I love a Rail Fence quilt and have made lots of variations over the years like this one from my leftover strips and strings bin.


I was looking at eBay tonight and came across this one with black strips on the outside of the block and think it would work great with my strips and strings.


4 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I did some Rail Fence blocks and found out that I used colors that are way too bright. They went from being the whole quilt to being a border broken up by a block that is neutral. I am using logo fabrics from University of Florida and solids. Logo fabrics are so bright that even solids and neutrals didn’t help. This is the last of 4 UF logo quilts and trying to make then different using these colors is tough.

  2. I have cut my scraps lately into 1 1/2″ strips and sewed them as leaders & enders. And have now sewn black strips on each side. Have made 6 1/2″ squares to sew together like the quilt you showed. Glad it will work.
    What other colors do you think would work for the next scrap rail quilt?

  3. I need to use some of my scrap strips to make one of these quilts. I do love them in their simple scrappy beauty.

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