1. Ohhhh drool. I too did a little shopping at my barn retreat weekend away.
    I like your shopping better!

  2. It must be in the air–;0000
    i just bought ghastlies fabrics and some Christmas and kitty ones–and i hadn’t bought fabric in over 8 months…fell off the “no buy” wagon big time…yours look lovely…hugs, Julierose

  3. Sometimes, we do need it more than others. You have had a rough year, be kind to yourself. You can start to rein it in now…. I have pretty much only allowed fabric purchases for things I need – like a back so that I can get through much of my stash. I am succeeded most of the time. You are way more productive than I am, so I know it will get used!

  4. I’ve decided that buying fabric is my favorite part of this hobby. A trip to a quilt store is guaranteed to be a mood lifter.

  5. I went to Paducah this spring quilt show and bought a fair amount, especially batik jelly rolls at Eleanor Burns store. Then I decide to clean my quilt room and found about 25 jelly rolls in bins. I have way too much. Your fabrics do look nice though.

  6. NO don’t stop. Just have a little rest and those nasty “no buy” thoughts will pass!
    And you’ll remember how important a large stash is for a quilter’s creativity and happiness! LOL

  7. Excuse yourself for falling off the No Buy wagon. Consider it “fabric therapy”. You’ve had a tough year, including the recent problems with your trip home. Fabric is cheaper than a shrink, or many prescriptions. Fabric helps us cope with life! Add in, you do wonderful things with your fabric and donate so many quilts. Whatever keeps that process going gets my stamp of approval!

  8. I so relate to this!! I am trying so hard to just use what I have. It’s not easy though when they keep coming out with new and beautiful fabric.

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