I don’t know why I keep looking for inspiration when I’ve got so many quilts waiting to be made but I’m posting this one here for the future … or maybe to inspire one of you. It’s a vintage half log cabin found on eBay … I love how the light and dark blocks alternate.

Vintage quilt found on eBay


  1. Like many of us, you get a lot of pleasure from browsing for quilting inspiration. I do the same thing online and in books and magazines. The half log cabin is really beautiful.

  2. I do the same thing but I’m thinking I’m only distracting myself from the doing. I need to eliminate all the extra inspiration in order to focus on the things in front of me.

  3. Was it your blog that showed focus quilt? I started- 6” Center squares. 3 1:2” sides & 10” tips, bottoms, but can not find setting info? Seems bulky if blocks( squared to 9 1:2” ) ? Think am missing g something but can not find full instructions. Tia, Louise Selkowe

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