made with the templates my sister created with her friend and the thin, rounded elastic that is fed through the side casings and goes around the head, not the ears! I also made 3 more for me that I didn’t photograph … for someone who doesn’t go out that much, I seem to have a lot of masks but that’s OK because we’re going to be wearing them for a while!


  1. I made both granddaughters masks using that exact same unicorn fabric. It was left over from a pillowcase I made last Christmas for a niece’s daughter. It’s such cute fabric. Sophia wore hers on the first day of school with her “unicorn” skirt.

  2. I looked at the GO die online and they have a Spool block showing for the Bow Tie die. I can’t quite figure how the die works without inset seams. I love your quilts shown. Beautiful.

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