I don’t know why I keep looking for inspiration when I’ve got so many quilts waiting to be made but I’m posting this one here for the future … or maybe to inspire one of you. It’s a vintage half log cabin found on eBay … I love how the light and dark blocks alternate.

Vintage quilt found on eBay

Vintage quilts

You know I love vintage quilts and I spend a lot of time on eBay looking for inspiration. I love quilts set with plain alternate blocks but for some reason I don’t ever think I have just the right fabric for it.

I think I just need to go for it … a churn dash or sawtooth star maybe?!

Vintage quilts from eBay

Of course I have work to do before starting anything else and next up will be the green and brown Flock of Geese but I’m happy to report that I did spend about an hour and a half in the sewing room today and all the RWB half square triangle blocks are done and that top is ready to assemble AND I loaded the next t-shirt quilt from Mom on the longarm and that’s ready to quilt.

Adam is coming tomorrow to visit for a few days but he won’t get here until late so maybe I can manage some assembly or quilting time in the afternoon!

More RWB

I appreciate all the comments and emails wishing me a speedy recovery. I’m struggling more than I did with the first surgery but hoping each day brings me a little closer to normal. Usually I try to respond to all the comments individually but I’m afraid I don’t have the energy right now …. however it means a lot to me that you’ve taken the time to wish me well.

I worked a little while on the RWB half square triangles today and nothing new to show on that quilt … but I did add some pressing directions to the brief instructions I have on the website. RWB Half Square Triangles.

I also found another vintage RWB quilt on eBay that is similar to the vintage one I’m recreating but it uses half rectangles and I even have a half rectangle die. I’m going to save this one here for future inspiration!



I’m working so slowly that it’s crazy for me to be looking for more inspiration but I didn’t sleep at all last night so after I finished my book, I looked at vintage quilts on eBay for a while. You know I love easy and scrappy and both of these simple quilts caught my eye. My scrap bins are full and I could cut for both of them at the same time. I won’t be ready to start a new quilt for a few weeks – I have some quilting to do, surgery next week, and will have some down time that I’ll fill with knitting … plus, I’ve just started the RWB half square triangle quilt!

I’m posting them here so they’ll be easier to find and they might just inspire you too.

Vintage quilts found on eBay


The windmill quilt is even Jelly Roll friendly if you wanted to just start piecing. I made this version a few years ago with a Jelly Roll. I didn’t use a light background to alternate with the Jelly Roll but knew that I’d eventually make another one with more contrast.