Vintage quilts

You know I love vintage quilts and I spend a lot of time on eBay looking for inspiration. I love quilts set with plain alternate blocks but for some reason I don’t ever think I have just the right fabric for it.

I think I just need to go for it … a churn dash or sawtooth star maybe?!

Vintage quilts from eBay

Of course I have work to do before starting anything else and next up will be the green and brown Flock of Geese but I’m happy to report that I did spend about an hour and a half in the sewing room today and all the RWB half square triangle blocks are done and that top is ready to assemble AND I loaded the next t-shirt quilt from Mom on the longarm and that’s ready to quilt.

Adam is coming tomorrow to visit for a few days but he won’t get here until late so maybe I can manage some assembly or quilting time in the afternoon!


  1. I am with you there, love the settings with plain blocks but never seem to make them. Just got the churndash for the Accuquilt and I think I can…I think I can! Lol Now to look for fabric for the plain squares. So glad to hear about Big Canoe closing. Have fun with Adam!

  2. I love those quilts also but have never made one. I especially like them in the 30’s style fabrics. I’ll be interested in seeing what you do.

  3. I am impressed with your ability to keep on task and doing stuff. People that I know that have had thyroid issues find both difficult after surgery. Weariness attacks the ability to keep your mind on anything. I vote for the sawtooth star concept, but I love stars f almost any variety.

    • I definitely find it challenging and I hope it’s going to get better but in the meantime, I’m trying to get what I can done.


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