More progress

True to his promise, Keith helped me empty the last of the boxes brought from Big Canoe in January. They’ve been sitting in the middle of my sewing room for months now but I just couldn’t make myself unpack them – mostly because I didn’t know where I was going to put everything.  Almost all of this has been sorted and stored and there are just a couple bins now to sort through


I set my table up where the boxes had been stacked and now I’ll have another work surface when I’m sorting though and cutting fabric for quilts.


We have a lot of storage in this townhouse, and 4 closets in this room alone … actually 5 if you count the one tucked away behind this door in the walk in closet.


It’s a large crawl space and up to now, I’ve just stored Christmas stuff in there but I wanted to move our old files in there so they’d be out of the way … imagine my surprise when Keith told me that tucked in the back were shelves … I’d never even looked that far back there.  Yes, this is storage in a closet, hidden behind another closet … crazy!


So no sewing today but I’m a little more organized!


  1. Like you, I am constantly organizing and reorganizing my closets, fabric stash and garage cabinets that are filled with tubs of fabric and fabric scraps. Things always look better organized, but quickly become cluttered again. I guess that is the flaw in a creative mind. Each day I get rid of 5 things from the house. This is a way to keep things from getting too cluttered. Not minimalist, just clean and organized.

  2. I’ve found that if I can’t visualize the end of a project, I can’t get started on the beginning. You demonstrated that perfectly by being unable to unpack those bins and boxes: unpack to *where*? Glad you finally overcame that hurdle and made some progress.

  3. What a blessing to be able to get those old files tucked away where they can be easily reached but far far out of sight! Four closets! My mind spins!. It looks like some of your bins under tables are empty. Are they there temporarily or is that where your strip bins will live? So curious about what that tall navy blue bin next to the table in the foreground is! Love how your tables are opposite each other yet with ample walking space in between. Wish I had my GO set up permanently..or maybe I don’t! Too easy to start cutting when I see the next shiny thing!. This organization is going to help productivity even when energy wanes. Looking forward to seeing your studio in action!

  4. I’m in the process of moving, so my house has stacks of boxes and bins everywhere. I can understand how you must feel to have your things organized and stashed away.

  5. It looks like you are finally settling into your sewing room with everything put away. That always feels good until you can’t remember where you put it! :o) What a neat little space back behind the closet, your own personal “panic room”! I’m surprised the grandchildren haven’t found it and made it their hide away!

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