1. I agree… this is fabulous but yeowsa! Too much work for moi! I like the QIAD pattern, too. I used to teach a beginning quilting class & I used it for that. Doesn’t she also have another kind of “Trip” book, too?

  2. That quilt is beautiful!!! I think I have that book to…somewhere. Those are the kind of quilts I seem to make but they are tedious. I am trying to get away from that and be satisfied with easier and quicker quilts. I love an Irish Chain too. Jenny from Missouri Quilt Company has a tutorial for an easy one I plan of using. Maybe she has something similar to the pictured one that would be easier. Her thing is to make vintage quilts easier to make. She has some great and easy patterns, with tutorials.

  3. When I first saw Trip style quilts (in a book on Amish quilts), I couldn’t imagine making one — sewing all those squares together?!? No thanks! Then I learned they could be strip pieced and thought “genius!” and promptly made one, albeit only a wall hanging. It’s true, this one would take A LOT of strip sets (and narrow ones too!!) but done in quarters over time….hmmm maybe this is another one for the “wowser” quilt “bucket list”!

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