I’m working so slowly that it’s crazy for me to be looking for more inspiration but I didn’t sleep at all last night so after I finished my book, I looked at vintage quilts on eBay for a while. You know I love easy and scrappy and both of these simple quilts caught my eye. My scrap bins are full and I could cut for both of them at the same time. I won’t be ready to start a new quilt for a few weeks – I have some quilting to do, surgery next week, and will have some down time that I’ll fill with knitting … plus, I’ve just started the RWB half square triangle quilt!

I’m posting them here so they’ll be easier to find and they might just inspire you too.

Vintage quilts found on eBay


The windmill quilt is even Jelly Roll friendly if you wanted to just start piecing. I made this version a few years ago with a Jelly Roll. I didn’t use a light background to alternate with the Jelly Roll but knew that I’d eventually make another one with more contrast.



  1. Love the quilts you discovered for inspiration, and I especially like your jelly roll windmill quilt. I could easily make one with all the scraps I have in my 2.5″ strip bin. How big are the blocks?

    Best wishes on your pending surgery: I hope your recovery is smooth and complete.

    • Thanks Nancy! The blocks are 8 inches finished … each rectangle is cut 2.5 x 4.5 …. or if using strips, sew two together and subcut into 4.5 inch sections. Put 4 together for the block.



  2. It’s important to have a new project or two to look forward to when facing a scary, unpleasant
    event. It’s great that you have your knitting because I know it’s also important to you to feel productive. Many prayers for you that it will be a quick, easy surgery!

  3. I’ve always admired that windmill quilt. I wish I could get caught up so I could start something new.
    Good luck on the surgery! I just had knee replacement so know about that downtime. I didn’t get as much done as I thought, just needed more naps. This old body needed that recovery time.

  4. Thanks for the easy quilt inspirations. I may need to make a wedding present for 2 tall people. The windmill quilt can easily be adjusted to fit them, plus use up my abundant scraps or be done in a color theme appropriate to the couple.
    Sending prayers for a successful surgery and full recovery, as well as a virtual hug.

  5. Praying for a rapid and complete recovery from your upcoming surgery. The vintage quilts are lovely and also inspiring.

  6. I use the windmill pattern for my scraps also. I have 8 inch blocks I make with leftover 2.5 inch scraps, and I also make 4 inch blocks with small scraps. The 8 inches will go toward a charity quilt and the 4 inches will be a scrappy quilt for me. Best wishes on your surgery.

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