Jelly Rolls

Yes, I have a problem — I can’t resist buying Jelly Rolls on sale. I won’t pay $40 dollars for them but $13 – $18 … yep, I’m in and I always buy more fabric when I’m not getting time in the sewing room so September and October were bad (good?) shopping months for me. Now, it’s time to think about how to use them. You can always do a google image or Pinterest search for Jelly Roll quilts but I thought I’d look at my quilt photos and see what I have that can be made from 2.5 inch strips. Some quilts have borders, some have added backgrounds so I can certainly pull from stash to add to the Jelly Roll or I can just make them borderless. Some I have two or maybe even 3 of the same Jelly Roll and others I have just one.

I’m adding the photos as a slideshow since there are so many of them and it’s nice to have the ideas in one place when I’m ready to start sewing them.

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Do you buy them? What’s your favorite pattern you’ve used to make a Jelly Roll Quilt?


  1. I have bought jelly rolls, but they are sitting in my bin –I made “Gypsy” type quilt using long strips for my Granddaughter last year…hugs, Julierose

  2. I’ve bought a few jelly rolls. And I think I’ve done something different with each one of them. I’ve done one using your pattern with the boxes around the squares. I did a Jelly Roll Race this spring but added contrasting little squares between each strip. I finished a fun Christmas quilt this summer that used a jelly roll and a layer cake. And currently have a UFO waiting for a finish that is a rail fence using a jelly roll. Our guild demonstration last weekend was done by a member who showed several ideas for using jelly rolls. They really do make for a quick sewing process.

  3. I used to be snobbish about precuts, Then I realized, I love scrappy quilts and what an economical way to get a big variety of colors. One of my favorite patters is Bonnie Hunter’s Scrappy Trips.

  4. I love Jelly Rolls but it is hard for me to find a pattern I like. One I have used a few times is the 3 Dudes pattern. It is easy to put together and makes a beautiful quilt.

  5. I’m not usually one to buy Jelly rolls but they do speed up the cutting for projects. I’m currently making two quilts for my cousin to give his granddaughters, a pattern called Happy Tiers by meandmysister designs from APQ magazine. Will be finishing the tops on retreat this weekend.

  6. Mary, I also buy more jelly rolls than I probably should….where do you find them for such low prices (not that I need to find any more!). Nancy, North Carolina

  7. I do have several jelly rolls. I have tried many different patterns, but my favorite is Roman stripes.

  8. I do buy jelly rolls especially if they are on sale. I love scrappy quilts and jelly rolls are a great way to increase the variety of my scrap bins.

  9. I don’t buy them frequently but every once in a while I succumb — and only on sale. Since I don’t buy them much I really don’t have a favorite. I think I need to look your slide show over to get some good ideas!

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