Helping out

Rae’s going to stay with us a few days and I’ll help with her online schooling to give Becky a bit of break. She’s been working full time from home, caring for a 2 year old, and dealing with Rae’s school – a tough job all the way around so we’ve offered to help out while we’re here. Chris will bring Rae on Sundays and Keith will drive her home Wednesdays after he finishes work but today they all came for the afternoon and dinner. We watched some of the Tour de France, some of the Lightning game … and I did some crafts with the girls.

I taught Rae how to do latch hooking on my last trip and it will be an ongoing project for her to work on here.

Mo was just watching Rae when I took this photo of her but she played with a sticker book. So easy to entertain her … give her some stickers and a piece of paper to put them on and she’s happy!


  1. I remember the sticker phase! Happy Rae is creating. I guess they both are atan age appropriate level. You are doing great things by working with Rae. Just remember it is difficult for all. My granddaughter is having teacher issues. She doesn’t like having to do split classes with some kids zooming and some in class.

  2. Does Mo like the dot dot markers? My granddaughter Brooklyn is 2 and she loves them. They’re like Bingo markers for kids and she uses them on plain paper or in coloring books and dots away. Such fun! It really is easy to entertain 2 year olds! Looks like you’re going to have a great time!

  3. Good for you for helping! I am sure it will be beneficial for the entire family. I loved doing latch hook kits when I was younger. Rae’s project looks fun! Have a nice time together.

  4. Seeing Rae working on the rug hooking brought back memories of my own girls doing that for 4-H. It was fun. I’m sure your help with school will be much appreciated. So far my grandkids’ schools are doing OK face-to-face. They are so happy to be back in school. Our fingers are crossed that they manage to stay in school.

  5. Latch hooking is such a great craft to work on with a child! Good for Rae! And I even have fun with stickers still in my bullet journal!

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