I love this one

How about more inspiration from an antique quilt found on eBay?! I posted a rail fence quilt not so long ago that had black strips on the outside of the block and that one went on my “to do” list but I LOVE the pieced strip in this one so I’m going to save this version too


And here’s a close-up.



If I’m not making quilts, I’m thinking about quilts. Who knew that my obsession with quilting would last 18 years?!

Keith is traveling all week so I have more time to fill than usual and last night I was looking at eBay and found some interesting quilts.

I can see making this one, you know I love half square triangles but I probably need to finish up that brown/green flock of geese first! I don’t have access to my block encyclopedias … does anyone know the name of this block?


I don’t use much white in my quilting – I love the look of quilts with white space but my quilts all get used … hard use … and I worry about them getting stained but I love the simplicity of this pinwheel quilt. Having said that, I think my next pinwheel quilt will be a larger version of the twisted pinwheel doll quilt that I recently finished.


And finally, this one really appeals to me too – it’s the 2nd border quilt that has caught my eye so I might eventually have to make one of these too.


What quilts are catching your eye these days?!


I’m not one for crumb piecing but I do save small scraps which sometimes make it into a Strips and Strings log cabin quilt. However, I do like this combination of crazy (crumb) and rail fence blocks.

Vintage quilt photo from eBay


I had about an hour to kill and after checking email, decided to look on eBay for inspiration (I search for vintage or antique quilts) and came across this scrappy pinwheel quilt.

Vintage quilt from eBay

I made one of these quilts – Tessalating Pinwheels – and have brief instructions on my website but I really like this scrappy version and maybe one day, I’ll make another one.  Here’s my RWB version.




I love a Rail Fence quilt and have made lots of variations over the years like this one from my leftover strips and strings bin.


I was looking at eBay tonight and came across this one with black strips on the outside of the block and think it would work great with my strips and strings.



Distracted again!

This is a vintage quilt from eBay that caught my eye a while back


I have the Kite die for my GO… and using those blue, green, and purple fabrics I posted earlier today?! Something like this might work – don’t mind my color choices here, I know they’re a bit off. I have a big piece of purple I’d like to use for the sashing but it might not work … for some reason I usually lean toward the blues.



I’m posting this under my Inspiration category (see the right sidebar) so I can find it later.


I don’t know why I keep looking for inspiration when I’ve got so many quilts waiting to be made but I’m posting this one here for the future … or maybe to inspire one of you. It’s a vintage half log cabin found on eBay … I love how the light and dark blocks alternate.

Vintage quilt found on eBay