It’s Friday and once again I waited until the end of the week to get a top quilted. This one started with a Jelly Roll and I added some strips from stash to make it a little larger. It’s another one built with quarter square triangles and it was based on an antique quilt I found on eBay. Pantograph is Feather Frond.

Brief Instructions for my Spools quilt as well as a RWB version are available on my website. 


Since I didn’t have leftover strips for the binding, I’m pulling something from stash … I’m debating between the pink, the turquoise, and the gray. Which would you choose?



  1. Congrats! on getting another quilt quilted. Personally, I think I would go with the gray. I usually audition the binding fabrics by sticking them out a quarter inch at the edge of the quilt, so it’s a little hard for me to decide.

  2. I would use the pink to pop the edge as an end. The quilt is very calm and has lots of neutrals. Yes I know I have weird ideas, but they are mine.

  3. Definitely the turquoise! But that’s because I love any blue. It really depends on how the colour looks with the whole quilt top.

  4. I really like the antique look of this quilt. As far as the binding, I would choose the gray. I think it goes with the antique look as well as letting the block fabrics take center stage.

  5. The turquoise keeps the quilt bright and happy! Thank you for sharing your quilting journey.

  6. It depends if you want a cool or warm look. The pink being warm and the other two cool. Pink was used a lot in antique quilts.

  7. I love your quilts. A question: I made a quilt with white background and sashing, deep purple and green in blocks. What color is best to quilt it on my long arm. I want the piecing to be noticed more than the plain quilting I do on my long arm. I’m not very good in quilting.

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