My layer cake Hourglass top is quilted. Pantograph is Ebb and Flow.

This top was made as part of our Precut Party and it taught me that I’m not a fan of layer cakes – no real reason other than I found it a challenge to come up with a pattern that would suit the fabrics included. I feel I have more options for adding in stash fabrics if I need to with a Jelly Roll or Fat Quarter bundle.

I was thinking as I was quilting that I should be working on UFOs but then realized that quilting tops pieced this year WILL impact my UFO number for next year by not ending up on the list.

I did run and look for my Quick Trips book but didn’t find it. I did however find a stack of 13 books that I either wanted to review or that I’d forgotten I even had!

The stack includes Tradition with a Twist which also has Trip Around the World Quilts.

I know there are patterns available online but I really want to find my book!


  1. I love the way your quilt turned out! Make you a deal… since layer cakes are my favorite precut, I’ll buy them & you can get jelly rolls, OK? Oh, wait… I like jelly rolls, too (just not as much as layer cakes — you can do so much with layer cakes!)!!! I sure do like what you did with yours!

  2. Love your quilt!! I like layer cakes. It is probably my favorite precut. I am getting ready to use a jelly roll to make the 3 dudes quilt. I have made it several times and love the pattern. The last one I made I put sashing around all the blocks and it turned out great. A pretty easy pattern that is also on Missouri Quilt companies tutorial list. I looks more complicated than it is.

  3. I agree with you about layer cakes. I struggle coming up with a pattern. I have made a couple of quilts with layer cakes and I have not been happy with the results. I avoid them, but keep my eyes open for new patterns that might work.
    I always enjoy seeing what you have accomplished and what you are planning. I continue to be impressed by your productivity. I also enjoy your family activities. Your grandkids are adorable. Thanks for your positive influence. Take care of yourself.

  4. I HAVE that book Traditions with a Twist! I can’t say I’ve made anything from it but it is good for inspiration.

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