I finally took a day to get some long overdue chores done … a mountain of laundry, filing, shredding, emptying trash, and finished just in time for a quick swim before dinner.  This is me keeping up with household paperwork … ugh! Each year at tax  time I promise I’m going to not let it pile up and that lasts a month or two.

Its all taken care of now along with a few other things I’ve been procrastinating on and tonight I’ll knit



  1. I am so strange about paperwork. I sort by type and date, my husband does paperwork now and I have yet to figure out what he does. Looked for something he had in his hand Tuesday night on Wednesday – still haven’t found it!

  2. I’m horrible with paperwork at home, but very efficient about it at work. Fortunately, my husband takes care of the bills, etc. at home and I don’t have to deal with it. I have a counter in the kitchen that I dump all my stuff on and once every month or so I dig through it and clear it out. Then it piles up again…

  3. The paperwork chore is one I hate too and also put off whenever possible. It’s filing it away in the proper place that gets the best of me.

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